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> Statement on Capitol Violence
> President's Column
> Join Us for Program Planning
> Responding to Recent Events
> February Civic Ed Program
> Membership Matters
> Member News
> Women's Suffrage Exhibits & Cards
> It's Nominating Season
> Join the National Climate Team
> Police Accountability Study Update
> 'Consider This' w/ Oregon Humanities
> Development Directions
> Action Committee Meeting
> Thank You, Volunteers
> Calendar at a Glance
> Contact Us
Statement Regarding Events at the U.S. Capitol

By Debbie Kaye, LWVPDX President

The year 2020 presented a remarkable quantity of huge challenges. Most recently, they included President Trump’s refusal to accept the verified results of the November election. His words and actions culminated in the assault on the U.S. Capitol and demonstrations at the Oregon Capitol, too.
The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization. We believe in Empowering Voters and Defending Democracy. In supporting free and fair elections with information, we empower voters. In all of our work at the local, state, and national levels, we defend democracy.
Our national leadership wrote, “The League condemns the attack for what it was: domestic terrorism,” and issued statements that can be read here and here.
Despite the violent and frightening interruption to Congress’s mandated task of certifying the electors’ votes for president and vice president, our elected representatives returned to their constitutional duty, completing their task in the middle of the night. The rule of law prevailed. We thank them.
There will be many opinions about the consequences of those events and many possible responses. We may feel fear, anger, and deep concern for the future of our democracy. These worries, while very jarring, can also cause us to recognize the value of our democratic institutions and work even more diligently to protect them. The League has done this work for the last 100 years. We stand together with you, our members and supporters.

"The League is needed now more than ever — because people need facts more than ever, and need to be motivated and educated to vote. I see the League as a force for truth, understanding, and engagement. All the ingredients for what we need now the most."
— Wendy Lawton, LWVPDX Member & Fairview City Councilor
Presidents Column
By Debbie Kaye, LWVPDX President

Greetings to you in this new year! I hope you had a good holiday season in person or in ever-more creative ways via the communication tools at hand.
Having spent the summer and fall watching the entire “West Wing” series again, I’m starting the year quoting President Josiah (Jed) Bartlet: “What’s next?” The answer for our League: “A lot!”
  • Program planning takes place in January and February in virtual Discussion Unit meetings. I hope our members will suggest a new study that we can vote upon at our annual meeting in May.
  • The Police Accountability Study is in the writing stage.
  • With the City Charter Review Commission seated, we will advocate for changes using our 2019 City Government Position.
  • As we did last January, we are likely to participate in a meeting on how the Portland Police Bureau interacts with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.
  • The Nominating Committee will begin its work to identify potential board members. Please let them know if you are interested or wish to nominate someone.
  • The Budget Committee will meet soon to develop our 2021-22 budget.
  • Voter Service is looking ahead to spring school board elections.
  • We are streamlining some office procedures, particularly our use of constituent management software for membership, fundraising, and capturing volunteer hours.
Our volunteer participation this past year, despite – or perhaps because of – the pandemic, was extraordinary! Thank you all. See the volunteer list in this eVoter. If you were not included, please accept my apologies and let me know so we may update it.
Thank you for your membership and support of the Portland League. We have much to do; please let your board know how you would like to be engaged in “what’s next.” Remember that we work together with our state and national partners to “Make Democracy Work.” Please see these links to important issues and initiatives they are working on: I look forward to the time when we can meet again in person and recognize that it might not be until the summer. Please take good care and stay well.
President Debbie Kaye toasts 100 years of the League at our anniversary brunch last February.
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Help Us Plan Our Programs for Next Year!

By Judy Froemke, Discussion Units Coordinator, and Nancy Donovan, Civic Education Chair

This month, each Discussion Unit will focus on program planning for next year. This gives all League members the opportunity to help determine what issues LWVPDX will recommend for Action, Advocacy, Civic Education programs and possible study or interest group formation in 2021-22. To participate:

  • find the cluster of topics most interesting to you (see list below)
  • click here to sign up for one or more discussion groups
  • join with others to discuss topics of mutual interest
To learn more about the League's studies on positions on these topics prior to your Discussion Unit meeting, check out our website.
Sign Up Here

Topics & Meeting Times
Note: You may participate in as many discussion meetings as you like.

Adult & Juvenile Justice, Police Accountability, Gun Safety
Discussion Unit 1: Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 7pm
Discussion leaders Barbara Ross and Nancy Donovan
Clean Air/Water, Superfund Sites, Environmental Issues, Climate Change
Discussion Unit 2: Monday, Jan. 25, at 10am
Discussion leaders Julie Chapman and Marnie Lonsdale
Neighborhood Associations, Racial Justice, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion
Discussion Unit 3: Monday, Jan. 25, at 7pm
Discussion leaders Kim Mason and Brian Harvey
Homelessness, Housing Density, Affordable Housing & Community Residential Facilities
Discussion Unit 4: Thursday, Jan. 21, at 1pm
Discussion leaders Doreen Binder and Donna Cohen
Forest Management, Land Use, Urban Growth, Transportation
Discussion Unit 5: Saturday, Jan. 16, at 10am
Discussion leaders Carol Cushman and Linda Mather
City/Metro/State Governance, Economic Development, Tax System
Discussion Unit 6: Tuesday, Jan. 26, at 9:30am
Discussion leaders Betsy Pratt and Marsha Gulick
Children’s Issues, Teens at Risk, Childcare, Education Funding, Universal Pre-K
Discussion Unit 7: Monday, Jan. 25, at 1pm
Discussion leaders Kathy Casto and Audrey Zunkel-deCoursey

This chart outlines the League's program planning process. Click here to view a full-size version.
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Responding to Recent Events: What Can We Do?

The following events and resources are shared by the League and other trusted resources.

Hold America Together: Tuesday Jan 12 at 5pm. Sponsored by Braver Angels. National action-oriented town hall meeting. Register here.

A Citizen’s Guide to Healing America: Thursday, Jan 14 at 4pm. Digital dinner series sponsored by The Village Square, featuring “The Reunited States” documentary on Jan 14, followed by “A Divided Union” on Jan. 28, and “Let Friendship Redeem the Republic” on Feb. 25. Find more information on the series and register here.

LWVUS Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Webinar: Thursday, Jan 21 at 4pm. Join a discussion on how to navigate through the League’s DEI work with a nonpartisan lens. How do our nonpartisan and DEI policies intersect? Register here.

LWVUS Community Call on Remaining Nonpartisan: Tuesday, Jan 26 at 8am. Discuss how to remain nonpartisan in hyper-partisan times and how to overcome these challenges by supporting one another. Register here.

Call for Nonviolent Response to Election Results. An overwhelming number of Americans want a nonviolent response to the election results. Citizens are calling on our leaders/candidates to denounce violence and ask their followers to do so too. Encourage friends and family to sign on to the initiative. Find out more/sign on here.

Post-Election 2020: Reaching Across Divides. A resource list of organizations dedicated to bridging the divide/videos of discussions by thought leaders, prepared by Ellen Forbes with LWV Palo Alto. Find the list here.
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Feb. 9 Civic Education Program on Homelessness
Stay tuned for more details!
During the post-election debrief program LWVPDX hosted in November, we learned from DHM Research that in 2020, 34% of Portland-area voters said homelessness was the most important problem facing the city. To that end, we will have a Civic Education program via Zoom on Feb. 9 with speakers from organizations committed to addressing this crisis, such as JOIN, Human Solutions, the Joint Office of Homeless Services, and Central City Concern. Please contact Civic Education Chair Nancy Donovan if you would like to volunteer to help with this program, or if you have any questions, at
Membership Matters

By Mary McWilliams, Membership Chair

Welcome to LWVPDX’s new members who have joined since the December 2020 eVoter:
  • Michelle Gouw
  • Robbyn Peters-Bennett
  • Stephanie Routh
  • Marie Tyvoll
 As of Jan. 1, There have been 325 renewals/new members for our 2020-21 membership year.
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 Member News
Thank You, Commissioner Amanda Fritz!

By Debbie Aiona, Action Chair
The League of Women Voters of Portland offers its sincere gratitude and congratulations to long-time League member Amanda Fritz for her 12 years of service on the Portland City Council, culminating in her retirement at the end of 2020. Amanda started her involvement in local government as a neighborhood activist and eventually was elected to the Portland City Council using Portland’s innovative Voter-Owned Elections program.
She built a well-earned reputation for her accessibility to the public and responsiveness to community concerns, answering emails late into the night. Her diligence and attention to detail were evident in the questions she asked and comments she made at city council hearings. Commissioner Fritz provided encouragement and advice to grassroots activists that resulted in more effective involvement in issues facing our community.
The League worked closely with Commissioner Fritz and her staff on creating Open and Accountable Elections, a new campaign finance system for city elections. She played key roles in the creation of the city’s Office of Equity and Human Rights, improving our parks, protecting West Hayden Island from development, and expanding public participation through enhancements to the neighborhood involvement system.
Once Amanda has had time to begin enjoying her retirement, we hope to see her at League events again.
LWVPDX member Amanda Fritz, former City of Portland Commissioner, in front of City Hall.
In Memoriam

By Judy Froemke, Discussion Units Coordinator

Monteith Macoubrie passed away on Dec. 24, 2020, at age 101, in his home at Holladay Park Plaza. Monte joined the League in 1992 and, as a retired English teacher, used his skills for years to proofread the Voters’ Guide and help edit the newsletter. Until the pandemic, he was active in Discussion Unit 4.
Highlighting Our Life Members

By Judy Froemke, Discussion Units Coordinator
Life member Barbara Stalions describes herself as a “worker bee” for the League. When she and husband Bill moved in 1970 from Portland to Boise, Idaho, with their baby, Barbara had quit work and was looking for intellectual stimulation, her motivation for joining the League that year. In Boise, she worked on a successful ballot measure to fund a new library and got hooked on League activism. In 1972, the Stalions returned to Portland. Barbara remembers there being 600 Portland League members in those days and having luncheon meetings at Westminster Presbyterian Church with babysitting provided for members’ toddlers. Though Barbara continues to work as office manager of her husband’s company (Lo-Temp Contracting Services, which builds freezers and coolers for the food industry), she has been involved in many activities. She was part of a few interest groups and studies, including the City-County Consolidation Study. She was Discussion Unit 1 chair for several years and for 10 years was the Voters’ Guide Distribution Chair for both the state and local Leagues (with help from Bill, also a 20-year League member, and his 12-foot trailer). Pictured here is Barbara at the January 2017 Women’s March. She continues to be active in the League and is now a member of Discussion Unit 6.
Life member Corinne Paulson joined the Portland League at age 30 in l963. Her first involvement was to attend a Republican convention as a League member-observer. Inspired by this, Corinne became very active as Membership Chair, part of the Action Committee, the Speakers Bureau, and in working on the Voters’ Guide. Corinne was chair of an earlier Portland City Government Study, about 30 years ago, and was involved in other studies over the years. She was on the Downtown Plan Citizens Advisory Committee, which recommended expansive changes in the wider downtown area and included the development of Pioneer Square, and she was on the Merit System Council for Multnomah County. Corinne served as LWVPDX President from 1987-89. She did all this with five children involved in sports, music, and student government activities. She recalls the time when the Voter newsletter was mimeographed in the office and has seen the League’s successful evolution into the 21st century. Corinne has been Discussion Unit 7 chair for at least 15 years and is also on the Endowment Fund oversight committee. She and husband Duane, a retired children’s dentist and professor at OHSU’s Dental School, have recently transitioned from their home of many years to a new place and are awaiting the end of the pandemic and return of in-person meetings.
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Know someone who may be interested in the League? Forward this newsletter! Know someone who may be interested in the League? Forward this newsletter!
Non-League Events of Interest

Women’s Suffrage Exhibits Extended

The Oregon Historical Society has extended until Dec. 5, 2021, the suffrage exhibit Nevertheless, They Persisted: Women’s Voting Rights and the 19th Amendment.” Visit the OHS website for information on when and how in-person viewing will resume.

The Oregon State Archives’ online exhibit “On Her Own Wings: Oregon Women and the Struggle for Suffrage will continue to be available in 2021 and beyond.

The University of Oregon’s digital exhibit “Oregon Women Vote! Commemorating Woman Suffrage in Oregon and the U.S.” will continue in 2021. This exhibit highlights Oregon women in the first-wave feminist movement in the 19th and 20th centuries, and second-wave women’s movement in the mid-20th century, including the “Oregon Women’s Political Caucus and Gretchen Kafoury, a leader in Oregon politics.”

You’ve heard about Abigail Scott Duniway, but do you know Zitkala-Sa or Tye Leung Schulze? Print these Suffragist Trading Cards [link] from the Oregon State Archives exhibit and learn about 25 historical figures who were vital to the fight for women’s suffrage.

It’s Nominating Season!

By Debbie Kaye, President, and Mary McWillaims, Membership Chair/Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee will meet over the next three months to seek candidates for a variety of elected League leadership positions, both on and off the Board of Directors (elected during the Local Convention or annual business meeting in May). Board service offers a deep view of the League’s work and opportunities to contribute meaningfully. We have an active and collegial board with fun and interesting people dedicated to the League’s success. If you would like to learn about these opportunities, please contact Nominating Committee Chair Doreen Binder at
Terms Expiring in May 2021 & Up for Nomination:
Board: Officers
  • President
  • Second VP/Voter Service
  • Secretary
Board: Directors
  • Communications Chair
  • Newsletter
  • Director at Large
  • Director at Large (1-year term)
  • Budget Chair
  • Endowment Chair
  • Nominating Chair
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Join the National League Effort on Climate Change

The League of Women Voters declared a climate emergency and made climate change a key priority at our 2020 Annual Convention. To advance League action on this urgent issue, a nationwide collaboration effort has formed: the LWVUS Climate Team. This large and growing group of League members from all but seven states works together to fight climate change through 10 nationwide teams on subjects of joint interest. These teams share information and strategies and analyze federal legislation and policy for maximum impact. All League members are welcome to join.
Learn More [links]: To join a Climate Team, email the chair directly:
Update on the Police Accountability Study

By Barbara Ross, Study Chair

The Police Accountability Study team is still hard at work. We are trying to turn a mountain of content into a readable narrative.
We are attempting to document in detail the many steps that follow an accusation of misconduct by an officer. These include describing the investigation process, Police Review Board hearings, appeals to the Citizen Review Committee, and ultimate decisions about discipline in cases ranging from minor rule violations to use of deadly force.
One of our challenges is outlining the major recommendations for improving officer accountability that have come out of this period of strong demands for police reform. We have made a decision that we will not try to describe city council or community action after Dec. 1, 2020. We will be covering the passage of ballot Measure 26-217 calling for an independent citizen oversight board and the initial process for planning for its implementation.

We will include summaries of state legislation passed in summer 2020 related to police reform but will not include in detail all the complex issues on law enforcement that are up for consideration by the legislature in the 2021 session.
As we complete each section, we will send them to expert reviewers to check for technical accuracy. Kim Mason and Audrey Zunkel-deCoursey are working to edit the copy that different team members are turning in. We hope to send the report to the printer in early February. In the meantime, we will develop the consensus questions that Discussion Units will consider in March. Our hope is that the board will be able to approve a new position on Portland Police Bureau accountability by the end of May.
Contact us if you have questions about what we are up to!
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Non-League Event of Interest: “Consider This” with Emma Green

Oregon Humanities’ 2020–21 “Consider This” conversation series, which the League co-sponsors, is all about democracy and civic engagement — how it works, who gets to participate, and how it interacts with other areas of our lives. On Jan. 19, join a conversation with Emma Green, a staff writer at The Atlantic who covers politics, policy, and religion. The discussion will look at how faith overlaps with voting, running for office, volunteering, and other ways people interact with democracy in the United States. The conversation will take place starting at 5pm on Thursday, Jan. 19; more details are here [link]. To join other viewers for post-talk conversation, RSVP here [link].
Development Directions

By Linda H. Mantel, Development Chair

Happy New Year, members! We wish you a healthy and fulfilling year to come, with opportunities to return to more of your normal life.
This is our moment to say THANK YOU to all of our members and donors, for your generosity, support, and participation. We were pleased to see so many of you at our centennial celebration brunch in February, and to welcome you virtually to our Civic Education programs and our annual meeting. We were thrilled that so many of you took advantage of our Voter Service program for both the primaries and the general election. All of these programs depend upon the outstanding support you graciously provided this year.
To recap our fundraising for 2020, many of our members contributed this year, often on multiple occasions and to more than one of our three funds. We also received donations from a number of non-members. For the 2020-21 fiscal year, starting July 1 through Dec. 31, we totaled $17,191 in individual giving, including $10,088 for the Education Fund, $6,218 for the Advocacy fund, and $885 for the Sara Frewing Fund. Good job, thanks to all!
We started three new giving programs this fall: Monthly Giving, Giving Tuesday, and Gift Memberships. Giving Tuesday resulted in gifts of $1,350 between Nov. 25 and Dec. 15 from 13 donors. We will try again next year, building on what we learned. So far, we have received four gift memberships. Our giving webpage is ready for your contribution at any time.
Why support LWVPDX? We provide information and services that you will not find elsewhere: Civic Education activities, Voter Service, Action and advocacy programs, and a nonpartisan presence in Portland. With the upcoming start of the legislative session, the May school board elections, and ongoing programs, including the City of Portland charter review and our ongoing study on police accountability, we will have many opportunities to keep you informed. So please support us in all of our work, either through our online system or by sending a check to PO Box 3491, Portland, OR  97208-3491.
Thank you all again for your support during the past year, and let’s look forward to a positive and more interactive 2021! Take care of yourselves and stay well.
Donate Now
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January Action Committee Meeting

When: Friday, Jan. 22, 1:30–3:30pm
Topic: City of Portland Healthy Climate Proposal. Find information here [link]
Speaker: Kyle Diesner, Climate Action Program Coordinator, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
All League members are welcome! Action Committee members on the email list will receive a reminder and Zoom link prior to the meeting. If you are not on the committee email list and would like to be, or would just like to receive the link for this meeting, contact Action Chair Debbie Aiona at
Thank You, Volunteers!

The following list includes the 136 people who have volunteered for the League of Women Voters of Portland during the 2019-20 League year and during the first half of the current League year (July 1, 2019, through Dec. 31, 2020). We thank you all for your support!
We have not yet totaled up all the hours these volunteers have dedicated to the League, but if each person volunteered just one hour, that would be worth $3,700 — and we know most of you volunteered many, many more hours than one. (Total based on the current estimated national value of each volunteer hour: $27.20.)

To view a larger, printable list, click here. If you were inadvertently left off the list, please let us know so that we may correct the error.
Adrienne Aiona
Debbie Aiona
Christine Andersen
Judith Armatta
Lynn Baker
Amy Beltaine
Peggy Bengry
Doreen Binder
Nancy Boudreau
Don Brenneis
Joshua Buck
Carolyn Buppert
Beth Burczak
Amy Jo Butler
Marlene Byrne
Joanna Cain
Kathy Casto
Julie Chapman
Eileen Chase
Pamela Clark
Chris Cobey
Donna Cohen
Carol Cushman
Anne Davidson
Elizabeth Davis
Libby Deal
Karen Demsey
Bridget Donegan
Nancy Donovan
Ann Dudley
Barbara Dudley
Fran Dyke
Tom Dyke
Marge Easley**
Sue Ellis
Peter Englander
Rita Fawcett
Stephanie Feeney
Linda Fields
Judy Froemke
Jocelyn Furbush*
Wynne Furth
Trish Garner
Jane Gigler
Susan Gilbert
Ellie Godfrey
Lorraine Griffey
Marsha Gulick
Kathe Hart
Brian Harvey
Augusta Hayter
Mary Hepokoski
Diane Herrmann
Karnie Hill
Shannon Hiller-Webb
Joe Hoffman
Gina Hogue
Kris Hudson
Eileen Hufana
Jen Jacobs
Susan Jessie
Carol Johnson*
Elizabeth Joseph
Debbie Kaye
Rob Kaye*
Ted Kaye
Ruth Kratochvil
Carol Landsman
Wendy Lawton
Alice Linker
Marnie Lonsdale
Don MacGillivray
Stefanie Maher
Linda Mantel
Kim Mason
Linda Mather
Rebecca McCrory
Sylvia McGill
Hailey McLaughlin
Marion McNamara
Mary McWilliams
Linda Meyer*
Paulette Meyer
Christine Moore
Frances Moore
Kathy Moyd
Maud Naroll
Anne Nesse
Amber Nobe
Margaret Noel
Mary Nolan
James Ofsink
Marilyn Owen
Julie Palmer
Corinne Paulson
Anne Pechovnik
Dorthea Petersen
Katie Pool
Elsa Porter
Betsy Pratt
Emily Candler Rake
Sarah Read
Linda Reed
Jeanne Robbana
Kathy Rock
Nadyne Rosin
Barbara Ross
Allison Rowe
Erica Rubin
Debbie Runciman
Carolyn Rundorff
Vincenza Scarpaci
Marcia Schneider
Judy Schroeter
Mary Ann Schwab
Colleen Shoemaker
Dorothy Slater
Brenda Smith
Essie Somma*
Barbara Stalions
Bill Stalions
Donna Marie Stewart
Casey Sundermann
Jessica Sweeney
Phil Thor
Robin Tokmakian
Emily Toops
Norman Turrill
Judy Walton
Ann Waring
Georgia Wier
Jan Wolf
Beckie Wyse*
Janet Youel
Kathy M. Young
Audrey Zunkel-deCoursey

**Clackamas League member
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Calendar at a Glance
All League meetings and events are being conducted virtually until further notice because of the pandemic.

Tues, Jan. 12: "Hold America Together" Town Hall | 5pm. Register here [link].
Thurs, Jan. 14: A Citizen's Guide to Healing America | 4pm. Register here [link].
Sat, Jan. 16: Discussion Unit 5 Meets | 10am.
Tues, Jan 19: Oregon Legislature Begins 2021 Session | [link].
Tues, Jan 19: “Consider This” with Oregon Humanities | 5pm. Details are here [link]
Weds, Jan. 20: Discussion Unit 1 Meets | 7pm.
Thurs, Jan. 21: Discussion Unit 4 Meets | 1pm.
Thurs, Jan. 21: LWVUS Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Webinar | 4pm. Register here [link].
Fri, Jan. 22: Action Committee Meeting | 1:30–3:30pm. All League members welcome.
Mon, Jan. 25: Discussion Unit 2 Meets | 10am.
Mon, Jan. 25: Discussion Unit 7 Meets | 1pm.
Mon, Jan. 25: Discussion Unit 3 Meets | 7pm.
Tues, Jan. 26: LWVUS Call on Remaining Nonpartisan | 8am. Register here [link].
Tues, Jan. 26: Discussion Unit 6 Meets | 9:30am.
Tues, Jan. 26: LWVPDX Board Meeting | Noon to 2pm.
Mon, Feb. 8: February eVoter Issue | Check your email inbox!
Tues, Feb. 9: Civic Education Program on Homelessness | Stay tuned for more details.
Weds, Feb. 17: Discussion Unit 1 Meets | 7pm.
Thurs, Feb. 18: Discussion Unit 4 Meets | 1pm.
Mon, Feb. 22: Discussion Unit 2 Meets | 10am.
Mon, Feb. 22: Discussion Unit 7 Meets | 1pm.
Mon, Feb. 22: Discussion Unit 3 Meets | 7pm.
Tues, Feb. 23: Discussion Unit 6 Meets | 9:30.
Thurs, Feb. 25: LWVPDX Board Meeting | Noon to 2pm.
Fri, Feb. 26: Action Committee Meeting | 1:30–3:30pm. All League members welcome.

Note: In January, all Units will discuss program planning; read more about the topics and sign up for a discussion HERE. In February, Discussion Unit 5 will not meet.
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