The Voter Newsletter  |  October 2022  |  Vol. 27, Issue 3
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> A Note From Our President
> Our Voting Resources
> Important Election Dates
> Ballot Measure Guide
> Help Us Pass City Charter Reform
> Top 10 Reasons for City Charter Reform
> WATCH: Program on City Charter
> Ways to Volunteer This Election
> League Registers 100+ New Voters
> WATCH: Program on Gun Safety
> Election Recap Event Planned
> Units Discuss Hot Topics
> TriMet Seeks Rider Input
> Share Your Ideas for Programming
> Action Committee: Metro Housing
> Join Us for DEI Training
> It's Time to Renew Your Membership!
> Help Us Help Voters
> Partner Events: Climate, Ukraine
> SCOTUS Lecture Planned
> Reader Raffle Winner
> Are You On Social Media?
> Volunteer Roundup
> Calendar at a Glance
> Contact Us


The Most Important Thing

By Debbie Kaye, LWVPDX President

   The most important thing we can all do before Nov. 8:   
   Be informed and VOTE!

And, the next-most important thing is to share the League’s nonpartisan election resources with your family, friends, and colleagues so that they, too, can be informed voters. Our vote is our voice — let’s use it.

There are tremendously important issues on this November’s ballot. They range from the congressional and gubernatorial races to impactful city and county charter measures, to local leadership opportunities. The results of this election could change governance throughout the country for many years to come. Our website has a wealth of information, as does the nationally available
We can all help fulfill our mission of “Empowering Voters and Defending Democracy” by sharing our trusted voter education materials. Please take that action. Democracy depends on informed participants.
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LWVPDX Voter Resources: Use & Share! is a nationwide, LWVUS-supported website and is live with election information now. Tell your friends and family about this resource, no matter where they live and vote!

Video Voters’ Guides & Podcasts

Candidates who accepted our invitation recorded video and audio interviews, which are now available on our website, YouTube, and via podcast.

LWVPDX Voter Forums

Our General Election forums, conducted by video, may be posted as soon as Oct. 14. Check our YouTube for these forums: Multnomah County Chair, Portland Commissioner Pos. 3, Measure 26-228 on the Portland City Charter, and the statewide Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries.

LWV of Clackamas County Forum

Our partner League is hosting a forum for candidates in the newly re-drawn Congressional Dist. 5, which includes parts of Portland. This in-person forum is Monday, Oct. 17, starting at 6pm at Lakeridge High School. This event is being recorded and we will post the video on the LWVPDX November 2022 Election webpage when it is available. The moderator for this forum will be LWVPDX’s own Linda Mather. Read more here.

Printed Voters’ Guides

On or after Oct. 11, we will begin distributing 6,000 printed guides in English and Spanish. They will be available at all Multnomah County Library branches and our distribution centers on both the west and eastsides. You Can Help: Notify Voter Service Chair Chris Cobey if you are willing to retrieve and deliver guides as we receive requests for them.
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   Key Election Dates    
  • LIVE NOW: LWVPDX Video Voters’ Guides & podcasts available
  • Oct. 11: Printed LWVPDX Voters’ Guides available
  • Oct. 14: LWVPDX Voter Forum videos available
  • Oct. 17: Gresham branch of Multnomah County Elections Division opens
  • Oct. 17: Congressional Dist. 5 Voter Forum (in-person event)
  • Oct. 18: Last day to register to vote
  • Oct. 19: Ballot mailing commences; last day for mailing state Voters’ Pamphlets
  • Oct. 25: Last day for distributing county Voters’ Pamphlet
  • Nov. 8: ELECTION DAY – ballots must be postmarked by this date to be counted
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County & State Ballot Measures: A Guide

By Debbie Aiona, Action Chair

County Charter Amendment Recommendations

See the September Voter issue for more information on these measures.
  • SUPPORT Measure 26-230 — Gender-Neutral Language
  • SUPPORT Measure 26-232 — Ranked-Choice Voting
  • SUPPORT Measure 26-234 — Ombuds position in the County Auditor’s office
  • SUPPORT Measure 26-235 — Auditor’s Access to Information
  • SUPPORT Measure 26-236 — Charter Review Effectiveness
Note: The measures proposed by the County Charter Committee not mentioned in this list are neither supported nor opposed by LWVPDX due to the lack of League studies on which to base an endorsement decision.

LWVOR Ballot Measure Recommendations

Learn more about the state League’s recommendations on statewide ballot measures here.
  • SUPPORT #111 — Oregon Right to Health Care Amendment
  • SUPPORT #112  Removing Slavery and Crimes from the Oregon Constitution
  • No Position #113 — Exclude legislators from re-election for absenteeism
  • SUPPORT #114  Reduce Gun Violence Act

More Information

You can find more ballot measure information on our website and at
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LWVPDX President Debbie Kaye; Hope Beraka, Business for a Better Portland board member; and Sandy Chung, Executive Director of ACLU of Oregon. Photo courtesy Portland United for Change.


Help Us Pass Measure 26-228: Portland Charter Reform Measure

By Debbie Aiona, Action Chair

LWVPDX strongly supports the City of Portland Charter Commission’s measure to reform city government. The proposed reforms will substantially improve Portland’s government, make city elections more fair, and enable more voters to elect city councilors who represent their interests. For more information, see our “Top 10 Reasons” for voting YES.

The League will not be analyzing the charter reform idea floated by Commissioner Mingus Mapps because it was developed behind closed doors, lacks depth and details, and is not a guaranteed approach. The diligent and transparent work of the Charter Commission that developed Measure 26-228 should not be undermined by a distracting ploy.
The Portland United for Change campaign is in full swing, and the League is actively participating as an organization. League members are asking what they can do as individuals to help us win.
The campaign offers a number of opportunities for involvement. Use this online form to let the campaign know how you want to help!
  • Door knocking
  • Virtual phone banking from the comfort of your home
  • Share campaign information through your social media
  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Display a lawn sign or poster
  • Hold a house party for your friends and family
  • Donate
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Top 10 Reasons to Support City Charter Reform Measure

By Margaret Noel, Communications Chair

LWVPDX supports Ballot Measure 26-228 to reform the City of Portland Charter; this support is based on our balanced, in-depth studies of Portland’s city government and of election methods. After reading and discussing these studies, our members adopted advocacy positions that we used to evaluate this measure. The League concluded that the proposed reforms will substantially improve Portland’s government and elections, as summarized in this “Top 10” list.
  1. The reforms create a separation of powers. The powers of the city councilors and mayor are balanced.
  2. Portland’s City Council will be more effective, responsive, and representative.
  3. Management by a professional city administrator, supervised by the mayor, will improve operations of city services and bureaus.
  4. Voters will have more choices and more power to elect government officials who represent them.
  5. Ranked-choice voting is an easy, proven way to vote. It’s used in other countries and increasingly in the U.S.
  6. By electing three city councilors from four geographic districts, we can have both geographic and proportional representation.
  7. An Independent District Commission will draw district boundaries.
  8. An Independent Salary Commission will set salaries for elected officials.
  9. The benefits more than justify the costs.
  10. These proposals were developed by a diligent, transparent Charter Commission.
To read more about each of these points, see the full post on our website by clicking the READ MORE button below. You can also read about how ranked choice voting works here.
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CHARTER REFORM VIDEO: To learn more about the charter reform measure, watch this recording of our community education event, "Explaining Measure 26-228: Portland Charter Reform" (LWVPDX video by MetroEast Community Media) 
Click here to listen to the podcast of this program instead.


Even More Ways to Volunteer & Make an Impact This Election

The LWVPDX Voter Service has been busy — and you can help, too! To sign up for any of the additional volunteer opportunities listed below, contact Chris Cobey at or (503) 704-7624.

Voter Registration 

Rhinestone the Vote! is a non-traditional event for voter registration on Friday, Oct. 14, from 7 to 9pm at Alberta Abbey. Scroll down this webpage for details. The event organizer requested us; if interested in registering voters that night, contact Chris.

Student Mock Elections

For all public and private schools in the county, Oregon Student Mock Election “early voting” starts Tuesday, Oct. 11, while “Election Day” is Oct. 18. Help out by dropping off a couple copies of our printed Voters’ Guides (English and Spanish) at your local high school for use in their libraries and classrooms.

Observe Voter Tabulation 

Sign up to be a vote tabulation observer at the Multnomah County Elections Division on SE Morrison Street. You can do so as an individual, or as associated with LWVPDX. Votes will be counted starting on election night, Nov. 8, and tabulation is expected to continue through at least Nov. 15.

Tour the Elections Office

Join the League on Oct. 21 for this one-hour tour of Multnomah County Elections Division, starting at 1pm. Contact Chris to sign up (or reconfirm, if you feel you’ve already reserved).
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Local Leagues Help 100+ New Citizens Become Voters

LWVPDX, in partnership with the Leagues from Clackamas and Clark Counties, volunteered at a Sept. 22 naturalization ceremony at the Oregon Convention Center. Our group greeted new citizens and helped register 127 new Oregon voters with traditional paper forms. This number represents a new high for registrations at a single-day event in at least the last three years (if not longer). We also passed out 100 LWVPDX pens and new personalized “I Registered” stickers – all a big hit! Even more voters were registered in Washington State.

Thank you to our Portland League volunteers at this event: Chris Neilsen, Dorthea Petersen, Marlene Byrne, Deborah Edward, Elizabeth Domike, Marian Davenport, and Chris Cobey. The next new citizen registration even is at a Dec. 15 naturalization ceremony at the Oregon Convention Center. Volunteers are in for a treat … hundreds of happy new citizens, ready to become voters! To volunteer, contact Chris Cobey at
Left: Chris Cobey hands out a LWVPDX pen. Right: New citizens line up to register to vote.
Left: Marian Davenport watches as a grandfather patiently fills out his voter registration form while his grandson sits attentively on his shoulders. Right: Marlene Byrne, Chris Cobey, Deborah Edward, Diana DeMaria (LWV Clackamas County), and Chris Neilsen were just some of the Oregon and Washington League volunteers. Photos courtesy Chris Neilsen.
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October Community Education Program Focused on Gun Safety

Our October community education program focused on ways to prevent gun violence and injuries and to promote safety in our schools and neighborhoods. The speaker panel included Dr. Kathleen Carlson, Chair of Gun Violence Prevention Research Center (GVPRC) at Oregon Health and Science University; Pastor Ed Williams, Chair of the Focused Intervention Team Community Oversight Group (FITCOG); Andrew Scott, Chair of the Portland Public Schools Board of Education; and Paul Kemp, Co-Founder and President of Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership. The program was moderated by League member Marge Easley and attended by 56 viewers via Zoom.  

If you missed the community education program on gun safety, you can watch a recording by clicking on the arrow above. Or click here to listen to a podcast of the program. (LWVPDX video and podcast by MetroEast Community Media)

   Election Recap Event Planned    

Our next Community Education program will be a "General Election Debrief." We expect to hold it in mid to late November. We are inviting experienced political analysts to discuss the implications of the election results, with a focus on Portland, Multnomah County, and major statewide elections. We held a similar program in November 2020. More information will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for details!
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Hot Topics: Units Discuss Charter Reform & Gun Safety

By Carolyn Buppert, Discussion Units Coordinator

Last month, our Discussion Units focused on proposed changes to the City of Portland’s charter reform, with 61 people participating (48 members and 13 guests).

Topics included ranked-choice voting - how it works and its fairness; four "multi-member" districts with three council members elected from each; powers of a new city administrator and relationship to the mayor and council; whether a small number of voters could elect a council member; how ordinary citizens feel engaged and empowered; disinformation that is being spread; and the decision to run one ballot measure instead of three. Thanks to our Unit leaders Olivia Smith, Barbara Byrd, Linda Mather, Elizabeth Domike, Lynn Baker, and Ryann Enger.

The discussion topic for October will be gun safety, as a follow-up to our community education program. See the calendar for meeting times. If you are not already in a Discussion Unit and would like to join one, select the day and time best for you and contact Carolyn Buppert at with your preference. She will have the Unit leader contact you with a Zoom link or exact meeting location.

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   TriMet Soliciting Rider Input   

COVID-19 changed where people go and how they get there; now, TriMet is weighing big changes as well. In an effort to have metro-area transit service reflect the current needs of the community, the regional transit agency is launching a new phase of community engagement around the concept “Forward Together.” Learn more about this process, take a survey by Oct. 31, and find an open house schedule online here.

   Learn More   


What Are Your Favorite Topics for Discussion?

By Judy Froemke, Member Education Chair

Are you interested in discussing with others current local and statewide topics such as city government functions, women’s rights to legal equality, gun safety laws, social and cable media influence, the redistricting process, voting methods, affordable housing, or the diminishing tree canopy? Are some of these important to you? What else piques your interest?
All your ideas are vital to our Program Planning for 2023.
League members’ ideas will determine our Community Education programs, our Discussion Units monthly topics, our Action Committee speakers, and more. Your ideas will help the Portland and the Oregon League evaluate our advocacy positions on local, county, regional, and state governance, natural resources, and social policies.
Please email your ideas for good discussion topics to Judy Froemke at Thank you!
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   October Action Committee: Metro Housing Services   

  • Topic: Metro Supportive Housing Services Program: Making a Difference in Portland
  • Speaker: Laura Golino de Lovato, Northwest Pilot Project Executive Director
  • When: Friday, Oct. 28 | 1:30 to 3:30pm | via Zoom

 Join the Action Committee in October to learn about the Northwest Pilot Project (NWPP), which serves very low-income seniors living in Multnomah County by helping meet their housing and transportation needs. The NWPP started in 1969 as an all-volunteer group with a focus on senior housing, transportation, and advocacy. The organization has evolved into a robust agency that places seniors into safe, permanent, and affordable housing. Hear from guest speaker Laura Govino de Lovato about how the Metro Supportive Housing Services program is increasing NWPP’s capacity to serve high-needs elders. All League members are welcome. If you are not on the Action Committee email list and would like to attend, please contact Debbie Aiona at to receive the Zoom meeting link.


DEI: How Can We Make LWVPDX More Diverse & Inclusive?

By Carolyn Buppert, Discussion Units Coordinator

LWVPDX members are invited to discuss this topic on Dec. 2nd from noon to 2:00pm, via Zoom. Sandra Jackson will facilitate. Sandra is a private practice mediator, facilitator, and trainer who has facilitated for "Race Talks," presents cultural awareness workshops, and has experience helping folks navigate conversations around DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) issues. She facilitated a similar discussion for the LWVPDX board of directors in August.

Here is the agenda:

  • Welcome / Purpose / Introduce Sandra
  • Agenda Review / Icebreaker
  • Pre-Work Discussion
  • Equity vs. Equality
  • Inclusion
  • How can our organization be more inclusive and diverse?
  • Closing

Save the date for Dec. 2, noon to 2pm!
Please RSVP by Nov. 22 to Carolyn Buppert at

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Members Make the League!

By Mary McWilliams, Membership Chair


Welcome to the following new members who have joined since the September newsletter issue:
  • Melanie Billings-Yun
  • Dady Blake (rejoin)
  • Kathleen Carlson
  • Marian Davenport
  • Mary H. Fogarty (rejoin)
  • Patricia Janesh
  • Tom Neilsen
  • Lizbeth Stewart

Membership Renewals: Thanks & Reminder

Thank you to the 217 new or renewing members for our League year running July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023. Members from 2021-22 have until Dec. 30 to renew for 2022-23. A personal email reminder will go out this month to those members who have not yet renewed, as we know renewal can be confusing. Our membership dues this year are the same as last year:
  • Household: $120 for 2 members
  • Individual: $80
  • Individual Subsidy: $45 (subsidized from our League budget so anyone can join)
  • Student: $5 (enrolled full or part time as a student in an educational institution)
  • LIFE: No cost! (League members for 50+ years)
How to Join/Renew
You can renew or join online and make your payment via PayPal (with PayPal or a credit card). Note that PayPal charges a ~4% processing fee on top of our dues.
To renew or join by check, send it to us via USPS mail. Make your check out to:
LWV of Portland, PO Box 3491, Portland, OR 97208-3491.
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Being an Informed Voter is Hard Work … Help Us Help You!

By Linda Mantel, Development Chair

We’ve got you covered for the upcoming election!
Ballots will be coming your way in a couple of weeks, and you need to be prepared. Being an informed voter is hard work, but we provide the information you need.
Here’s what we are doing for you:
  • 4 Voter Forums for key city, county, and statewide races and the Charter Reform measure
  • 13 Video Voters’ Guides (also available as podcasts) for candidates running in state & local races
  • 6,000 printed Multnomah County Voters’ Guides, in English and in Spanish
What does it cost to make these resources available? About $5,000 for the forums and videos, and $5,000 for the print Voters’ Guide.
How can you help us?
  • Introduce someone new to the League! They will thank you when they learn how much they can gain from their membership. Remember that a gift membership in the LWVPDX also encompasses membership in the LWVOR and the LWVUS. You can give a gift so easily online here. Memberships starting this month will be current until June 2023.
  • Make a financial gift! The work of the League is never finished — there are always more ways to help make democracy work, and the ways you can help us are also many (see our giving webpage).
You can give by:
  1. Becoming a monthly donor — quick and easy, we will be grateful for continuing gifts.
  2. Giving a gift in honor or memory of someone important to you. We will recognize such gifts in our Annual Report.
  3. Giving a one-time gift, any time for any amount.
  4. Letting us know if your employer matches gifts — yours will go twice as far!
Please go to our giving webpage to donate through our online system, or send a check to P.O. Box 3491, Portland, OR  97208-3491. Your gifts enable our work and assure that you will be covered not only now, but into the future. Thank you in advance for your continuing support!
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Partner League Hosts Education Events on Textiles & Climate, Ukraine War

“How Textiles Affect Climate Change”

Have you ever wondered about the climate impact of the textiles in your closet – from production to manufacturing to retail distribution? The League of Women Voters of Piedmont presents Rebecca Burgess of Fibershed to speak about how sustainable fashion and regenerative farming are closely linked, how new programs are making a difference, and what you can do to reduce the carbon footprint of the clothes you wear and the fabrics you use.
  • When: Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 4pm
  • Where: Online via Zoom and YouTube (register for free to receive the Zoom link)

   Learn More & Register   

“Ukraine: Where is the War Going, and Where Will It Take Us?"

LWV of Piedmont is sponsoring a presentation and Q&A with former Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer. Before Russia’s invasion, Pifer correctly predicted that Putin would attack and that Ukrainians would fight back, An expert on arms control and disarmament, Ambassador Pifer will address implications for international security, not only for Ukraine and Russia but also for the U.S. and the EU. This talk will be held live online and will include an audience question and answer session. Visit to learn more about Pifer and register for the event.
  • When: Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 5pm
  • Where: Online via Zoom and YouTube (register for free to receive the Zoom link)

   Learn More & Register   

   Supreme Court Expert to Give Lecture   

Linda Greenhouse is the featured speaker at the 2022 Oseran Family Lecture at Congregation Beth Israel. For almost 30 years, she reported on the Supreme Court for the New York Times and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1998 for her reporting on this subject. Greenhouse currently teaches at Yale Law School and has written numerous acclaimed books on the court. She will discuss her observations on the court over the past year in this free, public lecture. No RSVP is necessary.

  • When: Sunday, Oct. 23, at 4pm
  • Where: Congregation Beth Israel’s Main Sanctuary at 1972 NW Flanders St. in Portland
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Pat Osborn
Thanks for reading!

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  Volunteer Roundup  

LWVPDX is always looking for volunteers! Volunteer opportunities announced in this issue are listed below; read the linked article and contact the listed League leader for more information.
  • Help the Portland United for Change campaign | Read more
  • Help register and encourage voters | Read more
  • Be a voter tabulation observer | Read more
  • Find more ways to help this election | Read more
  • Help new citizens register to vote | Read more
  • Share your program topic suggestions | Read more
  • Participate in member DEI training | Read more
We do not share personal contact information in this newsletter; if a listed contact does not have a LWVPDX email address, you can look up their contact information in our membership directory, or contact the office at or (503) 228-1675. If you are looking for a different type of volunteer opportunity than those listed here, contact any member of the board to discuss how you can help us fulfill our mission of "Making Democracy Work." 
Share this newsletter with someone who wants to support LWVPDX! Share this newsletter with someone who wants to support LWVPDX!

  Calendar at a Glance  

  • Oct. 15: Discussion Unit 5 | 10:30am, leader Linda Mather.
  • Oct. 17: Congressional Dist. 5 Voter Forum | 6pm at Lakeridge High School. Learn more
  • Oct. 17: Gresham branch of Multnomah County Elections Division opens.
  • Oct. 17: Discussion Unit 7 | 1pm, leader Ryann Enger.
  • Oct. 18: Last day to register for the General Election.
  • Oct. 19: Ballot mailing commences; last day for mailing state Voters’ Pamphlets.
  • Oct. 19: Program on Textiles & Climate Change | 4pm online. Learn more.
  • Oct 19: LWVPDX Board meeting, 5:15pm via Zoom
  • Oct. 20: Discussion Unit 4 | 1pm, leader Lynn Baker.
  • Oct 21: Multnomah County Elections Division office tour | Learn more.
  • Oct. 23: Lecture on Supreme Court | 4pm at Congregation Beth Israel. Learn more.
  • Oct. 24: Discussion Unit 2 | 10am, leader Barbara Byrd.
  • Oct. 24: Discussion Unit 3 | 5:30pm, leader Olivia Smith.
  • Oct. 25: Discussion Unit 6 | 9:30am, leader Elizabeth Domike.
  • Oct. 28: Action Committee Meeting | 1:30pm via Zoom.
  • Oct. 31: Last day to fill out TriMet rider survey.
November & Beyond
  • Nov. 2: Program on War in Ukraine | 5pm online. Learn more.
  • Nov. 8: ELECTION DAY!
  • Nov. 14: Next Voter Newsletter Issue | Check your email inbox!
  • Nov. 16: LWVPDX Board Meeting | 5:15pm via Zoom.
  • Mid to late November: Community Education: Election Debrief | Stay tuned for details.
  • Nov. 17: Discussion Unit 4 | 1pm, leader Lynn Baker.
  • Nov. 21: Discussion Unit 7 | 1pm, leader Ryann Enger.
  • Nov. 21: Housing Interest Group | 5pm via Zoom.
  • Nov. 22: Discussion Unit 6 | 9:30am, leader Elizabeth Domike.
  • Nov. 28: Discussion Unit 2 | 10am, leader Barbara Byrd.
  • Nov. 28: Discussion Unit 3 | 5:30pm, leader Olivia Smith.
  • Dec. 2: Members DEI Training | Noon - 2pm, via Zoom. Learn more.
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Board of Directors

> Debbie Kaye, President
> Marion McNamara, Vice President 
> Chris Cobey, Voter Service Chair
> Judy Froemke, Member Education Chair, 
> Anne Davidson, Secretary
> Adrienne Aiona, Treasurer 
> Debbie Aiona, Action Chair 
> Nancy Donovan, Community Education Chair, 
> Margaret Noel, Communications Chair,
> Carolyn Buppert, Discussion Units Coordinator
> Linda Mantel, Development Chair
> Audrey Zunkel-deCoursey, At-Large,
> Amber Nobe, Newsletter Editor
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Off-Board Leaders

> Mary McWilliams, Membership Chair, 
> Ann Dudley, Nominating Committee Chair
> Betsy Pratt, Budget Committee Chair,
> Phil Thor, Endowment Committee Chair
> Beth Burczak, Speakers Bureau Chair,
> Kathy Casto, Voters' Guide Editor,
> VACANT, Video Voters' Guide,
> VACANT, Forums Chair,
> VACANT, Voter Registration Chair,
> Elizabeth Davis, Instagram,
> Katie LeRoux, Facebook
Interest Group Chairs:
> Nancy Donovan & Fran Dyke, Education
> James Ofsink & Kim Mason, Justice
> Donna Cohen, Housing & Homelessness

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