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Tick Removal - Peer Reviewed Journal Article

Past Lyme Disease Association of Australia President Nikki Coleman and husband Stephen recently had a peer-reviewed paper published about Methods of tick removal: A systematic review of the literature in the Australian Medical Journal.

This systematic review documents the best method of tick removal based on scientific and medical studies between 1985 and 2016. It concludes that the best method is to remove the tick as soon as possible after it is detected, using either fine-tipped tweezers or a reputable commercially produced tick removal tool to pull the tick away from the site of attachment. Some methods of removal, such as applying chemicals like petroleum jelly, alcohol, or nail polish to the tick, have been discredited. Other methods of removal, such as freezing, while promising, have not yet been scientifically validated.

There is often so much conflicting information out there on the correct method for tick removal, and studies such as this are vital to ensure the safety of those who are bitten by ticks.

On behalf of the Lyme community, thank you to Nikki and Stephen for their continuous work for Lyme patients in Australia.

To read the full article, download the PDF here.




Trek Kokoda to Support LDAA

Want to TICK the Kokoda box?
Lyme Disease is a small TICK causing a big problem.

Want to help raise awareness and make a difference?  Join us as we trek across Kokoda on our 9 night trek in support of Lyme Disease from July 18-27 2017.    To book this trek contact Kokoda Spirit or via Facebook



What a resounding success, HUGE congratulations to Ailsa Burgess!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the hard-working and dedicated LDAA volunteer, Ailsa Burgess and her team.  She tirelessly works on behalf of us all to ensure WA Lymies, especially the young ones, have a supportive and consistent environment where they can feel safe and heard.

In honour of all those young people who missed their high school ball, Chrysalis Gala Lyme Ball was created.  It has been highly acclaimed and a great time was had by all.  Here's a few photos...

What a creative and fun event!  Special thanks to Jeni Taylor for her generous donation towards the event.
Not keen on Facebook? That's OK! All Lyme news and updates are posted to Facebook below are some recent popular topics:

1 Kirk Haworth, son of celebrity chef Nigel Haworth has had his own cooking career cut short after contracting Lyme Disease while working in Sydney.

His father, Nigel, winner of BBC's Great British Menu, described the hell his son had been through. Last year many of you might remember that Nigel held a dinner in Sydney for Lyme awareness and he is now looking to do the same in the UK. 'I am extremely proud of how Kirk is attacking this illness and raising awareness of it through food."said Nigel.Australian health officials often play down and even deny that Australian ticks can pose such a huge health risk to humans. Do you think there should be warnings for overseas travelers about the health dangers of Australian ticks?
Read the UK Daily Mails story here.

2 Struck by a duck? Burnt because your waterski’s caught on fire? The World Health Organisation (WHO) has assigned over 68,000 diagnostic codes to cover these and thousands of other conditions...but not Lyme disease.   Currently the diagnostic codes for Lyme disease are inadequate. When appropriate diagnostic codes are missing, patients become invisible to the medical system.  
Do you think those 'bitten by a tick' should be able to join those getting 'struck by a duck' in having conditions worthy of treatment?
Read the PR Newswire artical here.

3 Australia needs a Bill Gates!

Bill and his wife Melinda Gates's Foundation has given over $1 million to a diagnostics company in Virginia, who has developed a urine-based Lyme test.  The company was inspired to create the test because they saw how dissatisfied the general public was with the current two-tiered testing for Lyme disease, the ELISA and western blot methods.
Who would you suggest as an Australian version of Bill Gates who could donate to Australian Lyme research?
Read the CNBC story here.

4 People don’t 'see how many pills we take just to try and feel better, how much money it costs us…the guilt, the pain, the emotional and physical torture.’  Lyme disease is an invisible illness. Most patients appear healthy on the outside, however behind closed doors they’re fighting a battle most people don’t understand.
Can you relate?
Read The Mighty Story here.


Wine lovers rejoice!

Have any friends that LOVE a nice bottle of wine?  Wine Direct will donate to the LDAA for any case of wine purchased!  Easy peasy!

Online Shoppers make Shopnate your new best friend!

Use Shopnate with heaps of retailers to chose from it is easy and you can select LDAA as your chosen charity and donation will be made!



May Lyme Project 2017

LDAA is currently underway with plans for our 2017 May Lyme Project - stay connected! Announcements coming in the next 2-4 weeks!

Are you planning an awareness event?
Let the LDAA help!  Get in touch with us via our website, we can help you with marketing materials and advertising on our Facebook page. (we have a supportive event planning manual coming soon!)


Volunteer With Us

We are seeking volunteers for fill the rolls of Events Coordinator and Social Media Marketing. Do you fit those shoes? 
Join our wonderful volunteer team! LDAA works in a virtual environment. You must have access to a computer, a stable internet connection, and have a passion to enact change in your community! LDAA's roles are expanding, often volunteers take on ad-hoc jobs, beyond their initial involvement. 


Our current volunteer positions are:

  1. ADMIN Support | Passionate about our cause and love admin, organising, detail and being part of an amazing team?  We could use your help!
  2. Copywriter | A whiz with words?  Like making a difference? We need you!
  3. Marketing/Fundraising | Need a passionate individual to help Lyme patients, bright/innovative ideas a bonus! Must be able to implement and manage fundraising projects as part of a team. Twitter expertise a bonus!
  4. Urgent- Events Coordinator | National coordinator of LDAA events, including supervising support groups, policies, maintaining and liaising with event holders, and team work with our fulfilment officer. 
  5. Social Worker | While we'd need many full time social workers to assist our community's needs, we'd love to set up some systems which may help the many.  Can you help?
  6. Urgent - Social Media Marketing | We are currently seeking a regular team member volunteer for our official Facebook page. You will be required to work with our current Facebook guru, who will guide you in what to post, when to post and wording ideas. Working with a small team, you will given rostered days and will be required to monitor the page for a few hours on that day.
Introduce yourself by sending us a message via our contact us form! We look forward to speaking with you!


From the Committee

We continue to develop our next steps to support progress arising from the Senate Inquiry and we're grateful to the Senators who have continued to engage and support our situation.  

In the next 2-4 weeks we will be setting up the systems for the May Lyme Project 2017.  It will be the same as last year, with awareness and fundraising events customised to the level of ability and passion of any individual in our community.  Whether you can do a little or a lot, it all helps!    We may have a national partner to support us this year, which will add another whole element of support for the initiative.  

In the meantime, we do need more assistance.  While getting well is the first priority, I know many of us had able-bodied friends and family who may be delighted to help us make a difference.  It's a positive team environment and we love collaborating to spearhead change for Australian Lyme patients.  Let us know!

Thanks again Lyme warriors!
Yours in Green, 

Sharon Whiteman | President

P.S. Remember to connect with us on Facebook & Twitter.  We appreciate your likes, comments, shares and re-tweets, it does make a difference!

  Join our volunteer


Have an LDAA event, or want to include something in our next newsletter? Let us know about events here or other happenings here!

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