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Designing for different states in the UI →

A large percentage of users experience completely different states of your experience. Ones that are missing data or full of errors. And as designers, we need to remember on those states too.
For the UX nerds
A designer’s guide to better decisions →
Design involves decisions, and they are often flawed because our brains are wired for survival.
Jesse James Garrett on building trust →
How to build trust in a remote team, and to align teams around shared values.
Designing with rhythm and proportion →
Similarities between design and music; using rhythm to create strong, regular patterns.
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Stories from the community
Data visualization: photography as a design lens →

Using photography as the creative medium to visualizing data.

An overview of Facebook’s new design →

A fresh new design for Facebook. So many questions.

Variables that affect AR experiences →

Understanding the intricacies of the text in AR, to improve their workflow and design process.

5 rules when designing filters →

Learnings after hitting walls while not comprehensively understanding how filters work.

More top stories

The McDonaldization of UX →

5 more methods to influence user behavior →

Microcopy for confirmation dialogues →
News & ideas
Identity for Oslo
The City of Oslo has a new user-friendly identity to communicate with its residents.
Snooze is a trap
Why ‘decide once’ is a magical productivity commitment.
3 stages of failure
How do you know when to give up and when to stick with it — both in life and work?
Facebook for dead users
By 2050, the dead will outnumber the living on Facebook; here’s what they are doing about it.
Tools & resources
Koa11y →
A desktop app that allows you to automatically detect accessibility (a11y) issues on webpages.
Product Design Tips →
Get product design tips everyday with this Chrome extension.
UX Flow →
A free flowchart kit for Sketch and Figma.
Thought Train →
Take notes quickly access them immediately.
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