IFI President's Message:

“Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connection is the key to quality per se.”
Charles Eames


Happy 2015 to all IFI members and friends. The beginning of a new year is always an exhilarating time for new ideas. The entire IFI team – my colleagues on the Executive Board, the staff and myself - are enthusiastically at work to fulfill mandates, both those that are new and programs that are firmly established in the IFI calendar.

The underlying themes leading into the new year are “Design For All” which has been selected for the 2015 World Interiors Day and “Design Connect” as the theme for the 2015 International Design Congress. Both align with the work that is currently being carried out on the new IFI structure introducing a wider outreach for the coming year.

In support of the planning for the new regional model, we have formed a Blue Sky Task Force to investigate ways of aligning with the worldwide responsibilities and ideals of the United Nations. This work has resulted in re-addressing our advocacy platforms. The existing platforms, currently are - Environmental Stewardship, Socially Responsible Design, Universal Design, Intellectual Property Rights and Education. The first three are still relevant however it was agreed that Intellectual Property is not what IFI members are necessarily interested in seeing and Education as a platform is stand-alone and integrates into all of the platforms. The current research is looking at how IFI continues to relate to the design values in the 21st century. On this basis the platforms that have been added are Health and Wellbeing, Resiliency and Economic Viability. All of these help to imbed the tenets of the Interiors Declaration - Value, Relevance, Responsibility, Culture, Business, Knowledge and Identity.

IFI is the foremost truly universal forum to address issues that transcend national boundaries and cannot be resolved by any one country acting alone. In the five decades since it’s founding, the hard work of previous boards and the strong foundation of our past, that prepared us to now take on new challenges. We look towards our member associations to assist us reach out on a national level to communicate that Interiors is an essential element within society.

This year's World Interiors Day theme Design for All is an excellent subject for 2015 as we look to expand IFI’s outreach.

We are interested to know how you are celebrating this important day around the world! Please send us your topics, events, posters, and especially pictures to We look forward to hearing about your plans! send us your topics, events, posters, and especially pictures to the IFI Secretariat



We will report on the new model to the membership leading up to the General Assembly taking place 17-18 October before the 2015 International Design Congress (2015 IDC) held in Gwangju, Republic of Korea from Saturday, October 17 to Friday, October 23, 2015.

The theme for 2015 International Design Congress will be Eeum-Design Connects, which also fits with our remit for the year of connecting people and growing IFI’s participation. It also emphasises the importance of design in promoting trans-disciplinary collaboration as well as the benefits of merging design with newly developed technologies.

The 2015 IDC is recognized as a key event for promoting dialogue between designers and design-related stakeholders, including government, business, technology providers and educators. The aim of the IDC is to foster collaboration among various design disciplines, highlight the value of design-based collaboration in other fields, and serve as the global voice of design innovation.

The 2015 IDC will serve as a forum for debate about global issues and how designers can participate more actively in helping seeking solutions to ongoing challenges facing mankind. Some of the issues to be addressed include: the future of the design industry, the values of design in the future, the role of the designer, how does design connect to the economy and society in the future. To read more about the 2015 International Design Congress, Click Here.

We all look forward to a year full of participation and energy, working together as one voice for the future of the Interior Profession and for the wellbeing of society.


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