Our 20-minute talk shines a light on Amazon's power, plus we have just the thing for your long drives, airport lines, and time in the kitchen this week and next! 
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In Jersey City, a Policy Fosters Local Independent Businesses — and Gets Pushback from CVS
Olivia LaVecchia | Dec. 14, 2017

Photo: Street corner in Jersey City.There's a familiar story playing out in downtown Jersey City. Independent businesses have helped spark neighborhood growth, and now, chain stores are interested in sweeping in with their own locations.

What's different in Jersey City is that the city is aiming to be proactive about how this happens. The city is using a policy tool, the formula business restriction, to limit how chain stores can come into the neighborhood. It's a story that has lessons for other communities, both in how public policy can support the local economy — and in how cities can stand up to the pushback they get along the way.  Continue Reading
This 20-Minute Video Unpacks Amazon's Stealth Invasion

If you follow our work, you've probably seen that we've been doing a lot on Amazon's increasing power, and what it means for small businesses, jobs, and communities. We've put out a report, factsheets, infographics, podcast episodes, and more. Now, we have a new resource that people can use to understand Amazon: A video.

In this 20-minute talk, Stacy Mitchell outlines some of the key ways to think about Amazon's increasing impact on our economies and communities — and makes the case for why we should be concerned. Stacy's talk is followed by a discussion and an audience Q&A, and it closes by talking about what policymakers and citizens can do.  Watch the Video
We Did A Lot This Year! ILSR's 2017 Annual Report, "Building Local Power"

Image: Annual report.In 2017, ILSR's research, policy tools, and assistance helped communities across the country take charge of their local economies and move toward a more equitable and democratic future. Our 2017 Annual Report highlights some of the progress we made. 

As we look ahead, there's a lot we want to do in 2018 — and we need your help. Thank you to all of you who have already contributed for our year-end fundraising appeal. We still have a ways to go, so if you haven't yet, please check out our 2017 annual report and consider supporting ILSR's work with a donation.

We have just the thing for your long drives, airport lines, and time in the kitchen this week and next!

Photo: Barry Lynn.Catch up on the best episodes of our highly rated podcast, "Building Local Power." You can find episodes on iTunes, Stitchr, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, or listen online.

A few of our recent episodes have been particularly good. In this conversation, Stacy Mitchell talks with Joe Maxwell, a fifth generation family farmer and former Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, about the need to restore competition to our food system — and how there's a growing anti-monopoly movement on family farms across rural America.

In another recent episode, Stacy looks at our food system again, this time with John Ikerd, an emeritus economics professor at the University of Missouri. Ikerd used to preach the gospel of bigger is better, but now, he says that the evidence favors small farms. Stacy and Ikerd talk about what changed his mind.

In another popular episode, Stacy talks with Gina Schaefer, who's opened several small hardware stores in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, about what neighborhood retail gets right

Finally, don't miss Stacy's conversation with Barry Lynn, the head of the Open Markets Institute, about the history of anti-monopoly policy in the U.S. — and how to again wrest the country back from monopoly control today. 

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  • As the number of closing local businesses in New York City turns into a "plague," public officials announce a proposal that aims to incentivize fair lease terms for independent businesses.
  • Amazon is in the news for holiday shopping this week, but behind the scenes, remember that its warehouses are fueled by "very strenuous" jobs and public subsidies.
  • With the FCC's vote to repeal net neutrality rules, there's a growing call for public broadband.

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