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If you’re not uncomfortable showing your work, that might be a bad sign ›

At some point, you get so used to following that same protocols, you get a little numb. You don’t feel the adrenaline rush anymore, the anxiety of hearing what your peers have to say about the work you’re presenting. But if you’re not feeling uncomfortable sharing your work, that can be a bad sign.

Thoughts & reflections
Clarity over style ›
Styling something is easy. Making something crystal clear is hard.
“Ethics” and ethics ›
A thoughtful reflection on morals, and who should be responsible for it in an organization.
What design tools get wrong ›
Features an ideal design tool would support natively to work for all types of designers.
News & ideas
Helvetica Now ›
Your favorite font got a 21st century facelift, here’s how.
Beyond Binary ›
Stock photos that showcase a more colorful and realistic gender spectrum.
Berlin Transit Map ›
After 27 years, the transit system used by 3 million people/day has been redesigned.
Dream of Electric Sheep ›
The most in-demand skills for designers, broken down by levels.
Tools & resources
Hawkeye ›
Conduct eye tracking tests on an iOS device, no extra hardware needed.
Sketch Charts ›
The most comprehensive collection of charts, graphs and diagrams for Sketch, for free.
One Switch ›
All your powerful switches in one place in this Mac top bar extension. 
State of Dev 2019 ›
The results from Stack Overflow's Developer Survey 2019 are finally here.
From the community
Efficiency and ethics in UX research ›

As researchers, there’s definitely a thing or two we could learn from the scientists.

Designing type: a HackWeek diary ›

Rebuilding a font in 5 days from a technical perspective.

Orange you accessible? ›

Can you guess which of these two buttons is more accessible?

I’m a UX writer; I won’t bake cookies

Test your products with real users with a portable user testing lab
Building to learn: the role of prototyping in Design
Distributed self-sovereign identity
Simplicity vs dumbing down: what designers can do
7 practical portfolio presentation tips for product designers
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