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NEW! India Through People: 25 Game Changers

Scientists, writers, politicians, artists, feminists, reformers... The modern history of India threw up some very remarkable people who gave shape to the country. This visually attractive, crisply formatted book tells the stories of 25 such individuals, tracing the times they lived in, the challenges they dealt with, and the paths they forged to give us our today. India Through People: 25 Game Changers is Devika Cariapa's second book in the India Focus series, after the award-winning India Through Archaeology: Excavating History. A must for libraries and homes!

NEW! Ammama's Sari

What does Ammama do when there's a hole in her sari? Like most of Niveditha Subramaniam's books, Ammama's Sari is more than what it first appears to be. Two cheers for her second wordless picture book after Flutterfly

And the peacock ran!

So curious was this Runaway Peacock, that it launched itself off not one, not two, not three, but four cities! It hopped onto author Niyatee Sharma for the first Madurai Children's Literary Festival, and skipped along with her for a release in Bangalore. With illustrator Shailja Jain Chougule, it danced in monsoon-struck Pune. And at the Tulika Bookstore in Chennai, it had the children on the run too, with a spot-me-if-you-can storytelling-show!

Ni Hao from Gitti and gang!

The First Look Science books were launched a few years ago to introduce children to basic science concepts the visual way – with dramatic pictures and simple storylines. An instant hit with Indian teachers, the series that has seen several reprints crossed the northern borders for a Mandarin edition. So Bhoomi, Boondi, Dhooli, Gitti and Beeji are now charming Chinese children into science with new look covers!

From China back to Chennai

We got this amazing snail mail from a teacher who loves Bhoomi's Story – Space...

“Greetings! I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Tulika Publishers for the book Bhoomi’s Story – Space and others in their science series. These books have been very useful to improve reading skills and knowledge in science for the children in my school. Thank you!"
Mrs T. K. Thendral, Headmistress, Tamizh Thendral Thiru Vi Ka Middle School, Ranipet, Vellore.

Poetry and a pleasant rakshasa

Niveditha Subramaniam came with nice-guy Karimuga, The Pleasant Rakshasa, to the Bangalore Poetry Festival, bringing craft-y play and rollicking rhymes. Sing along with the Rambunctious Rakshasa Rhyme!

Catch that literacy bug!

Teaching Comprehension Strategies Practitioner Brief sounds like a mouthful but it's a wonderful resource that makes reading fun! And that is what the experts at TISS, Hyderabad, who run the Early Literacy Initiative have done using Catch That Cat, Ismat’s Eid, The Why-Why Girl, Mukand and Riaz and more... We are constantly surprised by the number of ways in which our picture books work with children – from discovering the joys of reading and facilitating literacy strategies in the classroom, to allaying fears and anxieties by opening up difficult conversations in other spaces. Admiration and gratitude to all those parents and teachers who bring out the immense possibilities of picture books!

"Even before I read it, I made my mother read it..."

"...We didn’t talk about it, but it’s a book I wish I could have given her when I was little and when she was angrier. Perhaps, it would have helped her understand what I could not make her see."

The Gaysi review of Guthli Has Wings by Kanak Shashi touched our hearts and made us proud of Guthli as a part of the Tulika family.

Madras, MLS, Tulika

‘Madrasa Suthhi Paarka Poraen’ – ‘On a tour of Madras’ was the theme of a quiz in the oldest library of the city, The Madras Literary Society, as part of the Madras Day celebrations. The 18 enthusiastic children impressed with their trivia on Madras that is now Chennai. And all were declared winners – with Tulika gift vouchers among other prizes!

In the news  Priya Kuriyan and Zai Whitaker!

"She used to wear chatta and mundu, make pickled mangoes, and detested the resident cat. She had a lot of spunk, had a great sense of humour and was quick-witted." – Priya Kuriyan talks about Ammachi's Glasses and much more. (The Hindu)

"Reptile expert and author Zai Whitaker describes how Madras Crocodile Bank keeps alive her love for these creatures and her desire to tell their tales." (The Hindu)

Light and shadow!

"Hiss, Don't Bite!" said the shadow snake at the R.E.A.D Club, Kochi. Shadow puppetry led way to a delightful session on how light and shadow work. A wonderful bite of art, storytelling and science!


Nayana Bhattacharya (via @ride_home) "When I saw ‘A Home Of Our Own’ by Meghaa Aggarwal on the shelves today, I knew it was special. I read it in the store and I’ve read it twice at home now and each time, I’ve felt a lump rise in my throat."
@thestoryspinner "Here celebrating the success launching of Chandrayaan2 with Bhoomi!"

@hopecatapult "In these times where we try to polarize and divide people, this story (Kali and the Rat Snake) of being able to forge friendships overcoming the externally visible differences and discover the bonding is very relevant."

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