Sunday Chat: Don't Worry, Be Happy :-)

Good Morning My Beautiful Community,

This morning I'm drinking my coffee and thinking how good things can be when you "don't worry and just be happy." (need a little inspiration and a good laugh, click here)

Worry is one of those things that really takes on different forms (a surprise to me) especially when you start breaking down your thoughts. There's the "I'm waiting for the bad stuff to happen" worry, which we are all familiar with but there is the "obsessive thoughts" style of worry. The latter is what has been tripping me up lately and because of its sneaky ways I didn't realize what I was doing. 

Let me explain. The obsessive thoughts style consist of replaying a situation, conversation, etc. from the past that you wish had gone a different way. Or another style is taking one thing from the future beating it to death before it happens because you THINK you already know the outcome. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

Once I confessed to myself that yes it all falls under the category of WORRY, I got right to work on changing the pattern of my thoughts because worry has no real place in our lives. It's not productive, leads to lots of stress and takes up a great deal of valuable brain real estate. 

Now changing a thought pattern is not easy and like any other habit it takes time. I like simple solutions so when I catch myself in an obsessive pattern, I say to myself, "Don't worry be happy!" which allows my brain to get off the obsessive thoughts and reset. 
Now that little mantra may not work for you but I'm sure there is something that will help you break the cycle if you get caught up in one. 

So really evaluate your thoughts, see if worry has found a home there and get to work on evicting it! You have much more important things to do and the more space you create for all the good stuff the HAPPIER you will be! 

I would love to hear your solutions to kicking worry to the curb, so comment on our FB page. Also I would love for you to "share the love" of this Chat with someone who needs it and ask them to join our community

Peace and love to you all,
Zen Chick