We're looking to raise 1,000+ prayer partners who will commit to praying for us regularly.  Will you join us ...and be an answer to our prayers?

Prayer Partnership

As a new Anglican church in Salem, MA, we are asking God for 1,000+ people to pray for us.
Here's how you can be praying this week:
Give thanks for a safe October, and for two people who have shown their commitment to us by serving on our first elected Mission Council.  
 Ask God for wisdom as the Mission Council meets this week after church to hear about our vision, and discuss the next strategic moves for our church to make. 

Ask God to bring more people to us.
We are in the process of developing a SWAT (Servants Willing And Temporary) Team, and are asking God to send those He's calling to serve with us for a season. 

Crossroads Church Anglican is part of something bigger than our small group now, bigger than South Salem, bigger than New England! We are excited to share a little about where we fit and how we see ourselves.
We are part of God's work in Salem:
  • God is drawing people to Himself; natives of both Salem and the North Shore area have noticed that people and institutions are more open to spiritual conversation than they have been in the last decade and that there is a willingness to partner with other organizations where there used to be outright conflict.
  • He is building His Church here; Crossroads is one of at least four new churches in the last several years in the city (several of whom have committed to pray for us and with us as we strategize ways to parter and to do good here).
We are part of God's work in New England:
  • The Holy Spirit is stirring in land where revivals originated and swept through America. Crossroads Church Anglican is part of the Anglican Diocese of New England, (ADNE) and there are several church plants across the area with whom we are praying and partnering with to help reach all of New England with the transforming power of Jesus' love.
We are part of God's work across the nation, and world:
  • As part of ADNE, we are connected to the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA), and to the worldwide Anglican Communion. We join with brothers and sisters around the country and around the globe in prayer, and through our work locally. 
  • We ourselves are an answer to prayer: ACNA has a goal of planting 1,000 churches over a 5 year period - called Anglican 1,000 -  and we are one of those 1,000 new churches! Our leadership is in fact being coached by one of the men on the team who are running Anglican 1,000, which is a tremendous blessing to us.
We are part of God's work right now
  • We see ourselves (both the leaders of this church, and the small group who are venturing out with us) as having gifts and talents that are particularly suited for God to use to redeem a broken world through his imperfect church. Jennifer, Kristen+ and Nate+, plus two members of the church, are in the process of spiritual direction training (one member has already completed the training) and have a strong sense of calling to minister to those who are in transition, and a strong commitment to support spiritual direction and formation in the lives of those who God brings our way. 
Your prayers connect you not only to us, but to Salem, New England and beyond! Thank you for your praying and we look forward to celebrating answered prayers with you soon.
Jennifer, Kristen+ and Nate+ and our families
Crossroads Church Anglican is a new church in Salem, MA. We are asking God to raise up 1,000+ people to pray for us on a regular basis. If you have joined this team - THANK YOU! You are an answer to our prayer, and such an encouragement to us. We currently have 94 people on our team and can't wait to see who else God brings alongside us in this journey. 
We'll send you regular updates about our church, ways that you can thank God with us as well as prayer requests. We're also committed to praying for you, so please don't hesitate to contact us with anything that you'd like prayer for. 
Please feel free to forward this to a friend, to check out our website ( and to "like" us on Facebook. 

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