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Dark Patterns →
It’s time to label dark patterns for what they are.
Not a Designer →
Not everyone is a designer — and that’s okay.
Intentional Value →
Get rid of infinite scrolling and focus on creating intentional, not accidental, value.
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Stories from the community
Myths about high-fidelity prototyping →

Misconceptions and learnings on hi-fi prototypes.

Design tools are holding us back →

Our tools still use workflows and features from graphic design.

UI cheat sheet: text fields →

Looking at ye old humble text fields and how to style them.

Food for thought
Hope my Medium article could improve Medium →

Why meetings with sticky notes are not my favorite →

How I built my UX portfolio from scratch →
News & ideas
Responsive AR →
Foundational ideas for responsive AR content.
Title Scream →
Type + graphic inspiration from 8/16-bit games.
Deep Learning →
Autocomplete with deep learning for developers. 
Not a Problem
Inventions that solve problems that don’t exist.
By Quan Ha →

Tools & resources
Fonts Guide →
A guide to the vast universe of font styles.
Tandem Chat →
A virtual Slack office for remote teams.
Brill App →
Save time digitizing notes with photos or speech.
Accessible Colors →
Mix these colors to create accessible themes.
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