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The importance of setting up your design work before presenting it →

Successful design reviews have less to do with the specific design decisions you are presenting, and more to do with aligned expectations between what colleagues think they will see and what they actually see in that session.
Harmful HCI →
When is Human-Centered Design harmful?
Comparison UX →
3 design tips for user-friendly ‘compare’ tools.
Position: Absolute →
Optimizing design and dev with web UI tools.
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Stories from the community
Why Facebook, Medium, and other companies don’t ask for your design degree →
Skeptical designers are good designers →
Stop overcomplicating your personas, start prototyping more →
News & ideas
Product vs. Feature →
A thoughtful article on product vs. feature teams.
Large Devices →
Why users do important tasks on larger screens.
Dumb Passwords →
A twitter acct that reports dumb password rules.
Less Data Isn’t Bad →
Users with Save-Data enabled don’t deserve a lesser UX.
Featured work: Alexander Shmelev →

Tools & resources
Logos in Figma →
Plugin to bring company logos into Figma.
Pushing Too Hard →
A guide to not f#!@ing up push notifications.
Eagle →
A design library to get you 10x better organized.
Your Tempo →
Yet another email client claims to help you focus.
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