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Screen Time →
Björn Jeffery in defense of screen time.
Bad Money →
Having the guts to say no to bad money.
Job Satisfaction →
Designers’ satisfaction is plummeting. Why?
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Stories from the community
Designing at Google: 10 things I know to be true →
UX has bad UX →
Turn the lights off: designing for dark mode →
News & ideas
Twitch Rebrand →
It’s all fun and games until it’s all fun and games.
Variable Fonts →
Variable fonts & the new Google Fonts API.
UX of Porn →
How porn sites are designed for the money shot.
Humanity (Game) →
Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s new game was officially announced this week.
Featured work: Leonhard Laupichler →

Tools & resources
Social Sizes →
Sketch templates for social media assets.
Tables in Figma →
Creating a table for scalability using components.
Ecomm Checklist →
Building a direct to consumer e-commerce.
Unmoderated User Testing →
Selecting the right tool for unmoderated user testing.
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