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6 Security Questions to Ask Your Pentesting Company

Prominent companies falling victim to hacker has become all too common in the news. Some of the larger breaches in security involve the compromise of thousands of customers' information. Definitely not the kind of press you want, not to mention the irreparable damage to your business. This can be a little scary for a small business owner, especially if you consider that these large companies have the best cyber security money can buy.
There are companies that test cyber security. This service is called Penetration Testing (or pentesting). Most hacking victims, both large and small, fail to utilize this service. Choosing a company to PenTest your system is important, not only for your security, but also for your company's reputation, and the safety of the customers' personal data. You do not want to just give anybody access to your system and have them prod around at it, you want a company you can trust. If you are looking for a reputable company to test your security, there are six questions you need to consider. Read More

Cyber Criminals: Who's Behind the Mask

Have you ever been the victim of a cyber attack and lost precious data? Data loss can hurt your business, potentially shutting it down, and bruise your ego as well. The temptation is to take the attack personally; you feel violated, and to make matters worse, you have no idea who is the slimeball responsible.
Cyber criminals are pros at hiding their identity while stealing yours. In the world wide wild web they are clearly the black-hat-wearing bad guys, which would make your MSP provider the sheriff in town, and we here at CASS Tech want to serve and protect you. As a service to you and the wild wild web, let us now tack up wanted posters and show you the ugly mugs of those who did you dirty. Read More


October 2012

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Featured Articles:
  • 6 Security Questions to Ask Your Pentesting Company
  • Cyber Criminals: Who's Behind the Mask
  • Worldox GX3 Document Management System = SPEED + enhanced integration.
  • The Hotel Wi-Fi Loophole
  • Gadget Organization Made Easy with GRID-IT
  • Become a Better Presenter with these 5 Tips
Worldox GX3 Document Management System = SPEED = Enchanced integration
A redesigned, optimized architecture delivers data to your screen faster, as much as 60% faster than earlier versions in certain critical operations. GX3 has more 3rd party integrations, connectors and system tools. Plus the ability to view Portfolio PDF’s … a new ISYS engine, for streamlined indexing, database management … tighter MS Active Directory integration. … better MS server integration too, for faster, easier maintenance and setup.
  • Worldox GX3 Delivers powerful email management tools. 
  • Some other document management systems offer separate modules for email.
  • Worldox has email integration built-in, giving email management the same power and priority that it has in your business.
  • Worldox integrates with Outlook via move/copy buttons and drop-folders; and it even gives you the ability to see and use Worldox in your Outlook window.
Worldox offers unparalleled flexibility in email management.
  • Save and profile messages separately from attachments, or together.
  • Once stored in Worldox folders, email attachments are always text-searchable, no matter how they are saved.
  • Move email to Worldox to eliminate inbox clutter, or copy message to leave backups.
  • Worldox can be set up to automatically “catch” outbound email, initiating the process of storing email in Worldox folders.
If you’re relatively new to the world of document management systems (DMS)…or are not sure why Worldox could be the right choice for your firm, here’s a quick look at the key benefits:
  • Easy Email management: View messages within Worldox (or Worldox within Outlook); save/profile emails in the same structure as other documents.
  •  Control: The ability to create a firm-wide structure for document filing and retrieval – of scanned images, emails, spread sheets, Word documents, PDFs, et al.
  • Scanning: Worldox integrates seamlessly with all major scanning solutions.
  • Speed: Allows quick search by ‘profile’ category and/or text. Searches can be saved for re-use.
  • Handles all common file formats and scanned documents.
  •  Very low cost of implementation and ownership; minimal maintenance overhead yearly.
  • Transparent offline operation in the event of network failure – no add-ons required.
  •  Flexible scheduling: All text index processing can be scheduled for overnight hours to optimize network performance during the day.
  • To speed implementation: Older, ‘Legacy’ documents can be indexed for searching only, then can be migrated to ‘active’ folders on demand. No need to touch and handle older documents to get up and running.
If you’re interested in pricing, would like to see an online demonstration, have Worldox now but need a Worldox expert to help you or simply want additional information; please contact CASS Tech.

The Hotel Wi-Fi Loophole

A hotel room can offer guest some nice little perks: mini bottles of hair products, individually wrapped plastic cups, and HBO. One item that is not complimentary is Wi-Fi. The logic behind why fast food joints offer free Wi-Fi, yet the place you settle in for the night with your laptop does not, is definitely flawed, but be not weary traveler, we've found a Wi-Fi loophole!
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Gadget Organization Made Easy with GRID-IT

Need a handy way to pack and migrate all of your cables, peripherals, and other must-have devices when traveling? Check out the GRID-IT system - designed to keep your stuff organized and held in place. There is one downside to utilizing all of the latest tech; gadgets. . .  
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Become a Better Presenter with these 5 Tips

Nothing grates on the ol' nerves quite like speaking to an audience of potential clients. Too often, a speaker will pour all of their nervous energy into a PowerPoint presentation, in an attempt to dazzle the crowd with graphics and transitions. Let us warn you, if a Powerpoint is over the top, it can distract from the message. 
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