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Sunday Chat: What is the "Value" of Your Time?

Good Morning:
I'm so pleased to have you join me this chilly morning and I'm warming up with a cup of hot coffee (one of my favorites, hazelnut). How about you? I value our time together and appreciate the time you give to me by reading and responding to our Chats. So along with our steaming mugs of favorite brews I'm sending you a very warm Thank You!
We all want more of it but we use it poorly almost every day. Then we moan and groan about what didn't get done and what we still need to do. Is this sounding familiar?
If our time had monetary value would we spend it wiser? Chances are we would, worrying about using it all up, pinching those "time pennies" and really getting our "money's worth". But your time IS very valuable and you need to start treating it with the respect it deserves. 
We are all guilty of wasting time; checking email too often, surfing the internet, dropping into the void of social media, watching too much TV, texting and the list goes on with what eats up your time. So instead of dwelling on what we are doing wrong with our time, let's focus on what we can do right. It's time to take back your TIME!
This is not an overnight process, some of our time wasting habits are pretty ingrained but by working on them a little at a time and moving the things that you want to be doing to the top of your list, you can slowly change your habits. 
First decide what and who deserves your time ~ make a list. (no I'm not kidding!) The written word is powerful and once you see it on paper (not a computer screen) it becomes your reality. Trust me on this one.
Second from that list decide how much time to give to the "what" that matters most and is at the top of your list; pursuing a hobby or a dream, enjoying a sunset, doing work that you love, writing that novel,etc. Then decide how to allocate your time to the habits you are trying to change. For example, check email twice a day for 30 minutes, visit social media sites once a day for 10-15 minutes, limit your TV viewing, answer text messages twice a day,etc.  In other words, assign each habit that you are trying to change a time limit which will give you more time to do what you really want to do.  
Third the "who" on your list are the people that matter most to you and deserve some of your valuable time. Spend it with them and enjoy every moment of time well spent.
Last but not least every day continue to monitor your time and spend it well. Each moment is precious and we never get to do them over.
I would love to hear your comments about how you enjoy spending your time and the changes you are willing to make. Comments can be made on our FB page  or on the Let's Chat post on the Zen Chick website. Also if you find value in our Sunday Chats, please forward to your friends~share the love!

Sharing the love with all of you,
Gay~Zen Chick