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What “intuitive” really means →

No one writes the i-word down because they are naive or don’t mean good. But the problem with the word “intuitive” is that it means very different things for different people.
Systems, systems, systems
Making the case →
How to get buy-in from stakeholders for building a design system.
Lessons learned →
Selling a design system solely on the basis of the values it brings to designers is a mistake.
Motion system →
Why and how to include motion in your design system for more consistent experiences.
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Stories from the community
Embracing public design discourse →

Why escaping from strong opinions will make us weaker as an industry.

Improving your UX with micro-interactions →

Features are what draw people to your product. Details keep them there. 

How privilege impacts empathy →

Who are we excluding from “user-centered” design?

100-day design challenge →

The power of giving yourself a challenge and sticking to it.

More top stories

Hiring your product design job →

Why design and content should share a seat at the table →

Working together to make the words work →
News & ideas
Break Facebook
Facebook co-founder thinks it’s time to break up Facebook for good.
Galactic Branding
Turns out someone created a brand styleguide for Star War’s Galactic Empire.
Did They Fake Me?
This tool lets you find out if you anyone has made deepfake photos that look like you.
No Empathy →
Why Don Norman is not convinced about the rise of "empathic design".
Tools & resources
Framer Playground →
Framer X now allows you to write your own components in code, without limitations.
Figma Plus →
An unofficial marketplace for Figma third-party plugins.
Found Color →
An exploration of accidental color schemes found in photos.
Material Sound →
Google’s guidelines on how to use sound to improve your user’s experience.
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