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Sunday Chat: A Little Guilt Goes A Long Way


Good Morning:

I hope all of you are moving into this New Year with lots of energy and creativity. My brew this morning is Appalachian Blend which brings forth my love of the mountains here in North Carolina. What's in your cup this morning? (hit reply and let me know)
How is everyone doing with your goals and resolutions for the New Year? Staying on course or have you found that you may be having small episodes of Guilt? Is there a little voice in your head that keeps saying, "You can't do this or why would you want to do that" every time you start out on your new quest? Even the slightest change to your daily routine starts up the alarm bells; "You think you can leave work at a normal time to go workout, who do you think you are?"  Then the voice starts to become louder and louder the more you try to change.
Guilt can be a ruthless bitch stalking your thoughts and dissecting your every move. No wonder everyone starts to fizzle out on their goals, dreams and resolutions for the New Year at the end of January, the berating and stalking becomes too much.
So what are you suppose to do?
My answer for you this morning is, "not what you have always done before" which is give in and let Guilt win. This year WILL be different.
We make those resolutions, write our goals down and chase our dreams because we want to move into a different and better place in our lives. Look around you and see the people who are doing just that, moving forward with their intent and purpose, kicking Guilt in the ass and sending her packing. How do they do it? They do it a little at a time, talking to Guilt when she sidles up beside them and letting her know whose boss. They also don't listen to others that have become overrun with Guilt that are trying to pull everyone else down with them. 
Now where are you in this equation? Have you given in or are you fighting mad and giving Guilt the ole "one-two punch?"​ This will be an ongoing battle because Guilt doesn't give up easily and neither do you. 

So stand your ground because your dreams, goals and YOU are well worth the fight!
Each minute of this year is truly precious so don't waste one of them on GUILT! ( video is a great reminder. I love every minute I get to spend with all of you so let's make this year a fantastic one. 
Let me hear your comments on how you handle Guilt on either our FB page or on the "Let's Chat" post. 

Peace and Love,
Gay~Zen Chick