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Welcome to the August 2012 edition of the Flybubble newsletter, which is designed to be read on your phone as you return from Abergavenny after setting a new site record from High and Over! Or you can read it in bed on your tablet under your glider with a torch. You can even print it out and pass it around on the tube to help those poor commuters find the inspiration of flying. Look, there's a photo of Carlo with wet pants. They'll want to do paragliding right away.

In this edition...

Flybubble Paragliding

Soggy Carlo

Carlo gets to cloudbase at the Dyke

Panoramic view on the way to High and Over

FLYBABBLE :: What, fly?

The school's been running (right brake), and running (left brake), and running some more (flare! flare!).

Despite a disappointing start to July, things finally brightened-up and the wind eased enough for us to be able to get out and FLY. Hooray! Making the best out of the good weather we ran long training days, starting early and finishing late, so that our students got the most out of each day.

After a bit of a lay-off from flying, Adrian Wynter came to us for a CP refresher course and soon got back into the swing of things. On the last day of his course he received one-to-one instruction from Carlo and enjoyed several great, long flights - soaring for well over 2 hours on his new wing and harness. Adrian completed so many top landings with us that he lost count, as well as practicing many other essential basic  exercises: slope landings, big ears, using the speed system, asymmetric tucks, 360ing, thermaling, improving reverse launches, pitch control, active flying, weight-shift and turn coordination - and much more!

Elizabeth and Karina finally got lucky at Devils Dyke, with nice high tandem flights in light thermic conditions under a summer sky on the 15th. Hannah arrived at the perfect moment to nab another tandem session with Greg before he hared off on the Foot or Flybubble course in a vain attempt to catch Ed Bewley (aka Strider).

Mireia got a special staff-leaving present from Niviuk last year - a tandem flight with Flybubble! We wish all companies were so thoughtful. ;-) So she got to thermal up above Bo Peep on the 21st on a familiar Niviuk Takoo 2 and see the beauty of the South Downs laid out below her feet. Then Greg hared off on the Foot or Flybubble course again. Is this guy obsessed, or what?

The Flybubble Distance Learning Academy (DLA) has been active again:

Peter Reed did his DLA instructional tandem flight with Carlo: "Thanks for the DLA flight, I certainly learnt a lot. My first flight at Caburn and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It seemed the whole Southern Club had turned out to air their gliders! Thermalling techniques aside, it was great to see how you simply navigated the busy traffic and still managed to find space. With my limited solo experience, this is the most important thing I need to conquer. With your guidance it was great to gain the height we did and push out from the hill. I enjoyed doing the figure-of-eights near the hill and feel much happier to now try these for myself. I'm looking forward to getting the hours in and gaining the confidence to go cross country."

Greg and Crispin Rose-Innes tried the Foot or Flybubble challenge on the tandem from Devils Dyke, and completed an out-and-return to Truleigh, after which they worked on slope landings, and... persistence.

Meanwhile Carlo and Grita Rose-Innes hooked a big one, and opted for XC instead of turnpoints, heading past Hailsham along this route of 42km while Carlo pointed out the sea breeze front and helped Grita identify the next climbs and good lines to follow. Read Grita's story

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^ The scenic path to High and Over (extreme right) from Bo Peep (extreme left) takes about an hour

Nancy's sky

At last, the summer finds Nancy, somewhere near Caburn


Cuckmere river

double, double, toil and trouble

The Foot or Flybubble Challenge continued, and so did the wind!

At last, on the 15th, we had a reasonable looking day. To make the most of the opportunity, John Turczak, Ed Bewley, Nancy Elliott, Carlo Borsattino, Greg and Tracy Hamerton all walked up to Truleigh at 6am and flirted with the lingering rainclouds to get back to the Dyke in time for a nice thermaling morning with many SHGC members.

Then Carlo and Greg got 'half way' up and 'half way' away, landing near Ditchling. But Ed was already walking, and on his way through Lewes, so Greg decided to give chase. A short flight off Caburn cost Greg some time, because he waited for over half an hour for the narrow window of (slightly) less wind.

After a long war of attrition, Greg finally called it quits after the mud of Friston Forest, and took a ride to the pub at Beachy Head to celebrate Ed's victory - 8 sites bagged in a day: Truleigh, Dyke, Ditchling, Caburn, Firle, Bo Peep, High and Over and Beachy! Only Newhaven remained unlinked. Well there's always tomorrow, they say.

'Tomorrow' turned out to be the 18th: a chance for James Hope-Longlegs to shine. Beginning with Ed's route from the 5th, he stormed the course (Newhaven, Beachy Head, High and Over, Bo Peep, Firle) and had half time tea at Fly Sussex near Caburn. The remaining sites fell to his relentless pursuit of happiness.

James tried to stop for a pint at the Dyke, but his good wife refused to let him go home until the job was done. So he murdered Truleigh and dragged the corpses of all 9 sites down to the Youth Hostel in a bag. That's 58.5km of the FoF course. It's further than that on the ground (76km), because the road, they say, never goes straight to hell.

As soon as the wind stopped howling (on the 20th) Carlo sneaked out while all good honest citizens were working. To be fair, the lad works every weekend, but that doesn't mean we have to forgive him his xcesses. The only one to get away from the Dyke, he worked the Sea Breeze Front all the way to the back of Caburn, where he relaunched before walking to Firle, Bo Peep and finally High and Over!

This effort of course stirred up the hornet's nest, and on the 21st John Turczak, Tracy Hamerton and Greg set off from High and Over to link Bo Peep, Firle and Caburn. Nancy joined the sortie from Bo Peep. Pete Impey, using the gentleman's approach of No Walking Unless You're Playing Golf, flew from Bo Peep to beyond Caburn.

Greg used the early morning land breeze to bag Firle turnpoint before returning to Bo Peep for the generous helping of thermals. He used the clouds to leapfrog all the way along the Ditchling ridge to Truleigh, before landing in the sea breeze and marching to Newhaven to push the course record 1km further ahead.

On the 24th Ed was experimenting from High and Over, and flew a big curve across to Firle and from there to Caburn, which despite not improving his score was a great technical flight and worthy achievement.

On the 26th the Gin Sprint Evo Club (aka Evo Stick) launched from Bo Peep and there's an excellent account written by Pete Impey (George). Grita Rose-Innes got to Newhaven with this clever flight. But that's cutting Beachy's Head right off, so it doesn't count for the Foot or Flybubble challenge.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Ed set off at dawn on the 28th from Newhaven to complete the longest walking leg of the course, to Truleigh. Arriving at just after 9am he was able to soar the last bit from the Dyke, but on returning he was unable to escape the clutches of the Sink Monster which scuppered his hopes of flying all the way to Beachy Head. Ed considered completing the rest of the course on foot but the primeval call of the pub was far too strong.

Then the wind returned. So endeth the FoF challenge for 2012.

Come and join us at the Foot or Flybubble Party! Get together, enjoy pizza and wine, talk flying, watch media from the event and applaud your friends at the Prize giving for the Foot or Flybubble 2012. Partners and friends welcome. Saturday 4th August at Pizza Express in Lewes, 7pm. (We're sponsoring the prizes, but not the food and drink.)

Bub bob and boob

^ The Foot and Flybubble 2012 course between Beachy Head and High and Over

Dyke dawn

^ 15th: 6am. So where are the thermals?

Ed riser

^ 15th: Ed dodges trees past Ditchling. Still very few signs of those thermals.

Ed circles Nancy circles Ed

^ 28th: Ed circles Nancy circles Ed ... must be a real thermal then!

Learn to Paraglide in Spain

FLYING START courses in South Spain

What's this all about? If you're getting frustrated trying to juggle free time and gaps in the UK weather, you can go to Spain for an intensive week of training! Flybubble Spain caters for all levels of pilot, from complete beginners to experinced pilots. Fantastic sites in a beautiful area, great food and the support of local pilots means you get to experience real Spanish culture.

You might have heard of other schools operating out of Spain, but ours is unique. You learn with an officially qualified paragliding school in Spain and are able to get an internationally recognised rating when you succesfully complete all of your training.

Flybubble Spain have been flying in the Algodonales region longer than anyone else - they are real experts. They are also really safety conscious, and they use tandem instruction, mini wings and really make an effort to get you flying.

As part of the Flying Start course, when you return to the UK, you have the full support of a UK based school - Flybubble UK - and can get your BHPA rating. So you get the best of both worlds - the UK and Spain.

See Photos, Videos and read Pilot Feedback from our previous trips.

Next Course Dates: EP: 8-15 Sept 2012. CP: 15-22 Sept 2012.

2012-2013 Course Trip Dates: September 2012 to May 2013.

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Get AIRTIME in Southern Spain

In October/November 2012 we'll yet again be running some very special paragliding trips to one of the best flying areas of southern Spain. Paragliding during the day, enjoying a cold beer (or a glass of Rioja) with Tapas in the evening - what more could you ask for?! :-)

This trip isn't for students; it's for eager paraglider pilots looking to for maximum AIRTIME whilst honing their all-round flying, thermalling and XC skills. Expand your flight horizons! Get full retrieve services, fly as much and far as you can, and enjoy a great holiday in a world class flying region as the summer mellows.

We'll be based in Algodonales, renowned as the paragliding "Mecca" of Andalucia in Spain. A plethora of superb flying sites covering all wind directions, stunning views and nice landing fields make for relaxed flying. Soaring with the local Griffon Vultures has to be experienced!

With FLYBUBBLE's highly experienced instructors and fly-guides giving you comprehensive 'site and flight' guidance and instruction, and local experts taking care of the logistics, you have the best of both worlds to help you get the most out of your trip.

Have fun, learn loads, improve your flying and extend your summer in the sunny skies of the magnificent Griffon Vulture!

Why go on this trip? You could just book a flight and go somewhere on your own, but you'd miss out on so much! Firstly, a group of like-minded enthusiasts does wonders for your flying spirit.

Secondly, the experts know the local conditions so can keep you safe. We also know where to go and can make good judgements in changing weather, so you get much more airtime with us.

Because you are accompanied by our instructors, you get real tuition so you learn much more than just flying around on your own. These skills you acquire will and improve your flying and will stay with you for the rest of your flying career.

Finally, because we organise all the logistics and accommodation, you can just get on the plane and look forward to a stress free week. Treat yourself to a fantastic flying holiday!

See Photos, Videos and read Pilot Feedback from our previous trips.

Trip Dates
We're running two weeks' worth of trips:

 First Week: Sat 20th October to Saturday 27th October 2012
 Second Week: Sat 27th October to Sunday 4th November 2012
 Both Weeks: Sat 20th October to Sunday 4th November 2012

You can book the first, second or both weeks!

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Go XC and travel in South Africa

Blast away winter with a rush of XC FLYING in sunny South Africa!

This paragliding trip will be an ideal getaway from the UK, aimed at competent pilots who want to build up their CROSS COUNTRY flying experience. We'll share our XC secrets with you as we travel to the best sites and sights of the Western Cape region near Cape Town. 

Why go on this trip?

1. It is being led by Greg Hamerton, who wrote the book on flying in South Africa. This is his playground, where he set many site records, and he'll share all his secrets about this great region.

2. Carlo Borsattino is coming too, so you'll benefit from his vast cross country knowledge and guidance.

3. Expert guidance will be by provided by Barry Pedersen who is one of the Porterville site record setters and a local legend. So you get instruction from three experts! We're pretty certain you will beat your personal best.

4. Logistics are all sorted: transfers, day trips, and of course retrieves from far far away! Combined with Nancy's thorough organising, you can be sure of a stress-free trip.

5. The accommodation at the flying lodge in Cape Town is awesome! Swimming pool, braai area (a barbeque, but with more beer!), private rooms and hosts who excel at entertaining. Experience the South African culture and the scenic. This will be a trip to remember!

XC flying at Porterville, thermaling and scenic mountain flights, some touring around the region or relaxed coastal soaring - we'll aim to get you smiling.

See Photos, Videos and read Pilot Feedback from our previous trips.

Trip Dates: Sunday 3rd to Sunday 17th March 2013

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Flying Start Courses in Southern Spain


Flybubble Paragliding

Get AIRTIME in Southern Spain


Getting airtime in Spain with Flybubble Paragliding

^ I'm loving it!

Paragliding trip to South Africa


Scenic flying in Cape Town

Yes but is it flyable

Reducing risk: with Knowledge (Part 6)

By identifying the greatest danger, you can make an effort to take precautions, and to increase your safety margins in other areas.

Pie in the sky

You can usually handle one risk at a time, but when two or three threats compete, things get hectic. By examining each element in turn in a series of articles, we hope to provide some insight into maintaining a good margin of safety.


If you're not a local at the site you've chosen to fly, your lack of knowledge is a risk. To reduce this risk, scour the internet for recent sites guides - most UK clubs offer comprehensive advice about their sites. When you get there, find the most experienced pilot on the launch and ask for a briefing.

If you're considering going to the Alps, we recommend the Best Flying Sites of the Alps, published by our instructor Greg, who also wrote the guidebook for flying in South Africa. And when you progress to XC flying, Classic Routes provides invaluable local's perspective on the kind of things you need to watch out for.

On the blown-out days, seek out whatever theory you can to boost your knowledge of the weather. Understanding the Sky by Dennis Pagen is a must-read for all pilots. Carlo has read it several times over the past 20 years!

A useful foundation of flying knowledge is provided in Touching Cloudbase. After that, books like Thermal Flying is brilliant for understanding how to apply alpine weather theory and Performance Flying by Dennis Pagen (although aimed at hang glider pilots) is relevant for all paraglider pilots. Carlo says: "I've read Performance Flying a few times already; no doubt I will read it again. It's an absolute goldmine of information!"

It's worth spending some time scouring the internet for information because there are gems like Judith Mole's webcasts, Jerome Daoust's bag of tricks and many others on our links page, but beware of self-appointed experts who have no evidence of ability beyond a forum-posting score. Be particularly wary when discussions focus on flying equipment, because it's easy to be misled by plausible nonsense. The best place to gain this knowledge is by speaking to us! We filter out the b.s. and have probably flown the wing you're interested in.

Because flying involves potential dangers, first aid knowledge is always good to have, and there we'd recommend specialist courses rather than books because practical scenario training is so much better.

XC courses, guided trips and competitions round off the picture. Actively seek out information. The more involved you become, the more your growing knowledge helps to reduce your risk.

So now that we've studied the many facets: weather risk, wing risk, safety gear, sites, ability and knowledge, it's time to consider how they work when combined.


You've bought a new glider, one class up from the one you're used to. So your WING segment is red-lining (new glider + upgrade). What can you do to reduce your risk?

Choose your elements carefully -

> go to the safest SITE you can for the day,

> be less tolerant of risky WEATHER than usual,

> pretend that you have less ABILITY than you know you have,

> seek out as much KNOWLEDGE as you can about the wing, its rating, and the site you're flying,

> put some extra GEAR between you and the ground. Now is not the time to be flying the lightweight speedflying harness.

See how it works? It's all about making sure you have enough other 'green lights' on your panel at all times, so you've got that margin of safety.

If you strive to minimise your risk whenever you fly, you'll start to make wise piloting decisions. As your piloting skills grow and your judgement improves, the range of options which are safe for you should increase.

If you like this kind of thinking, you can always book a day of advanced instruction and we'll teach you things that will raise your flying to the next level and increase your safety at the same time.


Bub bob and boob

^ How strong does it need to be before this slope is soarable? Greg ponders during the recent Foot or Flybubble.

Best Flying Sites of the ALPS

Books can reduce your risk by helping to fill in the blanks in your local knowledge

Touching Cloudbase

A good foundation of basic theory

Thermal Flying

Very useful stuff to have in your head

Security in Flight

The manouevres masterclass

Paraglider in a wood

Simon considers the finer points of getting a paraglider out of a wood, or a wood out of a paraglider during a wilderness medic course run by Wilderness First Aid.

A very good idea!

When he saw the new Kortel Krisis steerable reserve Greg bought one straight away. It's just as light and compact as the modern pull-down apex designs and if you're low when you deploy you benefit from the incredible fast opening time (2 seconds). The steering is disabled and the brakes are on by default, so the airspeed is low and you come down at the incredible EN-tested sink rate of 3.8m/s at full load (130kg). Most other reserves are around 5 m/s. Then if you've deployed high enough, you can grab the steering toggles and fly away from the power lines, trees, motorway or angry bull that you'd rather not land on. How much would you pay to avoid a bad landing? We think it's worth the price tag.

Bare essentials

We've learned a lot through the month of the Foot or Flybubble. Stripping things down to the minimum can help to lighten your load and means you relaunch more often and enjoy more flying. A good wing and light reserve are essential. A reliable GPS like Garmin's GPSMAP96C that will show the course and the airspace (with a screen big enough to read in-flight) as well as record your ground track is vital. And a simple vario like the Brauniger IQ ONE or Flymaster Vario does just fine. Although the lightweight audio-only varios like the Brauniger Sonic do a good job, they lack the important averager function which is vital for maximising climbs in light lift. This definitely played a vital part in the winning flight.

For the race, the temptation was there to throw caution to the wind and fly in a super-light harness like the Gin Yeti, but after thinking it through most pilots opted for a harness with good protection. Well, nobody is going to buy a harness just for one race, right? You get a harness for long term safety and comfort, and so we'd recommend ones like the Gingo Airlite or Skywalk Cult C (light), the Sup'Air AltiX 2 and Kortel Karma II (mid-weight) or Gin Genie Lite or Advance Impress 3 (pod). These all provide a good compromise between weight and safety.

But something that's often overlooked is the bag you put all your gear in. For race enthusiasts the Advance Lightness Rucksack can't be beaten, because of the amazing balance of the bag, but once your wing is crammed into it you can only get something like the Lightness pod harness into the tiny volume remaining. There are some other options which might help you. We've weighed a few lightweight paraglider rucksacks, listed below in order of volume first then weight:

Advance Lightness Rucksack (75L) - 0.66 kg (not for sale on it's own)
Sup'Air Light Sack (75L) - 0.8 kg
Sup'Air Delight Backpack (90L) - 0.75 kg
Gin Gliders Light Rucksack 2010 (90L) - 0.9 kg
Advance Easypack 2 Small (90L) - 1.05 kg

For more options browse our paraglider bags and rucksacks section.

Weight isn't everything! Make sure you have a rucksack big enough to fit your kit, that's also comfortable to carry.

Try before you buy!

Don't forget, we have hanging facilities and a huge range of items in stock, so if you're serious about buying, give us a call.

We can arrange test flights for you of paragliders from all of the top brands.

To access to our fantastic range of demo wings and get personal attention, we require a £500 deposit. Then we won't rest until we've arranged the perfect wing that suits your weight, ability and individual flying style.

We also offer excellent part-exchange and package deals towards new or used equipment so you may be able to upgrade your old wing, harness, reserve or vario for less than you think!

Bubbles of fly

Kortel Krisis


Kortel Karma II


Flymaster Vario


Skywalk Tequila 3

^ One of our many demo wings:
the Skywalk Tequila 3

Why buy from us?

1. We are a school AND equipment supplier. We help you develop as a pilot by tailoring our recommendations to your current skill level based on our understanding of pilot progression. You get personal attention and long-term service, as well as the best equipment.

2. We hold stock and a fleet of demo wings to test fly, harnesses to hang in, helmets to try on and boxes that go beep. Because we have such a broad range, we can recommend the winning combination that will lift you up.

3. We are all active pilots who love to fly. We offer you expert advice based on personal experience with the latest gear.

4. We offer a friendly and professional service. If you prefer a more personal yet professional service then contact us and we'll do our best to assist you. 

The Flybubble team

Product News Updates

We are obsessed with finding the best free-flying equipment. We want you to know about it first, so there is a new bulletin from the Online Shop designed to keep you up to date with the latest wings, harnesses, flying wear, helmets and accessories.

Unlike our monthly Flybubble Newsletter, this Product News Update is focused entirely on the best equipment available from our Online Shop.

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Part-ex deals help you save money

We also offer excellent part-exchange deals towards new or used equipment so you may be able to upgrade your old wing, harness, reserve or vario for less than you think!

See the latest Special Offers on the Flybubble Online Shop

A big range of second hand equipment

We have added lots of equipment recently, and there's lots more to follow! This means we have an extensive range of second hand paragliding and paramotoring equipment in stock, including second hand paragliders, harnesses, reserves, instruments and accessories.

See the latest additions in the Second Hand section on our online shop.

Second Hand Paragliding Equipment

Flybubble Paragliding gift vouchers

Did you know that our Gift Vouchers can be used to buy all this?

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Flying is great fun

Come tandem flying, or bring a friend!

Isn't it time you gave it a try? Maybe you want to build your confidence, or you know someone who will love it. Get into the air under the expert control of a qualified instructor and experience the joys of free flight. We have been flying from the beautiful South Downs for over 19 years!

We offer flights for first-timers and instructional flights for pilots too.

For newcomers to the sport, tandem paragliding is a great way to enjoy the full aerial experience without having to first learn how to launch and control the paraglider yourself. Your instructor will take care of the launch, flight and landing while you learn how these wonderful aircraft fly. You have the best seat of any aircraft!

Cost: from £125. Flying time at least 15 minutes.

Going tandem

We have four BHPA tandem-rated paraglider pilots at Flybubble, so if the weather is suitable we'll get you airborne!  Find out more or BOOK NOW

Crispin tandem

Big smiles and great flights

Big smiles and great flights

Learn to paraglide in South East England

Learn to paraglide in South East England

We offer training for all levels of pilot and we train all year round.

Flybubble is a BHPA registered paragliding school based near Brighton in Sussex, run by highly experienced BHPA Chief Flying Instructor and winning British Team pilot, Carlo Borsattino and the Flybubble team.

We have been teaching paragliding, and flying paragliders from the beautiful South Downs hills in Sussex in sunny South East England for over 18 years, offering first-rate BHPA approved paragliding courses for those that want to learn to paraglide to the highest standards.

We specialise in highly personalised, expert instruction with small training groups (max 4 students per instructor).

Watch our two-minute Flybubble Paragliding - Learn to Fly! video. 

You can also launch your paragliding training with our Flying Start courses in southern Spain and get the best of both worlds.

Upgrade your course

Want to extend your One or Two Day course into a Five Day Course? Fancy trying a longer tandem flight with an Aerobatic experience thrown in? It's easy to change your paragliding lessons, courses & tandem flights on our website - just visit the upgrade page on on online shop.

For more info about all the things we do see Learn To Fly

The Sussex South Downs are perfect for paragliding - beautiful rolling, grassy hills facing every wind direction, friendly grassy take-off and top-landing areas, forgiving landing areas, and all them with absolutely stunning views

Expert instruction from Flybubble Paragliding


Tefal getting high at Bo Peep

Parting shots

Phil Clark shared his Foot or Flybubble attempt - story and video.

Greg made a video of chasing down Ed from Truleigh to Beachy Head.

Ed shared some great photos around the course: near High and Over, flying the Devils Dyke, and an extended mushroom picking expedition.

See Ed's FoF photo albums: FoF 15 July 2012 - High & Over to Caburn - Sprint Evos go to Newhaven - FoF 28 July 2012.

Carlo had some FoF attempts too: Truleigh to Ditchling - Dyke to H&O

Adrian got one-to-one instruction and great flights with Flybubble.

A great day's paragliding at Mount Caburn on Friday 6th July 2012.

Flybubble Paragliding

[Below] Ed and Adrian soar together whilst Duo Dave chases behind...

^ Team pilot Paul Andon over Bo Peep

Flybubble YouTube channel

Flybubble YouTube Channel
Entertainment, the way it should be!

There are also new photos on our
Picasa Web Albums

Flybubble 1 Picasa Web Albums Flybubble 2 Picasa Web Albums Flybubble Carlo Picasa Web Albums Flybubble Greg Picasa Web Albums 

Dyke wait

It IS summer. It IS summer. It IS.

Keep repeating the mantra and help us combat the sinking-vario-soundtrack. We deserve more days in the sun. We deserve lines of cumulus clouds. We, the pilots, demand it! Come join us on the hills to stage our sit in (on) protest. You can protest at cloudbase too, by shouting 'whoooohoooo' or just waving your GoPro camera at the indistinct shapes of parking lots and shopping malls.

We're always happy to help and share these kind of enlightening insights, so if you have any questions then contact us. Or keep in touch by clicking LIKE on our new Facebook page.

We look forward to liking you!


Carlo, Nancy, Greg, Tracy & Simon

The Flybubble Paragliding Team

Every bubble want to be a thermal one day

Ed beer

Ed enjoys a pint of well-earned smug ...

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