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Ammi weaves the most beautiful sarees, but never gets to wear any of them! Her two little daughters decide to do something about it... 

Lots of little things come together to make you, YOU and me, ME… How? 

Deciphering clues with Devika!

You know a session is ‘digging’ when the parents are ready to be find-outers! The day after receiving the prestigious Bal Sahitya Puraskar, Devika Cariapa took a bunch of well-informed kids and adults through what it takes to be history detectives. Soon it was time to play archaeologists in 3019, rummaging through objects she had put together, to come up with what life would have been like in 2019. 

She then turned the spotlight to India Through People: 25 Game Changers, her next in the series featuring little and well-known personalities, who have won us the freedom and rights we enjoy today.

Anya says 'Hey Goa!'

At the Goa Arts and Literature Festival, Jerry Pinto introduced Anya and her Baby Brother to an eager audience. Thank you Bookworm, Goa, for making this happen!

Kukdukoo... Delhi!

It was twice the fun with two enthusiastic Tulika authors at the Kukdukoo Lit Fest –  Ashok Rajagopalan and Janaki Sabesh! While Ashok enlisted an unlikely spy from the sky in Ha... Ha... Hasya! Janaki put Ostroo on stage at the The Jungle Storytelling Festival to a chirpy response... Kukdukoo! 

Bookaroo times two!

Three powerful books – The Gular Flower, Guthli Has Wings and I Will Save My Land feature three strong girls. As Rinchin told their stories at Bookaroo Bhopal, 200 kids listened in rapt attention! She was amazed to see how they responded with understanding about what it means to be discriminated against on the basis of class, caste or gender.
A few days later, at Bookaroo Delhi, Bharat Shekhar set out to look for some sharp, pearly whites for poor Grinder N Grater in Crocodile Teeth. And Ashok Rajagopalan launched Ha...Ha... Hasya! a riproaring spy novel set amidst the hurly-burly of other-worldly politics!

Sighted! The Gular Flower in Tondiarpet

And far south in Tondiarpet, at the Chennai Primary School, Srini Swaminathan, who not only translated Rinchin's The Gular Flower into Tamil, also did a storytelling session for Class 3. "What would it be like to tell this lovely story to eager children. How will they enjoy these words, phrases and expressions?" he wondered. But he got his answers – the children were completely blown away! 


@kahani_ki_dhunn: "... Pappa, reading aloud to us has always been our kind of fam jam!... Why are you afraid to hold my hand? is a powerful book where individuals with disabilities have a silent dialogue with society who react in the strangest ways to them."

@mommy_of_an_indian_child: "That's a find-it book, where a small girl Minnie attempts to find her missing cat Pooni. With a series of rhyming words and illustration, the book is one of the must buys for the tiny readers who start to read."

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