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Sunday Chat: Are You Tired of Being Tired?


Good Morning, 
I hope all of you are ready to enjoy some time for yourself. Kick back, grab your favorite brew and reflect on the subject for today. I'm enjoying one of my favorite coffees, hazelnut with a little organic half and half, so I'm ready to settle in and chat with all of you fabulous folks.

Our subject for today is all about being tired and how the cause of your tiredness can be so much more than just a physical reason. What I'm referring to today is your thoughts and how what you "plug into" every day dictates how you feel during your day. 
Caroline Myss talks about this in her book, Energy Anatomy, how what you find yourself thinking about first thing in the morning can truly lower your overall energy level for the day.

How you may ask? By looking at where your thoughts are going first thing in the morning and gauging the amount of energy you are giving to each thought.

For example, let's say that the first thing that comes to mind in the morning is something that happened the day before and you wished that you had handled it differently so that might get 10-20% of your energy for replaying that scenario. The next thing that comes to mind could be something deeper in your past (you are still mad at so and so for whatever or something in your childhood that is still unresolved) those thoughts might get up to 40-50% because they are long standing and reoccurring every day.  Add the daily thoughts of work, the forever to- do- list, children, family members and by the time your thoughts get back to you, you might have about 10-15% energy involved in getting yourself through the day. Why wouldn't you be tired after all of that? It's like standing in about 6 different places in the world and trying to walk around in all of them at the same time.

Impossible, right? But we all do it every day and wonder why we are so freakin tired all day long. 

So the gem I want you to take away from our chat today is this; start noticing where your mind goes first thing in the morning and gently call it back. Imagine unplugging from each thought,  returning that energetic cord back to your own plug in and watch your energy level grow. See if you can pump up your percentage so that you are giving back to yourself, if not 100%, as close as you can get. Notice how you feel during your day, are you more energetic and clearer in your thoughts? Over time and with a little practice I know that you will improve the way you feel and your outlook. Yes it takes time and patience but you are so worth the work! Invest this gem in yourself and shine with the results.

Thank you for inviting me in for a cup of coffee and the pleasure of your company. I hope that as we come into the holidays this shiny little gem will help get you in a better and brighter place.

Merry Christmas to all of you and remember you can comment to me personally by replying to this email or on our open discussion on the Facebook page or under the "Let's Chat" post on the website. I would love to hear from all of you.

Peace and love
(aka) Zen Chick

*I have already received some topics for our next chat, thanks Brenda for stepping up and asking some tough questions. Join Brenda and let me know what topic you want to discuss. *