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Despite a challenging year, the Independent Business team at ILSR has been hard at work fighting corporate control and helping local businesses and communities confront the challenges of this pandemic. Below are a few highlights from our work this year. 

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With thanks from all of us, and happy new year! 

Stacy, Sue, Ron, Kennedy, Mary, and Jordan


When Covid-19 hit, we responded quickly by working with allies to push Congress to pass small business relief, and then spotlighted how banking consolidation impeded the PPP’s effectiveness and ensured that many businesses, especially Black-owned enterprises, were left out. 
Meanwhile, Kennedy has been busy helping community leaders. Our directory of local small business relief programs, combined with Kennedy’s in-depth report, Safeguarding Small Business During the Pandemic: 26 Strategies for Local Leaders, have racked up over 200,000 views on our website and generated a huge stream of requests for presentations and technical assistance. 
The New York Times profiled Stacy for her analysis of Amazon’s monopoly and her work to build a broad coalition advocating for policies that check its outsized power.
Ron did pivotal antimonopoly reporting, drawing on real-world stories to show how monopoly control in meatpacking has threatened workers’ health and created shortages in our food supply. At the height of the pandemic, Ron wrote on how monopolies in healthcare have made it harder for hospitals to fight the COVID-19 crisis. You should also read why Ron thinks we need to break up Budweiser.
Our team did critical work to support Congress’s groundbreaking Big Tech investigation. The House antitrust report cited our Amazon’s Monopoly Tollbooth research; so did members of the judiciary committee who grilled Jeff Bezos about our findings during their July hearing. 

Shaoul wrote prolifically throughout the year on Amazon’s many predatory practices, this monumental antitrust moment, and why Big Tech should be broken up.
Sue helmed our ILSR-wide report on how the tentacles of monopoly power reach into every industry in our economy, and what state and local governments can do about it.  
Mary has been busy organizing small business owners to fight for the federal policies that will support small businesses and ensure a robust recovery. We lay these ideas out in our latest policy brief.
In The Nation, Stacy and Sue made the case for why the left should return to its New Deal roots and Fight for Small Business
Finally, we were widely cited in national news media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Politico. Meanwhile, Stacy’s multiple documentary film appearances, including Frontline’s Amazon Empire, garnered more than 10 million views. Our work is moving the national debate on monopoly control over our economy and democracy.
Please help us keep up the pace in 2021 by making a donation today.
Thank you! 
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