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As our adopted mantras for this board term 2011-2014, these 3 words have been indispensable for the clarity of our purpose and to IFI’s growth. So much so, that this term, we designated programs and initiatives around these aspects of our community development.

One of these programs, The IFI 50 "Must Read, Must Have" Books, in the category of open and transparent Communication, was conceived to simultaneously help develop the IFI Interiors knowledge bank and that of our global community.

Paramount to the development of society and culture, reading (and writing), as we all know, is essential for communication and is utilized in every aspect of life. It is well documented that those who read boast higher intelligence, reduced levels of stress, improved analytical skill, increased vocabulary, and enriched memory. At IFI, we are always looking for new, exciting and progressive ways to describe and advance the value of design knowledge which stimulates thinking and creativity. We are committed to a continued development of design intelligence that provides support in the betterment of our work and profession.

Therefore, the IFI 50 “Must Read, Must Have” Books for Interior Architecture/Design program was designed to seek your choices for the compilation of 50 of your all time favorite books. In its inception, this program was inspired and started in collaboration with the noteworthy and web based Designers & Books.

Over the past year, at IFI, we have been receiving and collecting your submitted titles from around the world. We asked all of our global community to share with us your most favorite publications, which you consider to have shaped design and design thinking, and which have helped to deepen and expand Interior Architecture/Design in the last 50 years. Out of the many entries we received, we selected the 50 top most repeatedly recommended title submissions. Largely, this became a self selecting / organizing exercise. In the instance that a title was listed only once, we opted to select texts that were representative of their time. We are proud to now share this completed list.

A fun and interesting exercise, we think you will be as intrigued as we are to learn about which books our global design community considers to have been influential for the Interiors discipline during the past five decades. Please click the button below to view the full list.

We invite you to view the list, comment and continue to contribute your own “must read, must have” books.

Thank you for your submissions and contributions. We look forward to your continued participation.


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