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June 30, 2015 - Issue 26

2015 Foreclosure Affidavit Form Amendments go in to effect TOMORROW: July 1!

The 2015 Legislature enacted amendments to the Minnesota law which governs mortgage foreclosure by advertisement.  Those amendments appear in Chapter 14 of the 2015 session laws.  They are effective on July 1, 2015.

Most importantly, a new statute was added (§580.033) that specifies where a notice of foreclosure should be published, something that was ambiguous under prior law.  This statute also requires that affidavits of publication issued by a newspaper must contain certain language related to the published foreclosure notice.

The affidavit of publication form includes (in paragraph 5) the language called for by the new statute.  The form also complies with the general requirements for affidavits of publication found in Minnesota Statute, §331.07.  The form is drafted so that it can be used for any published notice, not just mortgage foreclosure notices; in other words, you don’t need to use a different form for other kinds of notices.

Beginning July 1, affidavits for mortgage foreclosure by advertisement must contain the new language on this form.  As always, please don’t hesitate to contact MNA if you have any questions.

Download the new affidavit form here

2nd Quarter MCAN/2x2 Tracking Forms Due TOMORROW!

The 2nd quarter tracking information for 2015 is due back by Wednesday, July 1st.

The forms were emailed to ALL participating members earlier this year.

If you did not get the form, it will be available on the MNA website HERE all year long.

Fireworks Advertising Rules in MN

Here’s a short summary of the current state of the law, by MNA attorney Mark Anfinson.
The rule for fireworks is like that for most other products and services â€”if you can legally sell them, then you can legally advertise them. Some kinds of fireworks may lawfully be sold in Minnesota, mostly low grade varieties, including sparklers, snakes, glowworms, smoke devices, trick noisemakers, party poppers, string poppers, snappers, drop pops, and similar items. There is no question that they can be advertised.
But what about advertising from out of state fireworks merchants, such as those in Wisconsin and South Dakota? They sell items that are banned in Minnesota. May they advertise those products in Minnesota newspapers? The answer is almost certainly “yes,” based on a 1998 decision of the Court of Appeals. It concluded that the Minnesota statute prohibiting fireworks advertising is unenforceable under the First Amendment, so long as the fireworks being advertised can legally be sold where the sale occurs.
But despite the Court of Appeals decision, the statute remains on the books because it hasn't been repealed by the Legislature. It is therefore remotely possible that a local prosecutor would bring charges in response to an ad from out of state. While the charges would in all likelihood eventually be dismissed under the 1998 appellate ruling, that would require the expenditure of some attorney's fees. Therefore, each newspaper should make its own decision about accepting fireworks advertising from out of state vendors.

Ad-libs: Don’t jump into the pause

By: John Foust

Brian has been selling advertising for his paper for many years. “One of the most important lessons I’ve learned was from my wife,” he told me. “One evening, when she was telling me about her day at work, she said, ‘Stop jumping into my pauses.’ She said it with a smile and a pat on my arm, but she was right. Every time she paused, I finished her sentence.

“Like a lot of sales people,” Brian explained, “I get revved up when I’m in a conversation. When there’s a lull, I have a tendency to fill up the silence. She taught me the importance of allowing the other person to finish their thought on their own.”

That lesson has helped Brian in his business relationships. His advertisers stay more engaged in conversations, and he learns more about what’s really on their minds.

Here are some ways to deal with pauses:

1. Bite your tongue. When the other person pauses, the first thing to do is to resist the temptation to take over the conversation. Simply tell yourself, “This may not be easy, but stay quiet and give them a chance to collect their thoughts.”

2. Watch your facial expression. Body language is more powerful than words. Even if you’re silent, you’ll communicate a negative message if you frown or show impatience. Keep a pleasant expression and maintain comfortable, low intensity eye contact.

Continue reading...

June Network Honor Rolls

Six newspapers placed 2×2 ads, six newspapers placed MCAN ads and one newspaper placed MINN ads in the month of June.

Herald Journal Publishing - 12
Kerkhoven Banner - 1
Mankato Free Press - 2
Rochester Post-Bulletin - 6
St. James Plaindealer  - 1
Tracy Headlight- Herald - 2

Crookston Daily Times - 4
Kittson County Enterprise, Hallock - 2
Herald Journal Publishing - 3
Kerkhoven Banner - 2
Mankato Free Press - 1

Westbrook Sentinel/Tribune - 2

Herald Journal Publishing - 1

A bonus went to the following 10 salespeople who sold an ad into the networks. Congratulations!

Ted Almen
Duane Durheim
Barb Flicker
Monica Hensley
Randy Heuer
Bruce Johnson
Kari Jurrens
Chris Schultz
Lisa Sell
Brittany Stradtman

Click here to read about our 2015 Network Ad Sales Incentive Program and you can earn a bonus next month!

Minnesota Newspaper Museum News

By: Linda Falkman

Calling all MNA newspaper members:  The â€œEighth Wonder of the World” (the Linotype) and the Fourth Estate will again be featured at the Minnesota Newspaper Museum.

In its 28th year, the newspaper museum with its letterpress-era machines will again attract thousands of visitors.  The museum is now housed in a new location, the 4-H building on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and is operated by the Minnesota Newspaper Foundation.

Running this museum costs between $15,000 and $30,000, depending on the improvements we are making.  And this year, we are in Phase 1 of bringing new messages to museum visitors, better signage, and opening up the Editor’s Office to welcome visitors to talk about the free press in Minnesota.

That’s why we need your help.

The museum board is offering “ONE-DAY SPONSORSHIPS” to be highlighted on the front page of the â€œMaynard News,” which we publish daily at the museum.

A “one-day sponsorship” costs $1,000.  For this amount, your newspaper’s information box will run for four days, along with three other sponsors.

On the day you sponsor, you’ll have the option of bringing several hundred copies of your hometown newspaper to be distributed to visitors to our museum.  Your paper or group may receive up to three free State Fair entrance tickets, if you wish.

Please sponsor a day at the newspaper museum.  Days available are Friday- Sept. 4, Saturday- Sept. 5, Sunday- Sept. 6, or Monday-Sept. 7 (Labor Day and the closing day of the State Fair).

Continue reading...

Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

Following tornadoes in his region, Mark Thomas, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Press Association offered the sage advice:  "The first steps in disasters are always PLANNING.  We are now past that phase – but you aren’t – so use this disaster to urge your members to PLAN for a disaster. That makes your Action and Recovery Plan so much easier."
In times of crisis, all eyes turn on the press for immediate and accurate news coverage. But what happens when the press becomes the victim of a disaster? From flash floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters to power outages or a loss of an important staff member, trauma is almost impossible to predict. But through effective preparation, newspapers can continue to function in spite of setbacks.
MNA is proud to present the  the Disaster Checklist for Newspapers, a preparation guide to aid damage control at your location. Originally drafted by The Oklahoma Press Association, this checklist covers all the ins and outs of an adequately prepared staff and if followed correctly, can help you keep operating on all platforms in times of disaster.
While disasters can rarely be avoided, measures taken in advance can soften the blow of potential fallout. We hope that this guide will prove useful to you.

Click here to Download the Disaster Checklist

MNA Public Notice Site - House Ads Now Available!

In 2014, MNA successfully launched its online clearinghouse of Minnesota public notices. Many MNA-member newspapers are up and running on the site, posting public notices weekly - or more often - on the 

Now, MNA has developed a series of house ads you can use to promote in your newspaper and on your website. 
If you haven't started posting your public notices yet, and are interested in getting started, MNA will provide training and support. We are available to answer questions and walk you through the process of posting your notices. Please contact Sarah Bauer to sign up and also set up training for you or your staff - there are a variety of options, in person, by phone or Google Hangout. 

Our goal is to have 100% participation by MNA member newspapers and we're getting closer every day. Please sign up today, or give us a call to learn more about the site.

Click here for more info and to view/download ads!

Register Now for July Webinars! 

Check out the upcoming webinars from Online Media Campus!

Community Faces Photography

Thursday, July 23
1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Presented in partnership with GateHouse Media 

Community Faces PhotographyPopulating your websites and newspapers with plenty of photos of local residents, taken at community events, is a great way to build readership, connect with people in your coverage area and increase page views. But there’s an art to the creation and promotion of these galleries — this presentation reveals all the tips and best practices.

Who should attend: Any editors or publishers interested in building traffic by introducing good reader engagement practices into their newsroom.

More information and register

Russell Viers: Easily and Quickly Sort, Organize and Process Your Photos

Thursday, July 30
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. 

Are you spending too much time looking through your digital photos trying to find the best ones, only to settle on whatever’s “good enough” after a few minutes? With today’s digital cameras, we should be taking LOTS and LOTS of photographs of every event. Taking them is easy… it’s what to do next that can be a killer. With Adobe’s Bridge and Photoshop, you already have one of the most powerful photo-processing duos on the planet. Learn how to use them together properly to slice your photo production time dramatically, improve quality and leave your photos in a format that is flexible for changing later.

More information and register...

Tim Smith: Increase Your ROI on Sales Calls

Friday, July 31
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. 

Have you ever “winged” a sales call? Little to no preparation before meeting with a customer is the norm for many salespeople. Often, the result of those calls is not as successful or as profitable as it could be.

This webinar will focus on how to prepare for a sales presentation while not relying on a script or winging it. 

More information and register...

Spectacular Special Sections: Revenue-generating ideas for any market

Thursday, July 9
10:00 a.m.

About the program: 
Learn the ins and outs of creating special sections that drive traffic and revenue to your newspaper. Steve and Cynthia Haynes, owners of Nor'West Newspapers in Kansas, operate two daily and three weekly papers that have found success in creating niche special sections. They will be taking a look at two of their most recent and profitable programs, a Fall Hunting Guide and Spring Hospital Section, to walk you through the process from idea creation to distribution. 

Leading the Discussion: 
HOST - Stan Schwartz, National Newspaper Association 
GUEST STAR - Steve and Cynthia Haynes, Nor'West Newspapers

Registration fee: $30Register by Monday, July 6
(Registrations submitted after this date are subject to a $10 late fee)

PUB AUX LIVE, featuring revenue-generating ideas for community newspapers, is brought to you by The National Newspaper Association, in partnership with the Iowa Newspaper Foundation.

Register online now

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Remembering John Tradup, the essence of a newsman
Of all my memories of John Tradup, the one that’s foremost is of John in his office at the old [West Central] Tribune building downtown. It was a cluttered, narrow room barely large enough for a desk, filing cabinets, old-fashioned swivel chair and the inevitable stacks of newspapers.

In my memory I see John pounding on his manual typewriter, cigarette clamped in one corner of his mouth. He radiates intensity. Occasionally he pauses to swig from a bottle of Maalox stashed in a desk drawer. He’s on deadline — or in the grip of a really great story he can’t wait to tell.

John’s death on June 4, at age 80, is a loss. But with the loss comes the gift of remembering who he was and the years he devoted as a reporter, photographer and editor at the Tribune. Continue reading...

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