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We did it!! Mission accomplished!

Wings of Glory flies on fire
at Burning Man!

We did it, mission accomplished, Wings of Glory was an incredible success. We arrived at Burning Man on time, set up for one week with our amazing crew of 10, and everything worked beautifully. The Pegasus flew in the air for an entire week with almost no issues, and blew fire at night. It was placed at the Center Camp Keyhole which is basically the most central location for a piece of art at BM, at the center of the city, facing the Man across the Playa. People were brought together by having to push all 8 buttons to make it run, many came to me in tears, many said it was the best thing they had seen this year or in 15 years of coming to BM.

To see it in action, click:

There is a long list of people to thank for helping me on this incredible epic journey of creation and manifestation.

  • Tom West and crew, builder of the wings and propane flame effects system, engineering consultant and main supporter.
  • John Diehl helped me build 5 days a week for the entire last month of the project.
  • Randy helped me build the base structure and trailer (that's right I built the trailer it was transported on too).
  • Benjamin Bohn, structural engineering analysis, wind loads and anchoring
  • Lana Boy-Feron and Dada Shikako for the Kickstarter video
  • Stefan Spins, main Kickstarter supporter
  • My parents Christophe and Annette Landon
  • Ernest and Miguel Wu, Kickstarter supporter and build helpers
  • Hector Ortega, builder
  • Chip and Crew, provided big truck to haul in and out the sculpture, and more
  • Buffalo Creek Art Center, Steve and Lana Hardy, for providing living and working space to build the project
  • 100+ more Kickstarter supporters and others
I have never worked with so many people on a project before and it has truly been a life changing experience. I will never see Art and the World the same way again. I was in absolute awe almost every step of the way when yet another amazing person would appear out of the blue and offer their skills and time to help me make this project happen.

Burning Man install crew a.k.a. The Dusty Sparks:

  • Ewelina Bochenska (reiki healing support),
  • Roman Landon (comic relief),
  • Pierre Landon (Frenchman/foreman),
  • Sean Fowler (keeping an eye from higher up(7' tall)),
  • Sarah LeRiche (on camera),
  • Foster (rasta climber),
  • Mallo Miller (fashionable electrician),
  • Bodvar Sigur (Icelandic party animal, mechanic),
  • Alex Wright (supervisor),
  • Chris Flambeaux (Scottish moral support)

Our brave crew of 10 roughed it out in the desert for 2 entire weeks, working hard to install and pack up the sculpture and the camp, and partying equally as hard. They went in as clean innocent kids and came out dirty soldiers carved out of sandstone. 

Wings of Glory is a female pegasus named Nebula Rider. She weighs around 4000lbs, elevated 20' in the air, with wings reaching almost 35' high. It was like building a space shuttle, with many people, builders, engineers and supporters all working together, and when it was ready, it shuttled everyone's imagination into the heavens, into the Nebulas of deep space. It captured people's inner child, as they would stare in absolute amazement and wonder with their mouths open wide, frozen.

It started with an idea, a feeling, like I was given a mission. Then some drawings...
I said I would do it, and then a year later it was done. When you get an idea like this, and you know that it's possible to make it happen, then there's no turning back, it's just not an option.

Now it's going viral on the social media, with +2.7 million views, thousands of shares and likes.

After 6 long months of intense mental and physical work, 3 months of designing and fundraising, and 3 months of building, followed by two long weeks in the Black Rock Desert, the sculpture is finally stored away and Ewelina and I have found peace, quiet and rest again.

Let's see where the Pegasus will fly to next...
Thank you to everyone for being a part of this,
and for taking the time to read my newsletters.
Copyright © 2019 Adrian Landon Metal Sculpture, All rights reserved.

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