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Work skills for the modern design workplace →

A set of skills that are not specific to the design craft, but when seen in designers can have a significant impact on how productive they are and how they are perceived amongst their peers.

For the UX nerds
Naming things for accessibility →
Improve the accessibility of your work by ensuring things have accessible names.
Who are design systems for? →
We don't get to pick a design system that has the nicest accordion to use it on a project.
Privacy-aware framework →
Respectful ways to approach privacy and data collection, prompts, notifications, and consents.
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Stories from the community
Achieving god mode in digital design →

A simple but powerful way of thinking about systems based on the world around us.

Voice of the user →

Using Twitter and Slack to bring the voice of the users to the organization.

Disney animation principles →

How Disney conquered the animation industry with these 12 motion design principles.

Automatic replies that don’t feel automatic →

A short guide to replying to people like a person.

More top stories

Are your tone of voice guidelines fit for purpose? →

How to measure progress with outcomes →

Designing a new messaging tool for OLX Brazil →
News & ideas
Figma Line Height
Figma teaches the world a lesson on attention to type when building design software.
A Simpler Gmail
The former lead designer of Gmail just fixed Gmail on his own with a browser extension.
Flight Safety Cards
All the design details behind an often ignored part of the flight experience.
Data Science vs. Queer People
Trans lives are about freedom to set one’s own path; data science isn’t a tremendous fan of this.
Tools & resources
Critique Coach
Random questions about your decisions to prep you for design reviews.
Create high-quality animations directly in the browser.
UnDraw ›
A gallery of customizable illustrations that are ready to use.
ZeroHeight ›
Create living styleguides and document your design system in one place.
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