Sunday Chat: When Life Hands You a Week Filled with Lemons, Make Sangria!

Good Morning,
I promise there is coffee in my cup this morning but Sangria is looking good for the afternoon. What's in your cup this beautiful morning? (hit reply and let me know)

Admit it, when you read the headline you thought you would see, "make lemonade", right? That I was going to be all "Susie Sunshine and rainbows." (and usually I am)

Some weeks are filled with so many lemons, (these last two for me) you just don't feel all "sunshiny." And that's where we are going with today's chat, why it's okay to have a pity party and cry in your wine bottle. (or Sangria glass)

We all have a full price ticket on life's roller coaster and normally we ride along handling all of the fast curves and bumps. Every now and then it all becomes too much and as hard as you may try you just can't find a single ray of sunshine. That's when you need to let go of some of your frustration and let things roll! 

Now don't start screaming at your partner or kicking the dog or the cat. But do give yourself a little time to have a little yelling and venting fit out on your deck, behind a closed door or wherever you feel safe. Don't edit your thoughts or language, get it out, roll around, stomp, kick and put some energy into it.

Ask the fatal question, "why me?"  Feel sorry for yourself and cry. Write down what you are feeling (don't edit) and then get rid of it.(or not, sometimes it's good to look back)
Getting out all of that anger, frustration and fear will not only make you feel better but it makes way for more positive things to come in.

"Life is messy and sometimes you just have to roll around in the messy parts to get past them."

Now deep breath in and out.....and grab that Sangria glass. You deserve it!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this (hit reply) or comment on our FB page. As always you guys are awesome and I love hearing from all of you. Remember to share the love of this chat with someone who may have had some lemons in their week too.  

Peace and love,
Zen Chick

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