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> A Note From Our President
> Sign Up Now for Program Planning
> Join the League's Leadership Team
> Share Our Hiring Announcement
> Honoring Our Volunteers
> Learn More: City Charter Review
> 3 Upcoming Civics Programs
> Recent Action: Superfund, Police
> Join the Jan. Action Committee Mtg
> Help Us Question Candidates
> Membership Matters
> Reader Raffle Winner
> The Importance of Units
> Join Local Gov't Advisory Groups
> How Donations Will Be Spent
> Thank You to Our 2021 Donors
Volunteer Roundup
> Calendar at a Glance
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Greeting the New Year Energetically

By Debbie Kaye, LWVPDX President

I hope that your holidays were as “merry and bright” as possible and that you anticipate a great 2022! The League is certainly anticipating a great year, with meaningful service to our community and our members through learning and participation opportunities.
The year’s first big push is focused on members: our annual program planning group discussions. We have an all-star cast of leaders for discussion of important local and national position topics; I encourage everyone to join the ones that pique your interest. The League makes better choices with a range of informed opinions from our membership.

Also in January, we will formulate candidate questions for our Voters’ Guides and What do you want to ask the people running for office? Contact Chris Cobey at to help develop the questions.

Our Portland League is co-sponsoring a virtual speaker series presented by the League of Piedmont, California, titled “Defending Democracy.” It is free and open to the public, and you can register here to receive a Zoom link for the first lecture on Jan. 11 from 4-5pm.

Our Nominating Committee is beginning its annual work to identify members to serve on our board of directors. Rep. John Lewis said, “Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.” We are looking for the next generation of leaders to advance our work in Portland. Please consider nominating someone or yourself to work with experienced board members in a collaborative setting. You can read more here.
The Justice Interest Group continues to work on issues related to police accountability through multiple subgroups focused on culture change within Portland Police Bureau, standard of review, the Citizen Review Committee and oversight, violence prevention, and alternatives to armed intervention such as Public Safety Support Specialist Programs (PS3). They are planning a future panel discussion to share updates on their work.

On Jan. 13, we have a members-only discussion event focused on the City of Portland Charter Commission. And coming up in February, the public Civic Education panel discussion will also feature the Charter Commission. The commissioners have worked hard and narrowed their focus. Plan to attend these meetings to learn more about the process and meet some of the commissioners.

And mark your calendar for Feb. 14, our 102nd birthday! We hope to host an open house celebration at our new office if the Omicron variant has settled down. Stay tuned for more information.
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By Judy Froemke, Discussion Units Coordinator

Sign Up Now for Program Planning, to Begin Later This Week!

Program planning is an annual event during which League members identify public policy issues of particular interest for in-depth consideration. This year’s overriding theme is equity. This month, you have the opportunity to join with others to plan for our League’s programs and action for the next League year, June 1, 2022, through May 31, 2023.
The purpose of this process is to:
  • Share ideas and information about the selected topics in group settings
  • Recommend whether to restudy, update, drop, or retain the League positions
  • Identify topics for new studies, Civic Education programs, Action committee consideration, or new Interest Groups
  • Submit recommendations for advocacy positions for a membership vote at our annual business meeting in May.
Members may attend as many of the discussion groups as are of interest to you; please register before Jan. 15 by clicking here.
Sign Up Now
Group 1: Health and Human Services
  • Healthcare inequities
  • Mental health services & emergency services
  • Reproductive rights
When: Saturday, Jan. 15, at 10am
Discussion Leaders: Janet Youel, Jason Renaud, Joanna Cain
Resources for Group 1

Group 2: Equity of Opportunity
  • Immigration laws & policies
  • Tribal rights
  • Voting rights
When: Monday, Jan. 17, at 1pm
Discussion Leaders: Marion McNamara, Kathy Casto
Resources for Group 2

Group 3: National & Local Governance
  • Citizen’s right to know, participation, transparency
  • Election methods
  • Educational equity in funding and curriculum
When: Thursday, Jan. 20, at 1pm
Discussion Leaders: Norman Turrill, Fran Dyke
Resources for Group 3

Group 4: Livability Issues
  • Urban growth management (infill building, onsite apartment parking)
  • Green construction codes
  • Transportation safety
When: Monday, Jan. 24, at 10am
Discussion Leaders: Wynne Furth, Linda Mantel
Resources for Group 4
Group 5: Environmental Sustainability
  • Climate change
  • Clean energy (EV charging stations, nuclear reactors)
  • Water resources, water management
When: Monday, Jan. 24, at 6:30pm
Discussion Leaders: Robin Tokmakian, Marnie Lonsdale
Resources for Group 5

Group 6: Organizational Equity & Diversity
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI)
  • LGBTQ, BIPOC, and gender equity
  • Being “women voters”
When: Tuesday, Jan. 25, at 9:30am
Discussion Leaders: Audrey Zunkel-deCoursey, Carolyn Buppert
Resources for Group 6
Group 7: Public Safety
  • Gun safety
  • Emergency planning (the Critical Energy Infrastructure CEI, Superfunds)
  • Violence protection (women, children, homeless)
When: Wednesday, Jan. 26, at 6:30pm
Discussion Leaders: Debbie Aiona, Virginia Hammon
Resources for Group 7

Thank you to our program planning committee of Carolyn Buppert, Audrey Zunkel-deCoursey, Nancy Donovan, and Judy Froemke for organizing this important League process.
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It’s Nominating Season! Be a Part of the League’s Future Through Leadership

By Ann Dudley, Nominating Committee Chair

The Nominating Committee invites League members to consider exploring a leadership position on our Board of Directors or in an off-board position. There are opportunities to become involved in a variety of aspects of League work, including public engagement, member education, voter service, advocacy and action, fundraising, communications, and more. Board service offers a deep view of the League’s mission and activities. The board is an active and collaborative group of people dedicated to the League’s success. New members are most welcome! If you would like to learn about these opportunities, please contact Ann Dudley at
Vice President Marion McNamara and President Debbie Kaye in the League's new downtown Portland office.

   League Office Manager Search Underway   

Our search for a part-time and hybrid remote/on-site office manager is in full swing, and resumes are being received. Our office manager is a vital partner on our team! They:
  • answer inquiries from League members and the public
  • support all our volunteers’ work
  • help provide information to voters for every election
  • support the League’s efforts to defend democracy and empower voters
Read the full job description here. Help us find the ideal candidate! If you know of potential interested candidates, share our announcement and encourage them to submit a cover letter and resume right away to We hope to identify a final candidate by the end of the month.
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Recognizing Our Volunteers: Your Volunteer Board

By Margaret Noel, Communications Chair

Being a member of the LWVPDX leadership team is truly a privilege and a pleasure. Even during the pandemic, when LWVPDX volunteer leaders have shouldered more work than usual, we’ve also had the satisfaction of knowing how important our work is. We know that our efforts really benefit the people of Multnomah County, Oregon, and the U.S. It is also gratifying to be learning in depth about political issues and developing new skills.
In addition, all of us enjoy working with each other. The LWVPDX Board of Directors and off-board leaders are a caring, ethical, and dependable group of people. Getting to know each other is fun. We all have families, a wide variety of hobbies, careers or other volunteer work, and interesting histories. And fortunately, leadership work in the League can be tailored to each person’s interests, skills, and availability.
Check out the “Meet the Board” page on our website. There you will learn not only what your leaders are doing now for LWVPDX, but also about their varied pasts. Some have lived abroad. Others have been League members in other parts of the U.S. or grew up in LWV families. In addition to serving the League in different ways, our pasts include work in journalism, nursing, government service, elected office, law, counseling, education, finance, marketing, engineering, scientific research, and more!
We are looking forward to hiring a new office manager to help us — and to being able to gather in person again! We also look forward to welcoming new committee leaders and board members. Please consider volunteering with us!
Your LWVPDX Board of Directors and off-board leaders are all volunteers!
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Portland City Charter Review: Two Chances to Learn!

This Thursday, Jan. 13, at 6-7:30pm, we will host a special event for LWVPDX members only. To learn background about the City of Portland’s ongoing city charter review process, we will be joined by Hank Schottland, an active member of the Downtown Neighborhood Association who has been closely following the Charter Commission. Hank will present background on:
  • how the charter review process got to where it is
  • how the commission recommendations this time are different than a decade ago
  • timelines for advocacy over the coming year
This conversation will be conducted via Zoom; email Audrey Zunkel-deCoursey to register.

And, coming up in February, look for our Civic Education panel discussion about the charter review process, open to the public and available online. Our January conversation will help us formulate questions for this Civic Education program. We have invited members of the Charter Commission; speakers and a date will be announced soon!
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   LWVPDX Partner Events: Voting Rights & Information   

Sign up for one of these upcoming programs put on by our partner Leagues and members. These events are not managed by LWVPDX.

‘Defending Democracy’ Speaker Series

LWVPDX is co-sponsoring a virtual speaker series organized by the League of Women Voters of Piedmont, California. We hope our members will be interested in listening to the presentations covering a range of topics related to elections, voters, and the health of our democracy. The programs are free and open to the public; register online to receive a Zoom link via email. The first lecture is tomorrow, Jan. 11, at 4-5pm. Carol Moon Goldberg, President of LWV of California, will speak on “Voting Rights: Where we are and the work we have left to do.”
   Register Online    

Program on ‘Democracy, Disinformation & Distrust’

League members are invited to attend a program on “Democracy, Disinformation & Distrust: Building Citizen Capacity to Impact Mis-/Dis-information” on Wednesday, Jan. 19, 10-11:30am. Register online to receive a Zoom link for this free event sponsored by the Civil Discourse Network (a partnership between the League of Women Voters and the National Institute for Civil Discourse). The program will feature guests from the National Conference on Citizenship:
  • Matt Leighninger, Head of Democracy Innovation, is a respected global leader in democratic innovation and his collaboration with League is long-standing
  • Cameron Hickey, project director for the Algorithmic Transparency Institute, has an impressive body of Emmy award-winning work in science and technology (specifically mis- and dis-information) for the PBS NewsHour and NOVA.
   Register Online   

Civics Workshop: ‘Misinformation, Fake News & Propaganda’

LWVPDX member Donna Cohen will present a civics workshop on Jan. 20 at 6:30-8pm, sponsored by the Tualatin Public Library, and on Feb. 1 at 7-8:30pm, sponsored by the Albany Public Library. Register via the libraries' websites. Topics covered will include: mainstream press and “fake news,” social media, email clickbait, propaganda, language / terminology, deepfakes, survey/poll questions, economic data, graphs and charts, and finding good information.

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Action Highlights: Superfund & Safety

By Debbie Aiona, Action Chair

Portland Harbor Superfund Site: Story Map

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently released a newly created Story Map of the Portland Harbor Superfund Site. The Story Map includes photos, videos, interactive maps, and audio recordings and covers river history, information on the Superfund site, tribal narratives, human health, plants and wildlife, clean-up areas, and environmental justice. Take a look for a comprehensive and engaging overview of the Superfund site that lies in the heart of our city. Learn more about this topic and the League’s recent advocacy here.

Police Accountability Commission: The Work Begins

Voters overwhelmingly adopted a city charter amendment last November that established a framework for an independent and empowered police accountability system for Portland. The 20-member commission charged with designing the details of the new system for city council enactment started meeting in December. Board members will be appointed by city council.
More information on the project is available at the Police Accountability Commission website. Sign up for meeting notices here. The new community police oversight board will have the authority to:
  • Independently investigate complaints of police misconduct, including police shootings and deaths in custody
  • Subpoena documents and compel testimony
  • Impose discipline,
  • Make policy recommendations to the police bureau
Learn more about this topic and the League’s recent advocacy here.
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   Join the January Action Committee Meeting   

Topic & Speaker: To be announced
When: Friday, Jan. 28 | 1:30–3:30pm
All League members are welcome to attend this Zoom meeting. If you are not on the Action Committee email list and would like to attend, please email Debbie Aiona ( for the topic announcement and Zoom link .


Here We Go! Primary Election Efforts Ramp Up

By Chris Cobey, Voter Service Chair

Oregon’s mid-term Primary Election is coming up on May 17. Candidates are filing to run for dozens of various offices — from governor to city commissioner. By the time you read this, at least a week’s worth of candidate filings will have commenced or continued.
Who helps make sense of this tsunami of candidates? The League’s Voter Service team, of course! We give all candidates the opportunity to be heard, seen, and analyzed by posing questions on issues with which their offices can be expected to deal. We then share this information widely through our print and online Voters’ Guides, Video Voters’ Guide, podcasts, and Voter Forums.
And you can help the League fulfill its mission of empowering voters and defending democracy by suggesting questions for candidates for the various races LWVPDX will cover:
  • U.S. Congress: Senate, House of Representatives (3rd District)
  • Oregon state senators and representatives
  • Metro regional government: president, councilors, auditor
  • Multnomah County: chair, commissioners, sheriff, auditor
  • Circuit court judges: Fourth Judicial District (Multnomah County)
  • City of Portland: commissioners, auditor
  • Other mayors and city councilors in Multnomah County cities
For a listing of questions LWVPDX has asked local candidates over the last 20 years, see here. Please send any topics or questions, for any office, to Voter Service Chair Chris Cobey at
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   Thank You for Being Part of the League   

By Mary McWilliams, Membership Chair

Currently LWVPDX has 264 new or renewed members for our League year that runs July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022. All memberships are for one year. Thank you for being a part of the League! And WELCOME to our new members who have joined since the December newsletter issue:
  • Ella Ferrero
  • Elizabeth McKinnon
Chris Ford
Thanks for reading!
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The Importance of Discussion Units

By Judy Froemke, Coordinator of Discussion Units

Members attending Discussion Units are the grassroots activists of our League. Led by Jean Trygstad, Barbara Byrd, Olivia Smith, Lynn Baker, Linda Mather, Carolyn Buppert, and Tia Wulff, these small discussion groups meet online (or in the homes of members, post-pandemic) to discuss topics that generally arise from our Civic Education public programs. Once or twice a year, we participate in the process of consensus, assessing questions related to a state or local League study and report; this gives us the responsibility of contributing to the consideration of new advocacy positions. Other months, we discuss and learn about a wide-ranging field of topics of general interest.
This month, the seven Discussion Units have turned their time slots over to program planning. But in February, please join one of the Units to discuss the City of Portland Charter Commission and the possibilities of change to the form of city governance.
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   Local Governments Recruiting for Advisory Boards   

PBOT Central City in Motion Working Group
Do you have an interest in Portland’s transportation system in Portland’s Central City? The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is currently recruiting applications for six new Central City in Motion Working Group members to serve a two-year term. Central City in Motion is PBOT’s plan for strategic investments to accommodate more people on Central City streets. To learn more about the requirements and how to be considered for this volunteer opportunity, read more and submit an application online by Sunday, Jan. 30, at 11:59pm.

Tri-County Planning Body for Supportive Housing Services
Metro and the three counties are recruiting for a new group that will help inform implementation of the supportive housing services program (SHS) — a new regional program that helps people experiencing homelessness or at risk of losing their housing. Funded by a new tax that voters approved in May 2020, the program started in July 2021. SHS advances racial equity by especially meeting the needs of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) because these groups experience housing instability and houselessness at higher rates than others. Read more about the SHS work plan and values and apply online by Feb .18.

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Happy New Year! We Have Big Plans

By Linda H. Mantel, Development Chair

Thank you to all of our Giving Tuesday donors! We surpassed our goal of raising $2,000 with the help of 28 contributors and the imagination and hard work of our Giving Tuesday communications team. We will keep you covered this year with nonpartisan information on all of our upcoming Primary Election contests and ballot measures.
We have big plans for reaching audiences through our Voter Service activities, including a print Voters’ Guide in English and Spanish, the comprehensive online resource, as many as 80 (!) candidate video interviews for the Video Voters’ Guide, and at least four Voters’ Forums for major races. To this array of information we will soon also offer podcasts of the video interviews, so you can have your up-to-date political information while you are on the go. All of this will take financial resources, and we are counting on you to help us make all of these opportunities come true.
What’s the easiest way to do this? Just go to our giving webpage and donate online, with a check, or with a monthly donation. And to make your money go twice as far, don’t forget to ask your employer to match your gift.
Thank you as always for your outstanding support of LWVPDX. We are here for you, and we greatly appreciate you being here for us. Stay well and have a happy new year.
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Thank You To All Our 2021 Donors

We are so pleased to share the list of our donors for 2021 and to thank them again for their generosity in "Making Democracy Work." Contributions from 139 donors totaled more than $34K.

If we have accidentally left someone off this list, we apologize, and please let us know at
Debbie Aiona
Susan Allen
Lynn Baker
Alice Bartelt
Carole Beauclerk
Judith Beck
Carolyn Buppert
Beth Burczak
Ann Burton
Janet Cartmill
Jane Cease
Julie Chapman
Patricia Chor
Pamela Clark
Christopher Cobey
Elaine Cogan
Carol Cushman
Anne Davidson
Judy Davis
Dora DeCoursey
Margaret DeLacy
Leslie Dobbertin
Nancy Donovan
Lee Draper
Ann Dudley
Spencer Ehrman
Naomi Eliezer
Deborah Farrington
Rita Fawcett
Linda Fields
Kathleen Fisher
Marianne Fitzgerald
Stephenie Frederick
Amanda Fritz
Judy Froemke
Sheryl Fuller
Trish Garner
Jane Gigler
Susan & Geoff Gilbert
Laura L. Good
Katie Goodwin
Lorraine Griffey
Judith Griswold
Karen Gritzka
Marsha Gulick
Christina Gullion
Bill Harris
Mary Haslinger
Mary & Peter Hepokoski
Diane Herrmann
Lucy Hill
Susanne Holmes
Kris & Steve Hudson
Eileen Hufana
Linda Hutchins
James Jandacek
Elizabeth Joseph
Gayle Kauffman
Debbie & Ted Kaye
Molly Keating
Christie Kline
Susan Koe
Claire Kordosky
Ruth Kratochvil
Barbara Lawson
Katie LeRoux
Anne Lezak
Sharon Little
Marnie Lonsdale
Gwen Luhta
Sally Maguire
Linda Mantel
Linda Mather
Marion McNamara
Mary McWilliams
Paulette Meyer
Jean Miley
Frances Moore
Kay Moran
Maud Naroll
Elaine H. Nelson
Amber Nobe
Jennifer Noel
Katharine Noel
Margaret & Gordon Noel
Margaret Noel
James Ofsink & Stasia Honnold
Patricia & Allan Osborn
Marilyn Owen
Corinne Paulson
Carole Pool
Betsy Pratt & Phil Thor
John Richardson
Jeanne Robbana & David Hicks
Ruth Robinson
Kurt Rosenberg
Nadyne Rosin
Barbara Ross
Erica Rubin
Debbie Runciman
Susan Sater
Vincenza Scarpaci
Judy Schroeter
Sunny Schurr
Jennifer Shiman
Colleen Shoemaker
Doug & Sherin Shumavon
Wanda Silverman
Ellen Simmons
Alice Smith
Boyd Smith
Olivia Smith
Barbara & Bill Stalions
Donna Marie Stewart
Gail Stolz
Brett Swift
Nora Terwilliger
Philip Thor
Robin Tokmakian
Linda Torgeson
Kay Tousley
Roz Tucker
Norman Turrill
Judy Walton
Terri Wanke
Donna Ward
Tobin Weaver
Joella Werlin
Wihtol Family Charitable Fund
Robert W. Wilkins
Felicia Williams
Carol & Art Wilson
Janet Wolf
Linda Wood
Barbara Woodford & Tom Kelly
Julie Young
Audrey Zunkel-deCoursey

Special Gifts & Grants:
Carol & Velma Saling Foundation
Fred Meyer Rewards
Hennebery Eddy Architects
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  Volunteer Roundup  

LWVPDX is always looking for volunteers! Volunteer opportunities announced in this issue are listed below; read the linked article and contact the listed League leader for more information.
  • Join us for program planning and help se the League's direction | Read more
  • Join the LWVPDX leadership team | Read more
  • Help determine candidate questions | Read more
  • Apply for a local government advisory group | Read more
We do not share personal contact information in this newsletter; if a listed contact does not have a LWVPDX email address, you can look up their contact information in our membership directory, or contact the office at or (503) 228-1675. If you are looking for a different type of volunteer opportunity than those listed here, contact any member of the board to discuss how you can help us fulfill our mission of "Making Democracy Work." 
Share this newsletter with someone who wants to support LWVPDX! Share this newsletter with someone who wants to support LWVPDX!

  Calendar at a Glance  

January February
  • Feb. 1: "Misinformation, Fake News & Propaganda" Workshop | 7-8:30pm.
  • Feb. 2: LWVPDX Board Meeting | Noon to 2pm via Zoom.
  • Feb. 9: Civic Education Program on City Charter Review (Tentative) | Details to come.
  • Feb. 14: Next Voter Newsletter Issue | Check your email inbox!
  • Feb. 14: League of Women Voters' 102nd Birthday!
  • Feb. 18: Deadline to Apply for Metro Housing Planning Body.
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Board of Directors

> Debbie Kaye, President
> Marion McNamara, Vice President 
> Chris Cobey, Voter Service Chair
> Nancy Donovan, Civic Education Chair, 
> Anne Davidson, Secretary
> Adrienne Aiona, Treasurer 
> Margaret Noel, Communications Chair,
> Debbie Aiona, Action Chair 
> Judy Froemke, Discussion Units Coordinator, 
> Linda Mantel, Development Chair
> Audrey Zunkel-deCoursey, At-Large,
> Carolyn Buppert, Twitter
> Amber Nobe, Newsletter Editor
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Off-Board Leaders

> Mary McWilliams, Membership Chair, 
> Ann Dudley, Nominating Committee Chair
> Jen Jacobs, Budget Committee Chair,
> Phil Thor, Endowment Committee Chair
> Beth Burczak, Speakers Bureau Chair,
> Kathy Casto, Voters' Guide Editor,
> VACANT, Video Voters' Guide,
> VACANT, Forums Chair,
> VACANT, Voter Registration Chair,
> Elizabeth Davis, Instagram,
> Katie LeRoux, Facebook
Interest Group Chairs:
> Nancy Donovan, Education
> James Ofsink, Justice
> Donna Cohen, Housing & Homelessness

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