Legacy of Life Foundation Praise Report & Prayer Requests
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Legacy of Life Foundation
Praise Report & Prayer Requests
Philadelphia & Bucks County

January 12, 2018

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Eloise! Eloise has her hands full with young children already and she does not feel prepared for another child. She suffers emotionally from past abuse and thinks this abortion is going to further add to her depression. She had a same day ultrasound and was so moved to see her baby on the screen. She left our office undecided and said she would call us back with her decision. We ask Our Lord to give Eloise the strength and wisdom to make the right decision for her baby!

Brooklyn needs your prayers! Brooklyn is a young woman who is pregnant for the first time and wants an abortion. She believes that she should be older before having a baby. She agreed to return for an ultrasound but she told our counselor that she is confident in her decision. We pray that Brooklyn will come to love and cherish her unborn child!

Joey, a past client of ours, needs your prayers! Joey came to our center again with an unexpected pregnancy and is planning to get an abortion. She feels like the child she already has is too overwhelming for her so a second child is out of the question. She is not happy with herself and her history of multiple past abortions, but she does not know what else to do. Please pray that Joey will return for her ultrasound and see the life within her!

Yasmeen needs your prayers! A busy mom with young children, Yasmeen came to our center today for abortion information. She feels set on her decision to get an abortion and she feels no emotional attachment to her baby. She agreed to return for an ultrasound with our center but she repeated to our counselor a few times that there is no way she is keeping her baby. Please pray that Yasmeen will come to love and cherish her precious child when she first meets her baby on the ultrasound screen!

The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace. -Psalm 29:11


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