For Christmas I would like tickets to Lenny Kravitz and a slow cooker. 

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The Bedroom Philosopher -
I Don't Know What I'm Doing With My Life.
Preferences: Richard In Your Mind - Hammered.

DEADLINE: Monday. THANKS: Matey. 
Note: While I was typing this the bridge section of 'I Don't Know...' came on my iphone shuffle. There are 2095 songs on there, so...utter mathematical randomness and contextless coincidences are on my side. 


  • My radio series 'Funemployed' will air on RN's Books & Arts Daily from Feb 5. Each episode will contain one brand new Bedroom Philosopher (pictured, right) song, to be compiled on a forthcoming album 'Funemployed LP.' This will coincide with the rerelease of my debut album of JJJ songs. Movement at the station mate.   
  • Funemployed was featured in Melbourne Writers Festival director Lisa Dempster's Top 10 of the year. (Grug and the 3-D Printer narrowly missing out). 
  • Godspeed Stella Young. I was heartened to meet her and learn she was a fan. I was fortunate to have a few pow-wows in passing and interview her for my series. I attended her memorial and was bemused that every time the word 'crip' was mentioned the teletext person misinterpreted it. They had 'quip', then 'crypt', and even 'crib.' I couldn't tell if it was accidental or a conspiracy to omit Stella's controversial empowerment term from the public realm. "You know what special is? Another word for sh*t." 
  • Do a Christmas everyone. Remember to practice mindful eating. Chew food thoroughly and be in the moment with your family. <emoji party hat / streamers>


Megan Washington smashes her TED talk about owning a stutter. 

Crazy Bastards director Nikos Andronicos released his film 'Ad Nauseum.' Enjoy his fabulous piece 'The Best Bars In Sydney Not To Write Your Screenplay.'

Angus Sampson's The Mule is a wacky Animal Kingdom and stylish slice of 80s nostalgia. He's releasing it in a maverick fashion.

Melbourne group Go Go Sapien (feat. Funemployed's Emily Jarret) tackle domestic violence through space-rock in Winona.  

Amanda Palmer has written 'The Art of Asking.' It's millimetres different enough from Funemployed to avoid the wrath of my legal team. Empowering indie art tombs are in the Zeitgeist and Amanda doesn't waste words. Help a rockstar out! 

Satirical/poignant clip for  'Low Key' from Jeff Tweedy's new group Tweedy. The plight of the modern musician. 

Not been atomic thrusted by Melbourne showman Oliver Clark? Consider 'Atomic Thrust.' 

Tracklisting of 'The Black Album' (the best of The Beatles' solo work) as featured in 'Boyhood.' 

Blueberry coconut stress buster smoothie

Splendid coloured pencil based animated video by Hudson. 

Man texts Gumtree fraud entire works of Shakespeare. (How I'll be distributing my next book). 

Ebay: Rare edition of 'In Bed With My Doona' featuring rainbow barcode. (The last 10 digits were my phone number at the time.) Only 100 were ever made for a Perth tour of 2005. 

Cat on piano. | BP Shoppe | Twipper | Forcebook | BandcampForward to Frenemy 
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