Printmaking news round two

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A couple more bits of news that I forgot to include in the last email.  The image above is an invitation from NSPA member Ann McCall who emailed to let us know about a group exhibition at 3C Gallery in Montreal that will include her work.

The other bit of interesting news actually comes from me directly.  A couple of weeks ago I attended the Avondale Art Fair and met artist and printmaker 
Maria Doering.  As I stood in her booth I overheard her mention to a visitor that she would be teaching at NSCADU in the fall.  I recently enrolled as a non-degree student in the Intro to Intaglio class that starts in September, and as it turns out she will be my teacher.  

As we chatted about the class I woman came up to Maria and said she had overheard our conversation, offered her congratulations to Maria on her job at NSCAD and mentioned that she had taught there for 40 years.  It was a wonderful series of connections that all happened by chance.  You can see images of Maria's booth at the show on her blog.

Julie Rosvall



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