Sunday Chat: Fear. Does It Have A Place In Your Life?


Good Morning,
This is one of those "stare into your coffee cup" kind of mornings after a very tough week. Are you having one too?(hit reply and let me know)
I have been dealing with some "fear issues" this past week and every blog post and email I have read was dealing with....wait for it.....FEAR! Is there an epidemic I didn't know about? Or is this our new normal?
My fear issues has been all about dealing with the fear of making the next big step, the
 fear of failure and OMG, the fear of success!
For me I always see this kind of fear as a test, the "let's see how committed you are to the idea" test. It brings up all of the questions you need to deal with as long as it stays rational. Let fear run too long and it starts its irrational dialogue, talking you right out of the very thing that could change your life. 
Let's look a little closer at FEAR and see what purpose it truly has in our lives.
*We understand the obvious reason for fear as the survival tool we need from time to time to keep us out of dangerous situations and for protection.
*Fear can also be a motivator, begging you to push your limits and making you test the waters.(as in my case this week)
* Fear can also paralyze you, keeping you stuck where you are and not allowing you to change and grow. 
*Anger is the child of fear, so when we are angry the real question is "what am I afraid of?" That answer will be your true reason for your anger.

So now my question for you is, "does Fear have a place in your life?"
I can only answer for myself when I say a small amount of it does but you have to keep a tight rein on it.
You can't play into all of the media fear, the fear that hangs around too long and becomes irrational or too much of the anger/fear thing. While fear as a motivator can work, it is best to use it sparingly and substitute passion and purpose most of the time. 
I would love to hear your comments on fear in your life and how you handle it. You can comment on our FB page or on the Let's Chat post on Zen Chick. Share the love of this Chat with someone who might need it today and thanks as always. 

Sharing the love with all of you,
Zen Chick

P.S. Just to let you know, I did not let fear win and I'm taking that next big step! I hope you will be able to do the same.

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