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Sunday Chat: Chasing Your Dreams

Good Morning:

Hmmmm, nothing like a cup of steaming hot coffee to start my day and today's brew is Costa Rican. What's in your cup this beautiful morning?

First let me say "thanks" for the wonderful feedback from our first chat. I love hearing from all of you and I also appreciate the beauty of you sharing these chats with your friends and family. Please feel free to share and to invite anyone that you think might enjoy our chats to subscribe to the Zen Chick Community.

Now to our chat topic which has been provided by Brenda, one of our Community members. She has two questions which I felt went together well for our chat this week. "How do you know when the time is right to pursue your dream and how do you know your dream truly belongs to you?"

Timing is everything in life and I have always had a measurement of how to know when to take that leap. "If you feel like a salmon going upstream, it might be time to change your direction", is the mantra I have used for pursuing the dreams in my own life. What I mean by this statement is if everything is flowing smoothly and you don't have any major upstream battles then your are on course in pursuing your dream. Every big change you will make in your life will have little bumps, which show up to confirm you are making the right move. These bumps will cause you to question your decision, look at every aspect of what you are doing and reaffirm your course. These bumps should not feel like a major obstacle in the  pursuit of your dream.

I also believe very strongly in always listening to your inner voice (your intuition) as a guiding force. Your mind will argue with you on this one, as it always does, because your mind wants everything to remain the same in your life. Remember change of any kind to your mind is related to death so it works very hard to keep you exactly where you are, never changing a thing. You can't move into your dream unless you are willing to give your mind your appreciation for its concern and your intuition your appreciation to move you forward. Having the two work together gives you the best of both and allows the pursuit of your dream to go more smoothly. 

Regardless of how perfect your timing is, you are still taking a leap of faith. There is no way to escape that part of the journey!

How do you know your dream is yours and not a spinoff of someone else's? First understand that we have people in our lives that inspire us and expand our minds. They may be the very people that are doing exactly what you want to be doing with your dream. Here's the difference, you are uniquely YOU and no one will live out YOUR dream the same way that you will do it. We learn and are inspired to grow from the people we surround ourselves with and while it may feel like you are "stealing" an idea or dream from them, you are only allowing them to be your teachers for this process. If jealously gets in the way, on either side, then move on!

Here's my example; a year ago I decided to start my blog which meant pursuing my writing . Now there are millions of bloggers out here on the internet but I have to say that this community has been supportive and even the "big guys" that I look up to have been willing to help, share and not once made me feel like "who do you think you are?" So even though I'm just a small little blog out here in this community, I have always felt welcomed and supported. Remember this chat idea was borrowed from one of the top bloggers, no jealously just blessings for me to use the concept and I made it uniquely mine.

I hope all of you decide that 2013 is the year to pursue your dreams and move into the life you love! Remember you can comment on our FB page or on the blog post called "Let's Chat." Have questions you would like to see discussed in our Chat, just reply to this email. 

Peace and love to you all,

(aka Zen Chick)

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. -Martin Luther King, Jr.