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Hi TimeBank Member!

We have over 40 new members to the Louisville TimeBank since January! We are thrilled to have you in the TimeBank and if you need any help, don't be afraid to reach out to any of us to get you started. And if you haven't been to an orientation yet, make sure you get to one- there are details on our next one below! It makes all the difference in getting up to speed quickly and doing exchanges with other members. 

Great offers and requests this week. Make sure you check them out! 

Renewing your membership

The first annual Louisville TimeBank membership renewal and annual giving campaign is underway! If you joined the TimeBank between December 2011 and March 2013, it is time to renew!    Please renew  regardless of your ability to donate money.

Members that need to renew click here

If you can, we invite you to contribute any amount to our annual fund to help cover expenses such as rent, internet services, website maintenance and hosting, filing fees and printing.

 A new way to support the TimeBank is to become a sustaining member. You contribute an amount monthly(as little as $3) and your membership will automatically renews! You will also receive our new bumper sticker as a gift to show your support for the Louisville TimeBank! 

If you are a newer member, or your renewal is not yet due, please consider contributing to our annual fund or becoming a sustaining member! 

Not time for me to renew, but I would like to donate to the Annual fund or change to a sustaining membership! 


Upcoming Events for your Calendar

Membership Team Meeting

March 20th 11AM-1PM

Organizational Member Workgroup
March 20th 2 pm-3:30 PM

New and prospective member orientation
March 24 6-7:30 pm
Facebook Event
Sign up  and more details

Louisville TimeBankers in the press

Rose Flowers, who does wonderful henna designs and face painting was featured this last week in the Courier Journal! We always knew you were a fashion plate! Great article! 

Read the article Here

And for all of you U of L Sustainability fans, don't miss member Justin Mog getting down at :36 in the garden to U of L's version of "Happy"! 


Do you have an interesting project, a show opening, or are in the press? Please share it with the Communications Team! I have something to share! 



A reminder that if you make an exchange with someone you’ve never exchanged with before, BOTH of you receive an extra TimeBank hour!  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/challenge-make-timebank-exchange-someone-you-have-never-exchanged

Janet will teach you how to crochet, even if you are left-handed.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/crochet-lessons-1


Interested in going car-free?  Ask Justin for advice and mentoring.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/car-freebike-commuting-mentoring

Learn to repair and maintain your bicycle with Justin.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/bicycle-maintenance-and-repair-and-training

Sandy will make you a delicious Italian cream cake.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/baking-italiancream-cakes

Kara is offering transportation to local appointments and errands.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/need-ride

Andy will help your print materials look professional, anything from business cards to yard signs.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/print-project-consulting

Linda is offering reflexology in her home.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/reflexology

Deb’s popular offer of 2 dozen farm-fresh eggs from free range chickens raised without the use of chemicals is back!  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/farm-fresh-eggs

Need a singer for a wedding or other event?  Call on Deb.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/vocalist-weddings-and-other-events-0

Carolyn offers excellent table service at the Mayan Café and accepts TimeBank credits as tips.   http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/table-service-mayan-cafe



A reminder that if you make an exchange with someone you’ve never exchanged with before, BOTH of you receive an extra TimeBank hour!  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/challenge-make-timebank-exchange-someone-you-have-never-exchanged

Lynnette is looking for members to help with making sleeping mats for the homeless. March 22nd, come to Good Garbage for the first get together. Especially looking for knitters and crocheters!


Janet is having some electrical issues in her home and garage, and could use help from an experienced electrician.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/electrical-issues

April is collecting items for a pregnant friend, and will give TimeBank credits for items donated.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/donations-very-pregnant-woman

Denise’s kitchen water pressure is too low – can you diagnose and help fix it?  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/minor-kitchen-plumbing

Denise makes furniture of reclaimed hardwoods and needs materials.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/help-me-source-reclaimed-hardwoods


Linda needs more people to come to Frankfort to talk to legislators with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/kftc-members-lobby-frankfort-kentuckians-commonwealth

An open invitation to all TimeBank members to participate in the Membership Committee meeting on Mar 20.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/come-join-us-our-monthly-membership-team-meeting-and-help-plan-funeducational-projects

Chanelle needs someone to bring her daughter to school March 19-22 while she is out of town for a conference.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/school-transportation-my-daughter

Julie’s wriggly wiener dogs need their nails trimmed.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/my-weiner-dogs-need-spring-pedis

Help Julie strip wallpaper from part of her bathroom.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/stripping-wallpaper

Jessica would like to learn how to develop simple apps for iPhone or Android.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/simple-app-development

Deb needs help re-doing her cutting garden.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/i-need-help-making-cutting-garden-0

Kara really needs help minding her young son while she cleans and organizes her house, or help organizing while she watches her son.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/spring-cleaning-0

Kara could use help planning her urban garden.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/urban-garden

Would you like to help a new member learn how to TimeBank?  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/new-members-needing-help-learning-how-timebank-can-you-help-phone-or-person

Heather would like piano lessons for her son.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/piano-lessons-child


Have a scanner?  Isabella would like to scan old photos and save them electronically.  http://louisville.timebanks.org/ad/scan-prints-photos-0

Keeping in the loop! 

Want to know what is going on in the TimeBank? Check the TimeBank calendar- always something happening! 

TimeBank Calendar

Are you a member of our member FaceBook group? It is a good way to meet other members, and a wonderful place to post last minute requests. 

TimeBank Member Facebook Group

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