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i heart generosity day (with a giveaway, of course)



I love Generosity Day. The idea is simple: Let's reboot Valentine's Day as a day of "sharing love with everyone." You can read more about the origins of the movement here

I love this idea! For me it's really easy to forget about real love on Valentine's Day. When I was a tween and teen, the entire day was cringe-worthy. It was always about watching the popular girls get the crappy $1 roses sold at school. When I was was dating and first married to Steve I felt pressure to "get it right" which launched all of my shame gremlins.

As a mom it's about running to Target at 8PM on 2/13 to rummage through the picked-over cards.  As you can see, my perspective has been about how the day makes me feel. Where's the LOVE in that?

Here's the call to arms hearts:

"Give to people on the street.  Tip outrageously.  Help a stranger.  Write a note telling someone how much you appreciate them.  Smile.  Donate (more) to a cause that means a lot to you.  Take clothes to GoodWill.  Share your toys (grownups and kids).  Be patient with yourself and with others.  Replace the toilet paper in the bathroom.  All generous acts count!" 

Radical Generosity?  I'm in.

My goal for tomorrow is to practice random acts of kindness all day. Last week I took Charlie to the neighborhood self-serve yogurt store and when I was checking out I asked the woman behind me to put her yogurt on the scale with Charlie's. She looked confused so I said, "My treat." We both got teary-eyed. It was awkward and vulnerable (people aren't used to kindness anymore), but worth it. It was connection.  

Last year I celebrated Generosity Day with a book giveaway. This year I'm giving away three beautiful blank journals from Anthropologie. They're my favorite journals for keeping gratitude lists. 

Do something generous tomorrow - anything - and leave a comment telling us about it! I'll draw three names on Friday! You can also check out the Generosity Day Facebook page here.

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