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Aug 13, 2012 01:55 pm 

“I love to take things that are everyday and comforting and make them into the most luxurious things in the world.”  -  Marc Jacobs

Details make a house a home @DL RheinThis is a home office remodel for one of my favorite clients.  They have a beautiful house and eclectic taste, and are very open to pops of color and things unexpected within each space (did I mention I love these clients?!) .  The home office was no exception.  Part of the fun was getting to create a space that would be shared by the Mr. and Mrs., a place to work as well as have an oasis away from busy schedules and three young children.    My goal within each home I enter  is to create a symbiotic relationship of beauty mixed with form and function.

A partners desk is a great solution for a shared office @DL Rhein I began with choosing the perfect color for the back of  the custom shelving we put into the main wall which once housed a wooden cabinet and some end tables that served as makeshift station for the printer and supplies.  Teal is an exciting color, but because it is in the cool spectrum of color, is still very soothing.  I wanted it to work within the space effortlessly, as opposed to being a distraction.  We decided to make the desk part of the built in system, and have it function as a “partners desk” so that it could be shared if the couple wanted to work in the office in at the same time.  This was much easier to achieve than trying to ride a tandem bicycle!

Seating in a home office is always a bonus @DL RheinA reading nook that doubles as storage is one of my fave things we were able to achieve in this room.  It is sleek, yet comfy, and allowed the space to remain open as opposed to a bulky sofa pushed against the windows which allow a great amount of natural light.  A perfect solution for when the kids want to be close to Mom as she works out their schedules on the computer, as they can curl up with a book or two or three.  The cushions are made of natural linen, and pick up the highlights in the beautiful hard wood floors.

The accent pillows are a fun way to add some color and pattern without overwhelming the room.  They were made out of one of my absolute favorite fabrics that I had bought a few yards of a while ago knowing I would eventually have the perfect client to use it for.  A lesson I learned a while ago, if you love it now, get it now.  And sure enough, another client saw the fabric and asked if we could get more, but it was no longer being made.   I don’t mind, in fact I love the challenge.  These pillows are unique to this client’s home, and now I have to hunt to find something new and equally fab for the next job.

Think outside the box when designing an office desk chair @DL RheinOut with the old, in with the new!  Bye bye to the black leather executive desk chairs-  Hello to redesigned vintage chairs! I fell in love with the modern look of the carved wood and knew that as always, fresh paint in the perfect color can reinvent just about anything.  Peter Dunham’s Siberiano fabric is an update on the classic animal print with its subtle and neutral palate of grey and taupe.  I added casters to the bottom of the chairs to make them functional within the office.

Last but certainly not least, my favorite part of any room is getting to place the perfect accessories and decorative items.  I always search for the perfect things to make the room complete and still keep within each client’s individual taste.  I am a huge fan of mixing textures and design elements and these shelves were the perfect place to do so.  I collected all kinds of vintage treasures for this room, my faves being the  antique iron vases from France and a set of vintage Hardy Boy books whose covers matched the walls perfectly.   A huge chunk of black tourmaline and a slab of green mica added reflection and curiosity.  European leather books and one of a kind apothecary jars made my client shriek with delight.

An office makeover that anyone would drool over @DL RheinFrench doors open the office out to the front of the house which is another great feature to kill two birds with one stone.  Mom and Dad can work and play on the computer while watching the kids play basketball in the driveway.  A match made in heaven if you ask me!



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