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Where do stories belong? In books? Why not in blogs or tweets or fora or emails? There are so many means of freely publishing words these days, stories can be published anywhere, taking on bizarre new forms previously unimaginable – for example, there's currently a horrifying science fiction story emerging across multiple comments on Reddit. Fiction doesn't have to be neatly packaged and shaped by market constraints, anyone can put it anywhere. But where will all of this freedom and experimentation leave us? Is the idea of the book outmoded? Will there still be a role for designers and illustrators in this brave new world? Do I really want to pull at this thread?

I have no answers. Here are some links.


The many ways a cover is rejected
Too commercial? Not commercial enough? Too few cats? Erik Carter on feedback, killed covers and the necessary (if sometimes testing) back and forth involved in the design process.

Ten common mistakes in the production of books
Found at the end of Jan Tschichold's The Form of the Book, in which he berates deviant formats, shapeless typesetting and white book covers (“confounding … as elegant as a white suit”). All still very relevant to designers today. 

Ten literary magazines worth reading
Another list, this time periodical mavens Stack. But never mind the content, check out the wonderful titles! Who could possibly resist The Lifted Brow or Guts or The Wrong Quarterly?

Reading Form
Vienna-based designer and typographer Paulus Dreibholz's new book is all about that fundamental human activity, reading. Grafik have nice big extract, but it looks like a beautiful book (and very white – don't tell Jan), so it'd be worth picking up while it's still available.  

Issues one, two and three of this thoroughly excellent book cover magazine are now available online. Well worth a good flick through on the biggest screen you can find. 

Still heartbreaking … still genius?
Ryan Vlastelica revisits Dave Eggers' debut A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and wonders if it still lives up to its title. That book hit me at exactly the right moment – straight out of uni, wondering who/what/where I was meant to be – and flicked various switches in my head. Keep meaning to reread it, but slightly nervous, in case it lets me down.

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