We're looking to raise 1,000+ prayer partners who will commit to praying for us regularly.  Will you join us ...and be an answer to our prayers?

Prayer Partnership

As a new Anglican church in Salem, MA, we are asking God for 1,000+ people to pray for us.
Here's how you can be praying this week:
Give thanks for the children who are with us!
Catherine, David, Kira and Brendan are all regular attenders and all show signs of God's work in their lives.

Ask God for families with children to join us regularly.  
We have had several children visit in the past months and are eagerly awaiting more who will join us on a regular basis.

Ask God to bring more people to us.
We're looking for non-Christians to befriend, for a few more Christians to join us on Saturdays for worship. We're also asking God for some leaders to come along side us during this season, as we begin to build some basic infrastructure and some initial weekly activities. 

At Crossroads, we understand that our children are our youngest disciples, and therefore it's essential that we help them grow in Christ, make space for them to participate in our service (by acolyte-ing and singing) and worship God in ways that speak to their age group. Therefore, with only 4 children consistently coming to Crossroads at this stage of our church development, we put a lot of effort into our Children's Worship each Saturday night - for the sake of those who are here now and for the sake of those who will come.

Essentially during a short time during the middle of the service on three Saturdays of each month, we do a “Liturgy of the Word” geared towards children.  We start with lighting the Christ Candle on our altar in the children’s room, sing "Be Still and Know that I am God" in order to help the children remember Jesus’ presence with us, say a shortened creed and confession, and then pray.  We then hear from Scripture and have a time to reflect on it in a variety of ways (journaling, Godly play, etc.).  We then return to the service just in time for the Peace and the Eucharist. 

During this past Fall, we have had a wonderful time with the children and are excited to see them grow in Scriptural knowledge and be formed by the liturgy.  For example, it was particularly endearing the other day when I asked one of our children, Catherine, to pray at breakfast, she began with “The Lord be with you!”   It has also been great to hear the children pray out loud, ask us some very profound questions about the Bible, and get excited to participate in service.  We are particularly excited to hear them all sing during the season of Advent during our family service. 

If you could please pray for our children – Kira, Brendan, Catherine, and David – that they would grow to know and love Jesus ever more deeply, and if you could also pray for the children who will one day soon be coming to us, that would be wonderful.  Also, if you would please pray for some adults who will become leaders of this very important ministry, that would very much be appreciated too.  Thank you dear sisters and brothers in Christ

On behalf of the leadership and the children who are with us and who are to come,

Crossroads Church Anglican is a new church in Salem, MA. We are asking God to raise up 1,000+ people to pray for us on a regular basis. If you have joined this team - THANK YOU! You are an answer to our prayer, and such an encouragement to us. We currently have 94 people on our team and can't wait to see who else God brings alongside us in this journey. 
We'll send you regular updates about our church, ways that you can thank God with us as well as prayer requests. We're also committed to praying for you, so please don't hesitate to contact us with anything that you'd like prayer for. 
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