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UX Collective: how two designers in two locations run the largest design publication on Medium ›

With more than 100 authors sharing stories on a monthly basis, remote collaboration has become a crucial part of how the UX Collective operates. Here's an inside look at what it takes to run a design publication today.

Thoughts & fails
Nothing fails like success ›
How startups can become the leading edge of bias and trauma for marginalized groups.
Modes in user interfaces ›
Poorly signaled modes can easily trigger user errors with disastrous consequences. 
Why not Material Design? ›
Why don’t we just use Material Design instead of coming up with our own design systems?
News & ideas
Dark Patterns ›
How the fight to regulate dangerous design is heating up.
Notre Dame ›
NY Times interactive article shows why the cathedral was a tinderbox.
It’s Jakub ›
A design portfolio hosted entirely on Google Spreadsheets.
Cutfold Templates ›
A collection of classic paper mechanisms as a teaching tool.
Tools & resources
Framer Bridge ›
New Framer plugin connects your design system to production code.
Design Systems ›
A Figma publication for design systems creators, designers, developers, and managers.
Digital Psychology ›
A free library of psychological principles and examples for inspiration.
Team Values Toolkit ›
A new way to design and align on work culture, by Dropbox.
From the community
Design interviews can suck ›

What we can do better as a community in design hiring.

Notification badge exploration ›

What if we replaced a number counter with a mindful sentence in a notification badge?

What’s wrong with user interviews? ›

How can you be sure that a user is telling the truth?

Mastering design critiques ›

How to design better products through team collaboration.

The clash of accessibility and branding
Soft skills — what makes a mediocre designer great
Why you shouldn’t obsess over user personas
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