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Honestly, it depends →

No design change is impossible to be done. But every design change means a trickle-down impact in other sections of the product, on brand perception, and on the experience KPIs.
Dear Google →
I’m blocking you from my website — a thorough analysis of Google AMP’s dark patterns.
Chaos Design →
Before the robots take our jobs, can we please get them to help us do some good work?
Responsive Roadmaps →
The map of reality is not reality. Even the best maps are imperfect.
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Stories from the community
Complex user experiences →

Complexity is hard to define, but we recognize it when we see it.

Interaction design and its 5 dimensions →

Why animations are just 1 of 5 dimensions of design.

Building a design system: typography →

One of the building blocks for a solid design system.

Food for thought
Experience strategy needs to be oblique →

A UX writer by any other name… →

Why customer support is a UX job →
News & ideas
STEM Role Models →
Poster of amazing female role models in science.
Netflix Hangouts →
Watch Netflix at work without anyone noticing it.
Instagram + AI →
Instagram using AI to stop abusive comments.
DYI Social
How to run a social network site for your friends.
By Allen Hsu →

Tools & resources
Framer Motion →
Production-ready motion library for React.
Shape Up →
A free book by the makers of Basecamp.
Brutalist Web Kit →
Free brutalism artboards to jump on the trend.
Pocket Biases →
Every cognitive bias in your pocket. 
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