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New Health Leadership in 2017

Well, what a way to crack into 2017!  After just over three years as Health Minister, Sussan Ley officially resigned after allegations in regards to her travel funds. Many will be aware that in 2016, the LDAA presented the Health Minister with a petition with over 40,000 signatures asking her for action into Lyme in Australia. The petition is now passing 44,000 and we're aiming for 50,000!  Can you help?  Sign and share!

As Health Minister, Sussan Ley supported the instatement of the Senate Inquiry and indicated 'she was always open to new evidence'.  The Final Report confirmed overwhelming evidence and the Senate Committee did their best to deliver solid recommendations.  We look forward to connecting with Minister Hunt to collaborate on a definitive way forward to ensure 'Patients Come First'. 



Our Battle Ongoing – Lyme Documentary

Our Battle Ongoing takes a look into the lives of Australians across the nation currently suffering from Lyme disease or a Lyme-like illness. Every individual has their own unique story with symptoms differing from person to person, but they are all united in a common cause of seeing recognition come to those suffering now and for the generations to come.

With little to no help currently available, some have to take drastic measures in order to receive treatment. Our Battle Ongoing brings to light the tragedy of living with an invisible illness in Australia.  Watch the trailer, follow the Facebook Page or website for updates in regards to the full launch.

One of the most beneficial endeavours of LDAA is being able to support and assist unwell Aussies. It is our experience that patient to patient support is an essential foundation.  We recommend all Lyme patients seek peer support through their journey to the right treatment and recovery for them.   There are a wide range of offline and online support groups available.

The feedback on support groups is fantastic so many Lymies benefit tremendously from being able to talk to other people in similar situations and share experiences.

'Just wanted to say another HUGE thank you for last night’s support group meeting. It’s honestly so comforting to realise that other people are fighting the same battles, it makes me feel a little less crazy and isolated. Thanks again'

'Hey Lisa.. thanks for running them.. my mum & I left feeling a lot less isolated & felt very supported.   I was a bit all over the place with emotions but walked away feeling a bit more hopeful.'

'I just wanted to so you are amazing for putting on the support group and thankyou so much, you do a great job at it!  It was so good to chat to you both and relate to alot that you both said.'

Like and follow the Facebook Page to get the latest updates on LDAA support group meetings.


Wine lovers rejoice!

Have any friends that LOVE a nice bottle of wine?  Wine Direct will donate to the LDAA for any case of wine purchased!  Easy peasy!

Online Shoppers make Shopnate your new best friend!

Use Shopnate with heaps of retailers to chose from it is easy and you can select LDAA as your chosen charity and donation will be made!



LDAA Chrysalis Ball

Our first Chrysalis Ball has been made possible through a very kind donation from Jenni Taylor so we can full fill a four year dream to hold a ball for all those who missed their formal due to illness.   Thank you so much Spruce Goose Perth who've sponsored the events with their discounted venue offer!   We are so very grateful for the support of the LDAA.  With excitement growing we are all looking forward to a wonderful night of fun, dancing and dresses on 11 February 2017.

For tickets please click here.

Are you planning an event?
Let LDAA help. Get in touch with us via our website, we can help you with marketing materials and advertising on our Facebook page.


Volunteer With Us

Join our wonderful volunteer team! LDAA works in a virtual environment. You must have access to a computer, a stable internet connection, and have a passion to enact change in your community! LDAA's roles are expanding, often volunteers take on ad-hoc jobs, beyond their initial involvement. 

Our current volunteer positions are:

  1. ADMIN Support | Passionate about our cause and love admin, organising, detail and being part of an amazing team?  We could use your help!
  2. Copywriter | A whiz with words?  Like making a difference? We need you!
  3. Marketing/Fundraising | Need a passionate individual to help Lyme patients, bright/innovative ideas a bonus! Must be able to implement and manage fundraising projects as part of a team. Twitter expertise a bonus!
  4. Events Coordinator | National coordinator of LDAA events, including supervising support groups, policies, maintaining and liaising with event holders, and team work with our fulfilment officer. 
  5. Social Worker | While we'd need many full time social workers to assist our community's needs, we'd love to set up some systems which may help the many.  Can you help?
Introduce yourself by sending us a message via our contact us form! We look forward to speaking with you!


From the Committee

We hope you had the best possible Christmas and holiday season. We fully understand the trauma and torture of enduring 'Australian Lyme disease'.  The disease is awful enough in itself, couple that with lack of recognition and denial of care and it's a perfect storm of disaster – long-term disability and suffering.

We see a 2017 with relief from the use of the 1970's definition of 'classical Lyme disease' as a 'loophole' to deny a disease.  We will continue to highlight international progress in this area where new pathogens are identified every few months and papers published the US, Europe and China indicate that it is now clear that Lyme disease is caused by multiple strains of Borrelia. Australia has both the ability and opportunity to launch a world-class, multi-disciplinary response and with your help, we will continue to champion that.

We are developing our next steps to support progress, some of them will in partnership with the community and it's our intention to provide information in the next 4-8 weeks.  We are grateful to the Senate Committee for the strong focus on 'Patients Come First' and there's much we can do to support that outcome.

In the meantime, we do need more assistance.  While getting well is the first priority, I know many of us had able-bodied friends and family who may be delighted to help us make a difference.  It's a positive team environment and we love collaborating to spearhead change for Australian Lyme patients.  Let us know!

Thanks again Lyme warriors!
Yours in Green, 

Sharon Whiteman | President

P.S. Remember to connect with us on Facebook & Twitter.  We appreciate your likes, comments, shares and re-tweets, it does make a difference!

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