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Hi TimeBank Member!

We had a great time at our April Potluck. It is always wonderful to be able to meet members and we noticed  many exchanges were planned! 

Thanks to Linda and Pedro doing the honors on cutting the cake celebrating all of the April birthdays. You two know how to cut a cake! 

How to record time credits from the TimeBank

There are a few situations where the member will be recording time credits that are from the TimeBank instead of member to member. Many times(even some of us who have been around for a good while) can switch this around and end up paying the TimeBank instead of the TimeBank paying you. We have been noticing many of these recently and hope this helps. 
  • Potlucks where you work or bring food
  • The first time you make an exchange with a member. 
  • When you do any work for the TimeBank on a work group or a team. 
Here are the steps, with small differences depending on which one of these situations above you are recording. 
  • Go to Give and Receive and click record an exchange
  • The very first service category is The Louisville TimeBank.  There is a + sign in front of all of the categories, when you click it, you will find the sub categories. 

  • For exchanging with a member for the first time, just click the Louisville TimeBank
  • For Potluck work or bringing food, click event
  • For work groups and team meetings and projects click work group and committee participants

  • It is important to put The Louisville TimeBank as the Recipient of the Service. This is where most of the confusion happens. You are the provider of the service.
  • Then put a brief explanation in the description, either who you exchanged with for the first time, or what work you did for a team or work group.
  • For potlucks you receive one time credit for each dish you bring, and one time credit for each hour worked. Just note those in the description. 

    Click Save! 

    Uh-Oh! Just realized that you did it wrong and need to change it? Here is how. 
  • click the exchange on your account page and you will see something like this: 
  • Click the Change button on the bottom and make the changes you need to make and click save. Yes, there is an edit button above, but it is buggy. The change button works best. 
  • If you have any problems don't hesitate to contact us for more help. 

Louisville TimeBankers in the press

Brian McMahan 

Was in the LEO this last week featuring  his band Slint's album re-issue. We know that this has been a project long in the making. Congratulations Brian! 
Read more here

Amanda Fuller 

is in this fantastic article about urban agriculture along with many other members of the community. Love watching your garden grow Amanda!
Read more here 

Revenue Generation Team


Fundraising updates! 

A huge thank you to everyone who renewed their membership and to those who donated more to help build our operational fund!!  We are $74 away from our goal of $2036, with $1962 raised so far!  

If you have not yet renewed your membership, please renew today,regardless of your ability to donate money.  
Membership Renewal

If your membership is not due yet you are welcome to become a sustaining member for as little as $3 a month—your membership automatically renews—and receive our new bumper sticker!  Or you simply want to donate to the TimeBank, Sustaining memberships and Donations. Thank you!!

Revenue Generation Team Meeting

All members are welcome to attend the next fundraising team meeting on Thursday, April 24th at 6pm, at Java Brewing Co., 1707 Bardstown Rd. Contact Linda Stettenbenz for more details

History of TimeBanking-Teruko Mizushima

Teruko Mizushima created one of the world's first modern TimeBanks in 1973. For all members who are interested in origins of TimeBanking and like more scholarly styled reading, this is wonderful research on the TimeBanking movement she created in Japan. 

Read More Here

Keeping in the loop! 

Want to know what is going on in the TimeBank? Check the TimeBank calendar- always something happening! 

TimeBank Calendar

Are you a member of our member FaceBook group? It is a good way to meet other members, and a wonderful place to post last minute requests. 

TimeBank Member Facebook Group

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