We're looking to raise 1,000+ prayer partners who will commit to praying for us regularly.  Will you join us ...and be an answer to our prayers?

Prayer Partnership

As a new Anglican church in Salem, MA, we are asking God for 1,000+ people to pray for us.
Here's how you can be praying this week:
Give thanks for the 86 people God has raised to pray for Crossroads!

Ask God for protection for us during the month of October.  
All things witchy (from the kitschy zombie prom to true practitioners of the occult) descend upon us for the month. Pray that our team would not be discouraged, and our congregation would be free to celebrate and worship the Light that has overcome darkness.

Ask God for people to join us.

Pray that God would stir the hearts of those He is calling to work with us for a season. We'll be inviting specific people to join us over the next few weeks.
Greetings in the name of Jesus!

God is at work building his church, and we are glad to be able to tell you a little about how is is doing that in Salem, MA. Here's a bit about how the current Crossroads leadership team came together:

Just over two years ago, Nate+ was driving through the streets of South Salem, taking his daughter to ballet class. As he canvassed the streets weekly, he noticed that there were no visible churches or coffee shops  (more on that later) within about a half mile of the campus of Salem State University (SSU). He began to pray, to seek counsel, investigate possibilities and talk to friends; at that time, Jennifer and her family were living in New Hampshire while Kristen+ was planting a church in the Pacific Northwest. Just over a year ago and after conversation with Nate+, Jennifer and her family moved to Salem, MA to live within that half mile radius of SSU.  The Drummond living room "was church" over the course of last year, as about ten people gathered weekly for worship/prayer and continued to ask God for direction. Last fall, Kristen+ began the process of moving across-country, and in March was able to move to Salem, becoming 2nd floor neighbors to the Drummonds. It's been amazing to watch the Lord speak to each of us as we pray and ask for direction - certainly none of us could have ever imagined this team two years ago!  

Currently, we have about fifteen folks who gather Saturdays (at 4:30) for Eucharist and a simple meal. We are thrilled that we have outgrown our living room space and are now able to worship in the beautiful space at First Baptist Church, on Lafayette St, the outer edge of that radius around SSU. It's an amazing answer to prayer and a huge encouragement to us, because First Baptist Church doesn't simply rent space to us - they are partners with us in the Gospel,  in Salem. It's been a privilege to be with them working together. 

We are earnestly praying for more people to join us. We'll be inviting people to both our worship and to serve with us for a season of ministry. We're in the process of forming a SWAT team (Servants Willing And Temporary) of folks who would come alongside us as we continue this work, laying a solid foundation.  Would you please pray that God would stir up the hearts of those who He is calling to serve in this way? If you know someone who who you think would be a good fit, please let us know!

Thanks for your prayers and we look forward to celebrating answered prayers with you soon.
Jennifer, Kristen+ and Nate+

Crossroads Church Anglican is a new church in Salem, MA. We are asking God to raise up 1,000+ people to pray for us on a regular basis. If you have joined this team - THANK YOU! You are an answer to our prayer, and such an encouragement to us. We currently have 86 people on our team and can't wait to see who else God brings alongside us in this journey. 

We'll send you regular updates about our church, ways that you can thank God with us as well as prayer requests. We're also committed to praying for you, so please don't hesitate to contact us with anything that you'd like prayer for. 

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