May 23, 2018

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Impact investing is disrupting philanthropy. That message was on display last week in Chicago, where leaders of the nation’s top foundations met to mobilize mission-investments to rebuild cities and communities, tackle racial and income inequality, and finance solutions to climate change.

ImpactAlpha’s David Bank and Dennis Price were on the ground, bringing our subscribers up-to-the-minute news and views from inside the sold-out Mission Investors Exchange conference. “All Hands on Deck” – an ImpactAlpha special package shared with you below – tracks the doers, deals and debates pushing philanthropy forward.

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All Hands on Deck, an ImpactAlpha Special Package

1. Talking system-change and impact investing at Mission Investors Exchange. Hewlett Foundation’s Larry Kramer mixed it up with the Ford Foundation’s Darren Walker and the Heron Foundation’s Dana Bezerra over the efficacy of “mission-driven” investments. Go beyond the yelling.

2. Prudential Financial’s investments in equity and inclusion – and Newark (podcast). Prudential Financial may be the biggest impact investor – and place-based investor – you’ve never heard of. ImpactAlpha caught up with Lata Reddy, Prudential’s head of diversity, inclusion and impact at the Mission Investors Exchange conference. Read on and listen in.

3. Impact investors rediscover the power of ‘place’. How nearly two-dozen investor groups in Minnesota, Michigan, Buffalo, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Santa Fe and other states and cities are raising and deploying capital in the places they love. The movement is on.

4. Capturing the long-term benefits of Opportunity Zones begins now. How impact investors are gearing up to play the single biggest tax incentive to invest in low-income American communities that we’ve seen in 100 years. Take a look.

5. The Impact Alpha: Finding the right tools for the job — of bridging capital gaps. In a recent column, David Bank details how foundations are deploying loans, equity investments and guarantees to solve social problems and market failures. Why we need more flexible capital.

6. How foundations are unlocking off-grid energy with first-loss protections. The Packard, Rockefeller and DOEN foundations, as well as wealthy individuals and development-finance institutions, have unlocked finance for the increasingly robust off-grid solar market. Impact's financial engineers.

7. Prudential, Kresge and Steve Ballmer back Maycomb Capital’s pay-for-success fund. The new fund will vet and structure pay-for-success deals on behalf of other investors to ensure “best practices from early-stage pay-for-success transactions are incorporated.” Learn more.

8. Foundation leaders take on place, race and impact. ImpactAlpha flags the leaders pushing philanthropy forward. Who’s who.

9. “E” is for endowments. Matt Onek, CEO of Mission Investors Exchange, spoke with ImpactAlpha about four big themes driving foundation impact investing. The 30,000 foot view.

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