Accessible Publishing Newsletter - August 2013
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August 2013

Published by the AccessText Network
The focus of the Accessible Publishing Newsletter is on accessibility-related issues that may affect academic publishers.
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August 2013 Publisher Newsletter

Introducing the ATN2 Application

When the AccessText Network (ATN) launched in 2009, QuickBase was chosen as the back-end for the system, based on its powerful online database as well as its rapid development environment. Thanks to the generosity of QuickBase's parent company, Intuit, ATN has been able to grow and add features, and has become a key resource for colleges and publishers.

To ensure ATN can continue to meet the needs of its members and to allow for expansion and further innovation, a new ATN application was designed using open-source web standards such as PHP and MySQL.

Streamlined interface and workflow

The new ATN application is designed around the most commonly performed tasks. A simplified Dashboard shows the number of requests in the system by status, making it easy to see how many requests need to be processed at any given time.

The Request page underwent probably the biggest change. The idea was to reduce the length of the page by concealing fields that were blank or not applicable for this request. For example, if the request is just for permission, the fields related to filling a file request are not shown.  The goal was to make it easier for the user to focus on the task at hand by hiding any irrelevant form fields or other information unless it was needed.  ATN2 will launch on August 12th, 2013.

Association of American Publishers EPUB 3 Implementation Project

The AAP's EPUB 3 Implementation Project is being developed in partnership with retailers, digital content distributors, device makers, reading systems providers, assistive technology experts and standards organizations, with the support of advocates for people with disabilities.

The goal is to accelerate the adoption of EPUB 3 by identifying and implementing the features most critical to the format’s acceptance. Publishers set an ambitious six-month goal to rapidly advance implementation of EPUB 3 through the initiative. AAP publishers are recruiting representation from all stakeholder groups to participate in the initiative’s two central efforts:

•Convening this summer: A working group to identify baseline accessibility features for the EPUB 3 files and for metadata, and to plan the program for the September workshop

•September 10, 2013: A daylong workshop for all participants in New York City to define and prioritize actionable projects

EDUPUB: A Workshop on Digital Publishing for Education

Digital content in education has the potential to significantly improve learning outcomes. As compared to paper-based textbooks and learning materials, digital content can better support accessibility, adapt to individual learning modes, increase engagement and experiential learning through interactivity, provide immediate assessments and analytics, social connectivity, and potentially reduce costs.

The goal of this two-day IDPF workshop is to bring together major players of the global K-20 education publishing market - including publishers, educators, platform and solution providers, standardization organizations, content distributors, and accessibility organizations - to help advance the effective adoption and use of e-textbooks and other digital learning materials by improving interoperability and baseline capabilities via standardization.

October 29-30 2013, Boston, USA


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The AccessText Network (ATN) was launched by the Association of American Publishers to help students with print disabilities by making it easier for US colleges and universities to request files and permissions from publishers.

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