Potluck this Sunday! 
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Hi TimeBank Member!

The June potluck is this Sunday and we hope we will see you. Sign up to let us know if you are coming at the link below-there are jobs for time credits as well. Meeting other members at potluck is a great way to make new friends, and set up exchanges. 

Have you had trouble getting exchanges set up? There is some detailed information in this newsletter to help make your exchanges work out well. 

We have a really fun video of our involvement at the Mighty Kindness Hoot last month, as well as some news from our members with a week old new TimeBank member, a new book being released, and members in the news! 

Potluck this Sunday

Sign up for the potluck

Facebook Event for sharing

TimeBank Video at the Mighty Kindness Hoot

Thanks so much to TimeBank and Communication Team member Denise Greer and her fiancé John Roberts for making this video for us, Dawn Murrell for working with everyone for the Flash Mob, our dancers, and members willing to be interviewed!

How to have great exchanges with other members

Communication prior to the exchange makes all of the difference!

  • What specifically are you asking for? Write  in detail in your request what you are looking to have done.  Is this a professional or amateur-level job? Know yourself. Are you particular about how work is done or are you more laid back? You might need a pro for the job, or an amateur may be fine depending on what you would like done. Something else to be clear on: Are you looking for someone to help you? Or someone to work independently? It is good to be clear with your expectations. Some folks work better with a helper, and others don't. Are time-frames important? Put that in there too. The same kind of detailed information is needed in offers of services. 
  • Once someone responds: Discuss the exchange, and ask for that member's experience doing that kind of work if applicable to the exchange. Make your expectations clear of what you are looking to have done and when. Keep in mind that,  for example, "paint a room" can mean radically different things to different people- so be detailed. It is ok to ask for references from other members. Also, the person who is being asked to do the exchange can say that they are not the right person to do the exchange once they are clear on what is desired. 
  • Estimated time and costs incurred. Will there be costs of any kind? This should be discussed beforehand to make sure there are not surprises. Any hard costs, including gas,  should be clear before the exchange. Driving time to and from a job, or set up/breakdown time should be discussed  to give an estimated amount of time that the provider thinks the job will take, or the recipient can limit the amount of time that they want spent on a job. 
  • Have the other member's contact information- meaning direct phone and email. Do not rely solely on  Facebook group posts and comments to set up exchanges or detailed communication as we have found that the information is likely to not be seen, or difficult to find and confirm,  and miscommunication happens ending with people being disappointed. Facebook is excellent for getting your request or offer seen, but make sure there is direct communication for the best results. 

Once you have agreed on your exchange

  • Please keep your agreements. Respect is one of TimeBanking's core values and being on time, showing up for agreed upon exchanges, and doing what you say that you are going to do are part of showing  respect to another member. Obviously, emergencies happen, and it is important to get in touch with the member promptly to let them know that you must cancel. Another reason why having exchanged contact information is so important.
  • No-showing to  an agreed upon exchange without canceling is a serious issue, and should be reported to Jennifer Turner, Board Chair or Stephanie Corbett Membership Chair. 

After the exchange

  • Discuss who will record the time credits, and try to record them as soon as possible so they are not forgotten. 
  • What if there are problems with the exchange? It doesn't happen often, but sometimes people are not happy after an exchange. We encourage you to talk to the other member to work out a solution if at all possible. If it is not, please contact Jennifer Turner or Stephanie Corbett to discuss the issue. 

TimeBank Members in The Lou! 

We love sharing what our members are doing outside of the TimeBank. Do you have news that you would like to share with other time bank members? Let us know! 

Erin Fitzgerald

Has a new book out! Reading and release party info


Rachel Hurst

Was featured in an article in the LEO about the Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and its struggle for appropriate funding. Check it out here


Jen Turner

Welcome to our newest TimeBank Member Maggie Rose! Jen Turner has a lovely new baby that we can't wait to meet! 


Nancy Bohannon

Nancy was featured on Great Day Live, promoting her pop up homeless store on June 14th. More info here 
Click the image for the video


Revenue Generation Team Meeting

All members are welcome to attend the next fundraising team meeting on Friday, June 13th from 1pm-2:30pm, at Java Brewing Company, 1707 Bardstown Rd

Keeping in the loop! 

Want to know what is going on in the TimeBank? Check the TimeBank calendar- always something happening! 

TimeBank Calendar

Are you a member of our member FaceBook group? It is a good way to meet other members, and a wonderful place to post last minute requests. 

TimeBank Member Facebook Group

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