In their hunger you gave them bread from heaven and in their thirst you brought them water from the rock. Nehemiah 9:15



May 2013 Newsletter


VISION: To meet the basic needs of the hungry, homeless and unemployed while teaching life skills that lead them to be community minded and part of a Christ-centered church. It is a privilege and honor, not a sacrifice, to serve the low income/no income persons in a Christ-like way.

Jeff Noyed, Director

A Miracle Job!

Garden Excitement

Last Saturday was such an answer to prayer.  Not only did 70 - degree weather warm our winter-fatigued bodies and minds but also over 20 gardeners showed up for our initial Gardens of Praise meeting right at the 7th Street Gardens.  Please see Laurie’s article and pictures inside.
Next Step Referrals

It happens all of the time.  A local Pastor sends a person from his community to Jericho Road for Financial Assistance.

Why do they do this?  Why don’t they just help the person themselves?

  • The church may not have funds to help.
  • The Pastor may not have time to verify the story.
  • The church does not want to be inundated with further requests.
  • There is no case record to see if a person has been helped before.
  • Giving cash is not wise.  Delayed check writing does not work for emergencies.
  • There are no programs/relationships in place for follow-up work.
A local Pastor recently referred Kenny (not his real name) to Jericho Road.  Kenny had a fine to pay and mandatory community service to complete.  The Pastor was inclined to help but did not want it to come from the church.

After meeting with Kenny and conferring with the Pastor, Jericho Road helped with the fine and the church reimbursed us part of the cost.  However, it did not end there.

A follow-up session was set up with Lynn Gregory who specializes as a volunteer at Jericho Road in writing Resumes and Job coaching.  Lynn's background in Human Services at Wells Fargo and many other professional positions provides her with an excellent understanding of what an employer is looking for from a job seeker.

 On the Jericho Road Interview sheet that we use with each guest who comes in we have a section for both Jericho Road next step referrals as well referrals to key partner programs.  This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it is helpful.
      Interview Summary:                Name: _________Kenny_____

Next Steps Referrals
Budget Training: _________________          Mobile Dental Clinic: _______________
Gardens of Praise: _______________          New Hope Center: _________________
Good News Festival & Clinic: _______          Resumes/Job Coaching: _______X____
Healing House: __________________          Say Yes Center for Children: ________          
Hope Academy: __________________         Simply Good Eat Nutrition Class: _____
Jericho Road Bible Study: ______X___         Tapestry: ________________________
Pastoral Visit: ____________________         Teen Challenge: __________________
Urban Softball Series:______________         Volunteer Training: ______X_________       
While Kenny was in transition he started volunteering at Jericho Road with our Produce Distribution on Fridays.  Eagerly he participated in a Bible Study led by a Jubilee Church Intern volunteering at Jericho Road at 1:00 PM that same day.
A Miracle Job

Jericho Road along with Jubilee Community Church hosted the Wednesday noon prayer meeting during the month of April with South Minneapolis Pastors and Ministry Leaders.
The day before one of the meetings I had e-mailed two of my friends at Hidden Treasure Thrift Store to join us for prayer.  Both of them came and shared how the Lord was working through their ministry.  They then asked us to pray that the Lord would provide a new employee.  As we were praying for them I couldn’t get my mind off of Kenny’s suitability for the job.
I did not have Kenny’s contact information at hand, but I did know that he would be coming by on Friday.  So, I would tell him about the position then.Friday came and so did Kenny with a big smile.  I asked him why he was so happy and he said that he was hired at the Thrift Store.  We shared a huge hug.  Also present at the prayer meeting was the Pastor that referred Kenny to us in the first place.  He too felt like Kenny would be a good candidate.
Kenny kept his head up and trusted God during his unemployment and eventual homelessness.  His faith has been rewarded with a miracle job! 

All of us share in the joy of being a part of this miracle job!


   Development Director
                 John Bohnsack



Total in actual dollars spent on direct client services plus value of services provided $512,707. All of this accomplished (by God’s Grace) on an expenditure of less then $143,000. That is more than 3-5 times value achieved for every dollar spent.

We believe that these statistics speak for themselves as to how people and lives were impacted by the help that was provided to and through this ministry because of gifts like yours. Many in this neighborhood would have been hungry, homeless and jobless without this help, and over half a dozen spiritual births as a result of this ministry outreach.




Gardens of Praise

  Special Programs Coordinator
    Laurie McRrostie

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” Proverbs 19:15

Saturday May 27 – clear blue sky, sun, warm – God couldn’t have provided a better day for the garden kickoff. Last Saturday there was snow on the ground!  We are thanking God for all He is doing. Over the last months we have been inviting people to garden and the Lord has responded with an amazing group of people; what we prayed for, and more than we imagined.  
  Gardeners had a good time
  finding their own plot.


Two weeks ago all the garden plots were claimed; God provided 26 gardeners from the Hmong community, Hispanics, Native Americans, Somali, neighborhood friends, seminary students and families from Bethlehem.  There is a good mix of experienced and new gardeners; believers and non-believers.


 All the gardeners showed up today. I am so excited to see what God is going to do next.  May 18th is the next volunteer workday. Gardens will be tilled, compost placed and plant donations will arrive.  Lord willing and weather permitting, gardens will all be cleaned and ready to go by mid May.

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland." (Isaiah 43:19)


Volunteer Work Day May 18th
Join other volunteers to help prepare the gardens.
Start Time - 9:00 a.m
Garden location at Bethlehem Baptist Church, 720 13th Avenue South, Minneapolis
Information -  call Laurie at 612-201-5252.

Prayer Requests - Please

Pray the Lord will prosper the garden with abundant harvest and new relationships.
Pray the Lord will provide all the resources that are needed to help sustain the gardens & gardeners.
Pray that believers will meet at times others are there and that they will be bold to share the gospel.
Pray that a saving knowledge and understanding of God the Father and His Son Jesus will grow and flourish, and that the Holy Spirit will change hearts.
Pray that all the gardeners will be faithful to their commitments, be respectful of tools and others space,  be helpful to others and get along living in peace as much as possible.

We do need tools and other items.  Please consider these donations:

>50 gallon rain barrel
>watering cans

>Wheel barrow – 2 light weight.
>5 gallon clean buckets – for weed collection/trash
>Straight blade shovels - 7
>Round blade shovels - 5
>Straight Rake - 6

>Used tools and Garden gloves – to share with those who come without.
>Rototiller - borrowed for day.  Need 3 or 4



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