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Welcome to the July 2012 edition of the Flybubble newsletter, which is bursting with enthusiasm for flying in Sussex, flying in Spain, flying in South Africa, or just flying by clicking your cursor on some eye candy. We investigate ways in which you can increase your ability, even when it's windy. Join us as we strive to keep the dream alive!

In this edition...

Flybubble Paragliding

Searching for sky

Taking the amazing Gin Yeti for a stroll - 5kg including harness and backpack!

Training flight at Caburn

FLYBABBLE :: What up, beeps?

When we did get some flyable windows amidst the disappointing June weather, we made the most of them! One beneficial side-effect of the weather forecasts not looking so good is that we've often had the hill - and the sky - to ourselves.

Matt Cowen and Rod Holdsworth completed some fantastic soaring flights, and got to work on their slope and spot landing skills too. They also got to try out their speed systems for the first time, and improved their launches too. Rod's new Skywalk Tequila 3 proved what a great wing it was yet again, a perfect partner to his new Sup'Air Evo XC2 harness, enjoying long soaring flights whilst frequently rising to the top of the stack.

Our tandem passengers have had some great tandem flights here and there but unfortunately quite a few days had to be cancelled for bad weather.

Along the same lines Crispin Rose-Innes and Adam Cutts attempted their instructional tandem thermaling flights for the Flybubble Distance Learning Academy (DLA) but the desired conditions didn't prevail, so they'll have to come back and try again soon! Similarly, Ed Bewley attempted some more tandem training with us but didn't quite reach the lofty heights we were hoping for. We'll just have to keep trying!

Going into July we've already had some great training days, and once again managed to pull some magic flying rabbits out of the elusive weather wizard's hat!

Adam Binns, David Hancock and Mark Panto signed up for one of our special paragliding training plus tandem packages and completed their instructional tandem flight and first day's ground training earlier this week.

Having already done a flight experience tandem flight with us before, Steve Roden signed up for a ten day course with free instructional tandem flight included. Steve did his instructional tandem flight with Carlo on the first day, soaring and thermaling up to over 2000ft ASL at one point, then continued into the afternoon with his ground training. Then on the second day Steve progressed nicely on to do his first low level solo flights and is now ready for his first solo high flights. Onwards and upwards!

Meanwhile 'high flyers' Adrian Wynter and Darren Barter were soaring for hours at the top of the hill, under instruction from Carlo and Simon, and completed so many flights and top landings that they both lost completely count! Big congratulations to Darren for completing his CP conversion from BHPA Club Pilot Tow rating to Hill. "I was really surprised I'd do so much flying in the UK!" said Adrian, who pretty much completed his whole BHPA CP rating with us in just one day!

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^ Beautiful evening flight at the end of a great day's flying from Mount Caburn

Great training day at caburn

^ Darren Barter soars for hours

Training at Caburn

^ Adrian Wynter gets high

Foot or Flybubble route

Flybubbling: who's been flying where?

Foot or Flybubble 2012

The inaugural Foot or Flybubble Challenge has begun! 

Using only your feet or your wing, link every SHGC launch site in the closed circuit. Any day in July counts, between sunrise and sunset. The best attempt wins.

Foot or Flybubble intro video

Ed Bewley stamped his mark on the leaderboard by marching a marathon distance on 5 July, linking Newhaven, Beachy Head, High and Over, Bo Peep, Firle and Caburn in just over 11 hours for 35.5km on the course. In a cruel twist of fate, his flying instrument didn't record a tracklog, because it could sense he was (mostly) on the ground!

On the same day Greg Hamerton flew from Beachy Head to Birling Gap then jogged across to High & Over. Both Greg and Ed use the Advance Lightness harness, which apart from being very light, comes with the Advance Lightness backpack, which is designed for racing. It centres the weight of your wing perfectly, close to your back, and it is really noticeable when going long distances on the ground. As Ed said, "My legs were getting tired long before I noticed the pack on my back". PSST! There's a second-hand one in our shop here

On the 7th July Tracy Hamerton entered the race with an 11km walk with her glider from Newhaven to Brighton marina. This is a route that is often soared when the wind is S-SSW, so look out for one of those days and you could bag yourself 11km! By the way, if you land anywhere on this coastal strip (low tide only) there is a regular bus that runs back to Newhaven Town rail station, a short walk back to your car.

Then on the 8th, Phil Clark marched off into the showers to bag Truleigh, before returning for Devils Dyke and a short flight towards Ditchling, completing just over 11km and placing him 2nd. And yes, he has the Advance Lightness harness too!

So the only question that remains, is how far can you go?

Even if you don't take part, you can learn a lot just by watching the event on facebook. JOIN US on FOOT or FLYBUBBLE 2012

FoF 2012 reports: 13 June by Greg5 July by Greg - 5 July by Ed

Bub bob and boob

British Paragliding Championships 2012

Steve Senior (Ozone Enzo) won the champs, Adrian Thomas 2nd (Gin Boomerang X) and Dave Smart (Advance Sigma 8) 3rd. 5 tasks in a week-long comp shows that Pedro Bernardo can deliver the goods! Unfortunately team pilot Emile van Wyk, who was leading the champs, had an accident on landing in gusty strong winds and broke his arm. He is back in the UK and on the mend. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Round 1 Results Open :: Women :: Sports :: Team

Round 2 Results Open :: Women :: Sports :: Team


^ The big route that's got everyone in a flutter. Bite off a chunk for yourself.


The race is ON!

Beachy Head

^ Someone sneaking away from Beachy Head midweek - better done at low tide!

Phil Clark

^ Phil Clark's preferred method of running on the Foot or Flybubble course

Flown off any of the SHGC sites?
Let us know! Any distance counts.

Learn to fly abroad

FLYING START courses in South Spain

What's this all about? If you're getting frustrated trying to juggle free time and gaps in the UK weather, you can go to Spain for an intensive week of training! Flybubble Spain caters for all levels of pilot, from beginners to complete CP. Fantastic sites in a beautiful area, great food and the support of local pilots means you get to experience real Spanish culture.

You might have heard of other schools operating out of Spain, but ours is unique. You learn with an officially qualified paragliding school in Spain and are able to get an internationally recognised rating when you complete your training.

Flybubble Spain have been flying in the Algodonales region for many years and are some of the most experienced pilots around - they are real experts. They are also really safety conscious, and they use tandem instruction, mini wings and really make an effort to get you flying.

As part of the Flying Start course, when you return to the UK, you have the full support of a UK based school and can get your BHPA rating. So you get the best of both worlds - the UK and Spain.

See Photos, Videos and read Pilot Feedback from our previous trips.

Next Course Dates: EP: 8-15 Sept 2012. CP: 15-22 Sept 2012.

2012-2013 Course Trip Dates: September 2012 to May 2013.

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Get AIRTIME in Southern Spain

In October/November 2012 we'll yet again be running some very special paragliding trips to one of the best flying areas of Southern Spain. Paragliding during the day, enjoying a cold beer (or a glass of Rioja) with accompanying Tapas in the evening - what more could you ask for?! :-)

This trip isn't for students; it's for eager paraglider pilots looking to hone their all-round flying, thermalling and XC skills whilst getting maximum AIRTIME. Expand your horizons! Get full retrieve services, fly as much and far as you can, and have a great holiday in a world-class flying region as the summer mellows.

We'll be based in Algodonales, renowned for being the paragliding "Mecca" of Andalucia in Southern Spain, with a great variety of superb launch sites covering all wind directions. Stunning views with nice easy landing fields make for relaxed flying. Soaring with the local Griffon Vultures has to be experienced!

With FLYBUBBLE's highly experienced instructors and fly-guides giving you comprehensive 'site and flight' guidance and instruction, and local experts taking care of the logistics, you have the best of both worlds to help you get the most out of your trip.

Have fun, learn loads, improve your flying and extend your summer in the sunny skies of the magnificent Griffon Vulture!

Why go on this trip? You could just book a flight and go somewhere on your own, but you'd miss out on so much! Firstly, a group of like-minded enthusiasts does wonders for your flying spirit.

Secondly, the experts know the local conditions so can keep you safe. We also know where to go and can make good judgements in changing weather, so you get much more airtime with us.

Because you are accompanied by our instructors, you get real tuition so you learn much more than just flying around on your own. These skills you acquire will and improve your flying and will stay with you for the rest of your flying career.

Finally, because we organise all the logistics and accommodation, you can just get on the plane and look forward to a stress free week. Treat yourself to a fantastic flying holiday!

See Photos, Videos and read Pilot Feedback from our previous trips.

Trip Dates: Saturday 27th October to Sunday 11 November 2012*

Week One: Saturday 27th October to Saturday 3rd November 2012*
Week Two: Saturday 3rd November to Sunday 11 November 2012*

* You can book now for the first or second week, or both!

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Go XC and travel in South Africa

Blast away winter with a rush of XC FLYING in sunny South Africa!

This paragliding trip will be an ideal getaway from the UK, aimed at competent pilots who want to build up their CROSS COUNTRY flying experience. We'll share our XC secrets with you as we travel to the best sites and sights of the Western Cape region near Cape Town. 

Why go on this trip?

1. It is being led by Greg Hamerton, who wrote the book on flying in South Africa. This is his playground, where he set many site records, and he'll share all his secrets about this great region.

2. Carlo Borsattino is coming too, so you'll benefit from his vast cross country knowledge and guidance.

3. Expert guidance will be by provided by Barry Pedersen who is one of the Porterville site record setters and a local legend. So you get instruction from three experts! We're pretty certain you will beat your personal best.

4. Logistics are all sorted: transfers, day trips, and of course retrieves from far far away! Combined with Nancy's thorough organising, you can be sure of a stress-free trip.

5. The accommodation at the flying lodge in Cape Town is awesome! Swimming pool, braai area (a barbeque, but with more beer!), private rooms and hosts who excel at entertaining. Experience the South African culture and the scenic. This will be a week to remember!

XC flying at Porterville, thermaling and scenic mountain flights, some touring around the region or relaxed coastal soaring - we'll aim to get you smiling.

See Photos, Videos and read Pilot Feedback from our previous trips.

Trip Dates: Sunday 3rd to Sunday 17th March 2013

Book Now!

Flying Start Courses in Southern Spain


Flybubble Paragliding

Get AIRTIME in Southern Spain with Flybubble


Getting high in Spain with Flybubble Paragliding

^ I'm loving it!

XC flying at Porterville in South Africa


Scenic flying in Cape Town


Reducing risk: Your Ability (Pt. 5)

Free-flyers are exposed to a variety of risks. By identifying the greatest danger, you can make an effort to take precautions, and to increase your safety margins in other areas.

Try to achieve a 'green-light' state in each segment.

Pie in the sky

You can usually handle one risk at a time, but when two or three threats compete, things get hectic. By examining each element in turn in a series of articles, we hope to provide some insight into maintaining a good margin of safety.


Some pilots are naturals, others must learn the hard way. Unfortunately, it is human nature to think we are in the first group until we discover we are in the second. So assume that you are one step closer to danger zone than you estimate you are. Even if you have a healthy store of natural ability to fall back on, you can improve your safety by developing your flying skills and working your way toward that 'green light' nirvana.


A quick way to enhance your ability is to take your glider to a field or easy site and work on your groundhandling. Or come on one of our Advanced Groundhandling Sessions at the end of 2012.

Have you considered getting yourself a wing specifically for ground handling practice? Either one of our cheap old Ground Handling Only Wings (to avoid wear-and-tear on your own wing) or a purpose-built ground handling wing like the Ozone Groundhog (which you can also use in a bit more wind). Good launching does wonders for risk management.

It's all about flying when you want to, not when the gusts decide. It also helps to build muscle memory and reduce reaction times. It's best to find an area with a bit of a slope, because the glider will sit overhead instead of hanging back slightly, making the responses similar to what you'll find on the flying sites.

Okay, but what do you actually do? Just stand there with the wing up? That will help, but there's a lot more to it! Here are some tasks:

Task: tiptouch. Once your wing is settled overhead, keep your feet planted where they are and let the wing fall gently down to one side. Use the high-side brake to slow the descent, but let it go to the ground. Then try to fly it back up. This develops useful gust-correction abilities and also an awareness of fine-brake control.

Task: blind handling. Close your eyes and try to keep the wing flying for as long as you can, facing forwards. This really develops the sensitivity to the riser movements, which will help you react before the effect of gusts are visible on the wing, and ultimately, sense where the thermals are.

Task: sitfly. Find a grassy area and try launching from a seated position. Try holding the wing overhead. Try to fly it down to the ground on either side, and back up again. Try to use the wing to lift you back onto your feet. Try this facing forwards, and reversed. This develops a sensitivity to the power in the wing, the effect of brakes and pendulum control, and an awareness of the exact angle of the aerodynamic forces.


Groundflying is the next stage. Groundflying? How is that different from groundhandling? Well, this will only work on a flying site, or shallow slope. You need to be airborne, but just a foot or two above the ground. Take care that you don't attempt the tasks any higher than that - if you're lifted too high, just fly away and attempt it again when you are kicking the grass-heads.

Task: where is my stall point? An absolutely vital skill to develop, allowing you to make pin-point slope landings, safe toplandings, fly slowly without fear, avoid traffic, and even land almost vertically in emergencies. Fly a foot or two over the ground with your legs down, do a weak flare a little higher than usual and hold the flare until you feel your wing soften and your sink rate suddenly increase. Once you're familiar with this feeling, look up to the side to see how your wing responds. This will develop your ability to recognise the approaching stall in the air. It usually begins on the tips - they peel back. Play around with this over and over, you can never get enough of it. With time you will be able to feel the stall approaching, when you can instantly release the brakes to keep the wing flying just faster than stall. Notice also how gusts stall the wing earlier than you were expecting, and how asymmetric input causes the wing to spin.

Task: short launch run. Get it flying in three steps, regardless of the wind strength. The trick is to develop precise pitch control during your launch run, by matching your loading on the chest strap with the glider airspeed. Try launching by running fast, out ahead of your wing (it won't work too well, you'll pendulum up then down). Try launching by allowing your wing to pitch ahead of you (not too much or it will just fold). Work on this until you can hit the perfect balance point which is just ahead of vertical, where the wing pulls you forward off the slope with a very short launch run.

Task: asymmetric collapse recovery. On landing (really low, <2ft), collapse half your wing by pulling hard on one A-riser set. Lean/run into wind hard to keep the airflow up and keep the wing flying straight. What you'll notice is that the remaining half of your wing stalls with less brake applied than a full flying wing. Use a big, deep pump on the collapsed side to clear the wing. You can do this while groundhandling as well. This exercise develops your familiarity with the key skill of controlling asymmetric collapses, and an awareness of the changing airspeed and stall points during collapses.

Those are just a few of the tasks, along with launching from a bunched layout, bringing the wing down safely, cobra launches, big ears, controlled kiting, slow flying, spin landings, and much more. So it doesn't need to be perfectly soarable to be developing flying skills.

Want more tips and tasks? Get this DVD, or this one, or even this one.


Nothing beats it. The more you can pack in, the faster you'll develop. If it's flyable, don't sit on the hill waiting for it to get better (so you can avoid a walk). If it's only strong enough to groundhandle your wing, do so. Get it out of the bag! Flying is a compound learning curve, and the hours you put in now are your foundation for the higher steps.

Supercharge your logbook by coming on a flying trip with us! You can book training with our sister school Flybubble Spain, any time between September and May. Then we're running our popular airtime trip in October/November. And for aspirant cross country pilots, join us in South Africa in March 2013.


Come up on the tandem with our instructors and we'll give you an intensive session which will expand your skill set. We'll give you the controls so you can develop your abilities on any tasks you'd like to work on. More info here.


To develop the next level of ability, you need to go on a 'Pilotage' course or the full-blown SIV. This will be run over water, with a rescue boat, and ridiculous amounts of altitude to spare. You get full instruction, and step by step progression through the various manouevres. It will absolutely transform your flying, removing fear and allowing you to feel freedom. We recommend Jocky Sanderson and Kari Eisenhut.

Aerobatics are best begun in a manoeuvres clinic, but thereafter you can build your ability to make smooth wingovers and spirals through practice, practice, practice - up high, and far away from other pilots. The awareness and sensitivity you build up with your wing is invaluable and will really help your thermaling technique and your confidence in the air.


When you're new to the sport, your ability to recognize danger is limited, so you only notice that you're in trouble when things are already very bad. So stay further away from the ground or compression zones than other pilots to give yourself a wider margin for error. As you progress through the above points 1-5, you will develop an acute sense of intuition which will further guide you, a 'feeling' of the air that tells you when and where to fly. The more you fly, the better you get, and the more you can enjoy what this fantastic sport has to offer.

Bub bob and boob

In previous issues we looked at weather risk, wing risk, safety gear and ability. Next issue we'll look at knowledge. In the meantime, steal every hour you can to get out on the hills and under your wing.

Bear in mind that you can always book a day of advanced instruction from us too... learning doesn't stop at your CP rating! What we can teach you goes way beyond that.

^ Mastering aerobatics can lead to developing spectacular control

Tree hugger

^ Jumping trees like to wait until there's a camera nearby before going for you.

Andre working on tiptouch

^ Andre Byard works on the tiptouch

Expert groundhandling control

^ Lauren Martins can relax because she has developed expert glider control

Perfect launch run

^ Perfect launch run timing

Viktor stalls the wing

^ Viktor stalls his wing with the D's


^ Have I found my stall point yet?

Tandem training

^ Tandem training can expand your skill set. Photo by Richard Chester-Nash


^ Feel the force

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We also have the Sup'Air Quo Vadis which is the latest reversible backpack harness for light weight enthusiasts. Other great harnesses waiting for you to try here include: Advance Axess 2 Air, Success 2+, Impress 3, Lightness; Gin Gingo AirLite, Gingo II, Genie 4, Genie Lite, Verso, Yeti; Kortel Karma II, Kamasutra II; Niviuk Roamer; Ozone Oxygen1; Skyline Pure, Cult C; Sup'Air AltiRando XP, AltiX 2, Delight, Evo XC2, Radicale, Shamane, Skypper; Woody Valley Voyager Plus.

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To get access to our fantastic range of demo wings, and our professional advice, experience and service, we ask for a £500 deposit upfront. That way we know that you are serious about getting a new wing from us, and you can be confident that we won't rest until we've arranged the perfect wing that suits your weight, ability and individual flying style.

We also offer excellent part-exchange and package deals towards new or used equipment so you may be able to upgrade your old wing, harness, reserve or vario for less than you think!

Bubbles of fly

Gin Genie Lite


Advance Axess 2 Air


Flymaster NAV


Why buy from us?

1. We are a school AND equipment supplier. We help you develop as a pilot by tailoring our recommendations to your current skill level based on our understanding of pilot progression. You get personal attention and long-term service, as well as the best equipment.

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3. We are all active pilots who love to fly. We offer you expert advice based on personal experience with the latest gear to help you decide which is the right thing for you.

4. We offer a friendly and professional service. If you prefer a more personal yet professional service then contact us and we'll do our very best to assist you.

The Flybubble team

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Flying is great fun

Come tandem flying, or bring a friend!

Isn't it time you gave it a try? Maybe you want to build your confidence, or you know someone who will love it. Get into the air under the expert control of a qualified instructor and experience the joys of free flight. We have been flying from the beautiful South Downs for over 19 years!

We offer flights for first-timers and instructional flights for pilots too.

For newcomers to the sport, tandem paragliding is a great way to enjoy the full aerial experience without having to first learn how to launch and control the paraglider yourself. Your instructor will take care of the launch, flight and landing while you learn how these wonderful aircraft fly. You have the best seat of any aircraft!

Cost: from £125. Flying time at least 15 minutes.

Choices: Inflight Photos +£20, Aerobatic Experience +£20 (not for the faint-hearted), Double Session +£90 (when you just can't get enough).

Going tandem

We have four BHPA tandem-rated paraglider pilots at Flybubble, so if the weather is suitable we'll get you airborne!

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Tandem paragliding

Wonderful flights and happy landings

Tandem fun

Learn to paraglide in South East England

Learn to paraglide in SE England

We offer training for all levels of pilot and we train all year round.

Flybubble is a BHPA registered paragliding school based near Brighton in Sussex, run by highly experienced BHPA Chief Flying Instructor and winning British Team pilot, Carlo Borsattino and the Flybubble team.

We have been teaching paragliding, and flying paragliders from the beautiful South Downs hills in Sussex in sunny South East England for over 18 years, offering first-rate BHPA approved paragliding courses for those that want to learn to paraglide to the highest standards.

We specialise in highly personalised, expert instruction with small training groups (max 4 students per instructor).

Watch our two-minute Flybubble Paragliding - Learn to Fly! video. 

You can also launch your paragliding training with our Flying Start courses in southern Spain and get the best of both worlds.

Upgrade your flight or course

Want to extend your One or Two Day course into a Five Day Course? Fancy trying a longer tandem flight with an Aerobatic experience thrown in? It's easy to change your paragliding lessons, courses & tandem flights on our website - just visit the upgrade page on on online shop.

For more info about all the things we do see Learn To Fly

The Sussex South Downs are perfect for paragliding - beautiful rolling, grassy hills facing every wind direction, friendly grassy take-off and top-landing areas, forgiving landing areas, and all them with absolutely stunning views

Expert instruction from Flybubble Paragliding


Tracy high over the sea

Parting shots


Some Beachy Head magic on Day 5 of the Foot or Flybubble

Daniel Crespo on a slightly more than epic day in Spain

British Open in Pedro Bernardo, massive goal T4

Advance ALPHA 5 - Flying essentials - New technology inside


Flybubble team flying together + Greg on his new Icepeak 6

Bo Peep on a beautiful summer's day

Flybubble students evening soaring

[Below] It's called Beachy Head because ... there's no beach

Flybubble YouTube channel

Flybubble YouTube channel
Entertainment, the way it should be!

There are also new photos on our
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Beachy Head ooh la la

It's Olympics month!

The UK Government has made the delivery of a safe and secure Olympic and Paralympic Games a paramount objective. As a result airspace restrictions will be placed around all Games venues and they'll be eager to use their MoD Rapier missile system.

For a relatively simple, reliable GPS device for negotiating airspace that is compact, has a good battery life, and a sunlight readable screen, we recommend the Garmin GPSMAP 96C. Many other options fall down on battery life, sunlight readable screen and reliability. One of these plus a good Alti-Vario-GPS flight instrument seems to be an ideal combination for most pilots.

We're always happy to help and share our expertise, so if you have any questions then contact us. Or keep in touch by clicking LIKE on our new Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you out on the Foot or Flybubble course!


Carlo, Nancy, Greg, Tracy & Simon

The Flybubble Paragliding Team

Every bubble want to be a thermal one day

Carlo is Krazy

This summer seems to be upside down.

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