UX Collective

Fixing tooltips →
Problems with tooltips and what to do instead.
Bottom nav →
Better alternatives to bottom nav on mobile.
Good conversation →
Four essential attributes to good conversations.
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Stories from the community
Designing products users love →
Designing a chair: junior vs. senior designers →
Designing progress for high-expectation customers →
News & ideas
Startbucks Brand →
Starbucks has updated brand guidelines.
Perfect Layout →
We’re wrong: there is no ‘one perfect design’.
Leon Sans →
A geometric sans-serif typeface made with code.
Leaving Facebook →
Do you have a moral duty to leave Facebook?
Featured work: Janice Sung →

Tools & resources
Kerning & Ligatures →
Rules for letter spacing, kerning and ligatures.
Progress Bar App →
This is your life, ending one minute at a time.
React Layouts →
Grab-and-go layouts to edit and copy the code.
Figma Plugin API →
How Figma built a plugin ecosystem while also being able to sleep well at night.
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