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Design For All - A World Wide View

"Each new Challenge is a process of discovery where we never know where we will end up, where the creative solutions always surprise and amaze."
Matt Hunter - Design Council


Promoting “Design for All” gives design communities the opportunity to reach out to organisations in business, education, public services and government to understand how to use design effectively and economically. We have approached five of our resource council members to ask their views on the World Interiors theme “Design for All” and share their thoughts with you from a business perspective. The title means so much to everyone in different ways. For those of us who have been in the industry for several decades we have witnessed many changes in our industry but the one thing that is ingrained in a designer’s thinking is to achieve a successful design solution for everyone. The cross section of our contributors range from shelving to flooring to furniture and from specification to build. Everyone concludes with the common theme that they believe strongly that design creates better places to live work and play and can change lives.

We are interested to know how you define 'Design for All'. Please send us your thoughts, articles, pictures or relevant questions on this year's World Interiors Day theme to the IFI Secretariat.


The Netherlands
Brunzeel would like to encourage you to visit their online crowd sourcing platform at shapingtheoffice.com


What does “Design For All” mean to you?
Bruynzeel’s vision “Design for all” is about designing smart storage products that meet the high demands of our fast moving world. It’s about creating products that provide maximum value while contributing to the well-being, comfort and safety of users.

At Bruynzeel, “Design for all” has evolved into “Design by all”. The result is shapingtheoffice.com, a collaborative online space tasked with reinventing the design of smart storage for offices worldwide.

What is the role of IFI as it relates to “Design For All”?
For Bruynzeel, IFI has a vital role in communicating with designers and architects around the globe. By setting up shapingtheoffice.com, Bruynzeel has deepened the relationship between designer and manufacturer, in order to create the perfect office storage design via crowd sourcing.

IFI is the linking pin in this relationship, connecting designers and potential contributors to the website. The result will be an increase in the level and quality of design in offices around the world, and a greater understanding of the language of design in manufacturing. With “Design by All” together we can create the ultimate “Design for All”!



What does “Design For All” mean to you?
It is clearly believed that design can effect human emotions and can induce physiological responses. Physical environment in which we reside has an impact on both our foregoers our lives and our followers. Architects, interior designers, sociologists, psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists and environmental psychologists all have written about the use of architecture as part of the improving quality of lives all in one place. We need to clearly address the issues to make our own profession become part of ALL more than just a profession perceived as creating the looks.

What is the role of IFI as it relates to “Design For All”?
We need to transform today’s designers into potential global influences of tomorrow. We lead by example and inspire leadership across design and other disciplines. IFI should see more of a living diversity: with such a big network of ours, one can make impact towards each other to relate Design for ALL. IFI may demonstrate more of our integrity and maintain consistency so that we maintain trust and grow together for ALL/ Our value is also recognized when we all could make sure that we work in a way that Design is sustainable for both our organization and our society.



What does “Design For All” mean to you?
Design for all means designing products and spaces with the aim of easy use by all people to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaption or specialized design. The major goal of design for all (also known as universal design or inclusive design) is to make life simple for everyone in spite of age, cultural background and abilities. Design for all makes products, communication and the built environment more usable by as many people as possible at little or no extra cost.

What is the role of IFI as it relates to “Design For All”?
IFI is a body of different people and organizations from different countries. Hence, IFI has a major role in creating and spreading awareness of concept of “Design for all”. IFI also has the role of bridging cultural gaps and divides between countries, so that people can consider other cultures around the world while “designing for all”. IFI also has the role of ensuring that international standard dimensions for furniture are maintained. The body also has the role of educating interior professionals around the world about sustainable materials and environmental sustainability.

Puerto Rico


What does “Design For All” mean to you?
We live and work in interior spaces and nothing has a greater impact on people’s wellbeing than their surroundings. We believe that a good design that takes into account sustainable design practices and beautiful landscape design, considers proportion and hierarchy of spaces, creates an experience or positive emotion, and increases functionality and productivity should not be a privilege. It should be a necessity, as important as the air we breathe or the water we drink. We spend most of our lives in our built environment and these spaces should contribute directly to our happiness. Our goal is to be able to provide all typologies with these proven principles.

What is the role of IFI as it relates to “Design For All”?
IFI is an advocate for the importance of design and design professionals. As your declaration states, Interior design professionals shape spaces that shape the human experience. It is important that design professionals speak the same language and abide by the same high standards. By setting the tone, IFI provides a framework for design professionals to follow. It also underscores the importance of design in our lives. Everything around us is designed whether well or badly. The important thing is to create and awareness of the importance of good design and all the benefits that it brings. By creating this awareness, good design will become a necessity rather than a privilege.



What does “Design For All” mean to you?
Design is not only for simply one person. A good design can bring a new life trend for their life and help them to enjoy their life, know more their life. The image of a city can also be changed by design too. It is not only reflect on the architectural design of the city, but also through a more reasonable urban planning to make people's lives more convenient, put more artistic elements in the construction of cities, to bring more connotation for urban cultural subtly.

What is the role of IFI as it relates to “Design For All”?
IFI is an organization for excellence and with high design level interior architects designers, it gathers the design strength from all around the world to initiate or further promote the use of interior design to address health, safety and public welfare and other issues related to the impact of human material and spiritual needs.

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