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It's that time of year when we're on a downhill slide to Christmas. Even though autumn is one of the best times to plant, that fact (yes, it is a fact and not one of many gardening myths) is ignored by the majority of the gardening public, who mostly buy and plant in late spring/summer. Yes, I am talking about you ;-) This doesn't always mean that your plants won't thrive, but they are more likely to struggle if you neglect them by swanning off on a two week holiday during a dry spell. Yes, this is Manchester, but I will say, with confidence, that it doesn't rain all the time.

My point is, is that it's quiet, and it's always a bit scary: every year I say the same thing to my husband, 'Bud is over, it's finished'. Oh, but I do love a bit of drama! After 6 years of running the business, I now know that everything will be OK, so I'm merrily perusing the price list from my Christmas tree man, planting bulbs in pots to sell next year, and quietly going about my business i.e. sweeping up the leaves from the mighty lime trees.

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starts Friday 13th Oct

50% off most herbaceous
50% off some climbers
50% off some deciduous shrubs
50% off most herbs

Manchester Woodland Products

I hope you don't mind me using the newsletter to plug a new local business, which has been set up by my husband, Jason. He is just coming to the end of a 3 year woodland management training course with The Bill Hogarth Memorial Apprenticeship Trust If you bought hazel bean poles from Bud this year, they were coppiced by Jason in local woodland. I have also been selling the hardwood charcoal he makes using traditional methods. His repertoire will increase, but at this time of year the focus is on firewood.

FIREWOOD FOR SALE - free delivery within the M60.
Mixed hardwoods, typically ash, sycamore, birch, cherry, hazel, from sustainably managed woodlands in Greater Manchester and Cheshire.
Cost, per cubic metre
Seasoned, £90: cut two seasons ago and ready to burn now.
Unseasoned, £70: cut last season and ready to burn next autumn.

Ideally, your order will be unloaded in a driveway, or I charge £10 per hour if further moving or stacking is required. If you need somewhere to keep your wood dry, I'd be happy to prepare a quote for a wood store, to your specifications.

Smaller quantities will be available at Bud.

Below: Jason taking material from the woodland floor in Cheshire with timber tongues.

Precious things

Our prepared hyacinth bulbs 'Atlantic' have finally arrived, and they are massive. Plant them now and they should be flowering around Christmas time. Here's what to do if you fancy giving it a go - wear gloves when handling the bulbs as hyacinths can cause skin irritation.

1. Choose a good quality peat free compost - bulb fibre is not necessary, nor is fertiliser.
2. If you're using a container with no drainage holes, wet the compost first and place a layer in the bottom of the bowl or pot.
3. Place the bulbs on top of the growing medium: they can be close together, but not touching each other or the sides of the container. You can plant single hyacinths in smaller pots.
4. Fill around the bulbs with more compost, leaving a 1cm gap at the top. The tops of the bulbs, or their 'noses' should be peeking through the surface.
5. After planting, the bulbs need a dark and cool period (ideally 9°C/48°F) to encourage root development. Put your pots in a black polythene bag or cardboard box and store somewhere cool and dark.
6. Check regularly and water if there are signs that the growing medium is drying out. Be careful not to overwater pots without drainage holes.
7. When roots have developed and the shoots are 4-5cm long, the pots can be brought indoors into a cool room away from bright light. Once the leave have greened up, the pot can be moved to a warmer, lighter position, where the hyacinth(s) will flower. Breathe it in!
You can also grow hyacinth bulbs in hyacinth vases; we have a beautiful range of vintage vases from Planet Vintage Girl. They make unique gifts for gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

NEW this month from Stoke-based ceramic designer Jack Laverick, are these exquisite geometric porcelain pots, pictured below. They're available in 3 colour ways and two different shapes.
We have lots of Asters, now called Symphiotrichon, which all bloom well into October...

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